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  1. For a Champions game I would give it a -1 limitation or more. As it would be VERY simple for someone to slip behind the character. This is pretty much the same limitation that a hand held shield has. It only covers 3 hex facings. A character with minimal leaping could jump over it and strike it from behind. Hell, someone could walk around to the rear of the thing and wack it. A Brick could play "Tank" and keep the robot's attention on her, while the energy proj and everyone else can alpha strike from behind. This all becomes easier if the party has a higher spd than the Robot.
  2. It's fine where it's at. thanks for pointing out that I COULD sell it.
  3. IMHO the export formats always looked better anyways. At least the type doesn't go microscopic if you were too wordy in an entry.
  4. The Tags for the XML files are in the Documentation PDF. I suggest using something like Code Writer or Notepad++ if you are using windows. They can show the text in a format that is much easier to understand. That and a GUI HTML editor helped me with a quick and pretty clean code sheet when I did my Combat Record Template. I just added in the data tags where they needed to be. A bit tedious but they worked.
  5. Though with the current versions of Hero Designer you don't have to allocate ram using a batchfile. The program has a setting for more ram, and saves it in the preferences file
  6. Yeah, I would love to see this ship soonish. I have seen the characters people have posted here and I think I like the changes I am seeing. It's a much more modern looking game than the way they chose to market it. So I think I am going to buy it for curiosity sake if nothing else.
  7. Corea made an ass out of himself on his website way before he started playing games with the Hugos. Last I checked Both Game Kastle in Fremont CA, and Gator Games in San Mateo had the Hardcover in stock. They usually get stocked with other games because there's nothing on the spine to ID it as being Hero System compatable, The MHI dice are just big D6's with the MHI Logo on one face. They are nowhere near as functional as the Blue and Black Hero System dice. Also the MHI dice are this shitty looking white and green speckle. UGLY. Probably should have sold my book to Half Price books. I don't think I opened it to look at it after I bought it. So Hero Games got my cash on that one, but I have never bought another book by Corea.
  8. At this point I would be VERY interested in seeing the PDF. The character write-ups I am seeing are interesting.
  9. Yeah, the math hasn't changed in 30 years and from the playtest doc, this edition will not have appreciably different math. I mean if you were doing something additive like Robot Warriors or Fuzion Champions Powers, you wouldn't need anything ex perhaps a simple spreadsheet that can add columns. But, it looks like Hero Math will be in force for this game PS the doc didn't really do anything to change my negative opinion about this project.
  10. Will there eventually be a version for people who want color?
  11. though until fairly recently there hasn't been a ton of third party material available for Hero. Probably an artifact of them being owned by ICE for awhile and the Palladium vs WotC lawsuit. Pretty much all of the third party stuff was good. I can't think of a single product that was "Bad". The early PDF were all pretty decent products too. The later more modern stuff has also been decent to great. Depending on buyer taste mostly.
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