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  1. Will there eventually be a version for people who want color?
  2. Version 2.2


    A sheet that prints the background and basic Name fields. include the herologo.jpg file in the same directory as the outputted character sheet for best appearance (BTW any file 150px wide and 67px high will work in the place as herologo.jpg as long as it has that name)
  3. Version 1.0


    This is an archive Lemming uploaded nearly a decade ago. He's not been on in over a year and since folk have been asking about character outlines. I thought that I would upload some of the ones that I have. Here's what Lemming has to say about this archive: From the ReadMe. ----- 268 different outlines. These were produced mainly from comics by Sam Bell, Don Satow, and myself. Each outline used to live on a page with several other outlines hence the odd numbering scheme. I scanned them in a few years ago and recently seperated the rest, indexed to 1 bit and left the background trans
  4. Version 1


    These are the Character outlines that appeared on the original 2nd edition character sheet. I believe that the artist is Mark Williams. This is an archive created by another poster, but has been missing from the boards for quite awhile. enjoy, Tasha
  5. Version 1.5.3


    This character export sheet looks different than the plain black and white sheets. It is styled to match the colours of the rule books and is done in a fun highly legible style. It has the functionality of the default character sheet, but has the following differences: Collates all combat information including Attack Powers, Defense Powers, Sensory Powers, Equipment and Martial Maneuvers in a special page block. Along with useful combat stats, combat values, combat modifiers, and hit locations tables. Powers, Equipment, Talents, Martial Arts, Skills, Perks, and Complications are in a w
  6. Version 1.2


    A nice looking well formatted Combat sheet for 6e. Includes OCV, OMCV, DCV, DMCV, PDtotal rPD, EDtotal, rED, Body, End, Stun. Along with a standard Segment/phase chart. The sheet was designed to be printed out in landscape, but should print ok in Portrait mode
  7. Version 1.0


    Creates a txt file of a Characters Equipment. Simple and to the point. Includes Weight and full equipment writeup (Advantages and Limitations) Tasha
  8. Version 6.0


    This is the 6e Default character sheet with all possible point values removed from the output. This sheet is great for beginners and for when you really don't give a darn about the point values. the File "herologo.jpg" needs to be in the same directory as the output so it will appear on the character sheet
  9. Re: Not Role Playing Disadvantages. These boards generate a ton of thread necromancy due to the feature at the bottom of this page "Similar Threads". Which only seems capable of finding threads over 6 years of age. Which leads new posters to comment on long dead threads like this one. With the new edition of the rules old discussions like this one are quite annoying as they talk about rules that are fading and definations that have changed in the new edition. Tasha
  10. Re: Alternate terms for "superhumans"? What is with all of the thread necromancy lately! Ok on with the OP's question Capes Supes Paragons Wild Cards has both Aces and Jokers. Aces being powerful, pretty/handsome, supers. Jokers being those bearing physical mutations and usually having minor powers (or their physical mutation being their "power")
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