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  1. This file is used with Hero Designer to print out Combat Record sheets. You don't "open" it as much as use it to output something you can use in play.
  2. Be aware that on Far Future's website they sell a CD that has EVERY book that was produced for Traveller Hero, including all the Starship books etc that was developed and released by Comstar Games. For under $25
  3. I think that Miller's RTFs are 5e.
  4. IMHO the OP really didn't describe what he wanted to DO with the power. Like I said above, I think people are overthinking this. Reasoning from ability description and not from functionality AKA from what the ability does, not how it works/looks. That closet can be sheer special effect to many abilities. ie Multipower could have that as a Special effect. It would be good as a special effect for a VPP. In fact in someways it seems like the player is looking for a VPP if the character has a wide variety of gadgets.
  5. The first question should be what do you want that power to do. The ability to summon armor and focuses is just the limitation OIAID(Only in Alternate ID) instead of focus. It can also be a special effect for a Multipower that includes different guns. So each multipower change is just the character switching weapons in the extra dimensional space. If you want to change your clothes (ie Instant Change) that is a 1d6 Transform, Cosmetic, standard effect. (6e1 has it as an example under the Transform power IIRC). So this is Weapon Switching (aka Multipower) with OIAID on each slot, and a pool limitation of IIF or a common OIAID on everything. If there is more equipment than just the weapons that you wish to change, then you can go with a Variable Power Pool for weapons and equipment. Clothing is the Transform/Instant change ability. Don't start with something like "Extra dimensional closet" You have to start by writing out what you want the power to do. ie I want a space where I can grab outfits, weapons, from thin air. Then you reason from THERE.
  6. FH Complete and Champions complete are efforts to make those one game books. No edition of Hero System Champions has ever been a complete game. Fantasy Hero 1e was not a full game. They were/are a toolbox to create fantasy games. Even games that are more complete like DI/Espionage don't really come with campaigns. You are given options and tools to create your own genre game, but nothing else. The ONLY game that that has included a full campaign is the much maligned Champions New Millennia. You had a strong city background. Strong well developed NPC/Villains. There are great orgs, that are integrated INTO the overall campaign world. THIS is where IMHO the fandom has shot the game in the foot. Longstanding Hero System fans demand that every game have the full toolkit available. Which means that every book gives you a bigger toolbox. Even the Fantasy World supplements are toolboxes. PS everyone is really nice. In the past I have gotten into epic arguments with folk. It never got to the point of name calling etc. The few people who couldn't handle that were ejected by Dan.
  7. Fuzion (with a z), was created for CNM. It is called that because they fused Hero system and Interlock together to create a new system. They just had the "Champions superpowers module added to the system" IMHO it's biggest issue was that they didn't anticipate that people would want the full Hero Superpowers toolkit. Which left a bad taste for 4e Hero players, who seemed to be willing to try it. But ended up angry that they couldn't build everything they could in 4e. Which left many in the fandom automatically hating any mechanics that took anything from Fuzion.
  8. IMHO this is the best part of any Hero System game. The default power levels are not for total neophyte characters. They are generally competent. Which is something I bring to as many games as possible. I guess you are talking 4e-5er point limits? We always played with 350 pt characters (yes back in 4e days), Throwing DC12 for most things. In 6e I like 450-500 pt characters with DC 12 attacks. For new players I would probably start with ~400 pt characters with CV based in Characteristics (No skill levels), all powers without Limitations, no advantages. Keep the characters VERY simple. IMHO it seems like Champions Begins did a GREAT Job of creating characters for Newbie players. Also, with characters getting complexity added after certain thresholds. I wish we had this years ago.
  9. I bought Champions New Millennium (1e) and both the supplements to it. Back in the day you could also DL the Fuzion rules for free from R.Tal's website. I should also have a Fan created PDF of the whole Champions powerset Fuzion style. I also own Hero Creator which included the Fuzion template. They had flaws, they had figured characteristics that didn't work well with the base system. IMHO it would have been better if it used the 6e style of buying secondary characteristics. It was easy to run, and my mostly newbie (to Hero or Fuzion) players got it really quickly. I have the CNM that stripped all Fuzion out of the book. I ran CNM using Hero 5-6. It was nice to have a game city that was on the west coast. Written by people who live here in the bay area. CNM is a big loveletter to the SF Bay Area. Unfortunately, it's very outdated now. Nah, you need the original CNM, Alliances, and Bay city. to get a full set of the rules. CNM also included truncated Mekton rules for creating vehicles. It also included Life Path for Champions which was VERY useful. As sourcebooks they were IMHO the most accessible set of game world books that has ever been created for any Champions Edition. Characters(Villains) that I thought were boring in Champions 1-4 were interesting in CNM.
