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    lemming reacted to Tasha for a file, Lemmings Champions Outlines (268 files)   
    This is an archive Lemming uploaded nearly a decade ago. He's not been on in over a year and since folk have been asking about character outlines. I thought that I would upload some of the ones that I have.
    Here's what Lemming has to say about this archive:
    From the ReadMe.
    268 different outlines.
    These were produced mainly from comics by Sam Bell, Don Satow, and myself.
    Each outline used to live on a page with several other outlines hence the odd
    numbering scheme. I scanned them in a few years ago and recently seperated the rest, indexed to 1 bit and left the background transparent.
    To be truly useful, you'll want to convert into RGB mode and use this as a
    background layer to draw around on.
    lemming at quirkyqatz.com
    April 10, 2005
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