  10. I currently play 6e as my preference. I have been playing since 2e Champions released. Playing every edition since then. Spent a TON of time with Fantasy Hero 1e, played and ran a ton of Danger International, Champions 3e. We moved on to 4e and played that for years (Heck, I have a first printing 4e Champions signed by George McDonald). I played Fuzion for a bit, Then 5e and 5er. Settling into 6e when it shipped. I remember downloading the PDFs while I was at Blizzcon that year. It took so long to get printed copies, I printed out both books on my Color laser Printer and had them bound at Office Depot. I have been part of the online community since the Hero System group on AOL appeared. I disagree with your arguments against roll high. I am honestly sick of arguing the same stuff that I have been arguing for years. Again, there is ZERO point to doing this. There isn't going to be another edition of the game. So any changes are house rules. Do what you like with your game.
  11. Of no interest to many fans who comment on these forums. The game has been bleeding old fans for a decade or so. With many of them finding supers systems that are easier to play and create characters in. The cross section of players here are the ones who stayed, and are generally the folks who will stay until the bitter end. So isn't an accurate sampling of the fanbase.
  12. You have to realize that the fandom has been having this argument for over a decade now. This isn't the first time this group of people have talked about this. I say that it's the fans, because EVERYTIME someone suggests a good change. Every grognard will decloak and tell why we shouldn't change a single thing. Which IMHO is why we haven't seen larger changes to the system. I see this with pretty much every system with an established fanbase. This kind of backlash makes companies frightened to make any substantial changes to their games.
  13. This is another instance where Hero Fans have shot the game in the foot. You set down a Hero System book ie Champions Complete or Fantasy Hero Complete. All you have done is handed a player two books with lots of flexibility, and like you said no guidelines for how to create characters. Even less given to GMs to create their own campaigns. Though admittedly there is GM support with NPC/ Villain books. I would love to see something like a Pathfinder Adventure Path, with character generation that is simplified. Like with the Champions Character Gen Cards. Perhaps with each character type given a section, with Characteristics, prebuilt powers, Perks, Skill lists, Complications. Basically an On Rails version of character generation. With lots of customization, pared down, so it isn't anywhere near the full toolkit. Include options that players can buy with exp. Also, decide an average power level for the characters (ie DC10, Dex 20, Spd 5 etc), and have Villains and NPCs built to challenge that power level. Don't include the full power/abilities toolkit. Include with the PDFs, a supplement book that shows everything in their full Hero System Glory. Again, this will never happen, nobody will put the cash forward create such a book. Old fans will complain that the complexity isn't in the main book etc. I hope that Champions Begins will bring new people to the game. The problem with this idea
  14. The RPG Crash of the 00s was due to the huge glut of games, many that were just shovelware. Totally trash. It destroyed the market. Burying many good games under piles of garbage. It crashed under the weight of that, and the fact that D&D 3.0 became more unbalanced with every supplement released. Which is the real reason they released D&D 3.5 (also to weasel out from the D20/OGL license). SAS was originally it's own system. The D20 version was added during the D20 Boom. There were also other reasons that one disappeared. Including the ownership of that company doing things that POed his writers, artists and money people. You don't go after the HAPPY D&D player. They are unlikely to try other games. There are PLENTY of D&D players who play the game because it's what they know. There are other D&D Players who are unhappy with the system but keep playing because it's what they know and what others in their area play. The "Curious Neophyte" is going to play D&D more often than not. D&D is the brand name that everyone knows. It's the game that is on shelves at their favorite superstore and/or book store. Hero's biggest player base in the 80s was disgruntled AD&D players. People who were modding the system to be less annoying. Very few RPG neophytes ever bought the system, unless someone introduced them to it yet. There are still disgruntled D&D players, who are looking for other genre games to play. Who might be interesed in playing a system that can model Action movies very well, and also do Marvel Style Superheroes well.
  15. Nobody says that the difficulty is too hard. It just makes it easier for them to learn how combat flows. That said. Everyone I know plays D&D of some sort or the other. They play other games, but even those tend to be D&D clones mapped to different genres. I have taught folk how to play Hero for decades. People just find it too complex esp character generation. Not that this discussion will change a single thing in the game. At this point there will never be a new edition. The remaining fans will not abide with any changes to the rules. Figured Chars, is still something that causes fights 13 years later. The kind of changes that will make this appealing to modern gamers will never be made. At least not with the current owners of the IP.
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