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  1. For comic relief, Thug Notes: At the Mountains of Madness As for help, if time allows I'll probably lift a powered down version of the psionic skills from D6 Adventure. As for Quinn, lifer cubical drone who can still dress as Wonder Woman for Halloween.
  2. Annenberg's VoD Film Noir. The whole course is worth a look. http://www.learner.org/resources/series67.html?pop=yes&pid=211
  3. TCM is running a spate of Bulldog Drummond movies June 4th.
  4. Also from that era The Horror of Fang Rock.
  5. Which is a take on the classic Hammer film Horror Express (1972)
  6. It is all moot now. Quinn has acquiesced to a rules reset with minor patches to close the glitches she loves to abuse. We use the brunch nook in her hotel, so we have to keep her reasonably happy. Pulp is once again on the back burner.
  7. The Doctor Who story Talons of Weng-Chiang. Casual racism and giant rats in the sewers of London.
  8. TCM is running a free online Film Noir class to run concurrent with The Summer of Darkness.
  9. Let me qualify that statement. It is for this current group and most of the groups I've been in for the past few years. Sorry.
  10. I was raised by hobbyists so tinker I must. My current group are great games and are not shy about feedback. I have no one to hash out ideas with.Spend a lot of time and effort working out a game - 'looks good on paper' but does not survive the first time dice hit the table.
  11. Flippant is fine. The last few years of my gaming life needs all the comic relief it can get. Long, sad story. As to the game being communal, they lack an intellectual curiosity necessary for world building. They are smart, and good, gamers; but by no means Hobbyists. They love driving but have no interest in working on engines. I ran a SKETCH/MicroLite mash up. and it was Quinn who found the glitch that allowed her to generate fatigue to cast spells at 'no cost'. However I have see the parochial nature of her personal library.
  12. It ultimately being up to the GM is just the beginning; I need solid guidelines lest I start 'doing my own thing', leaving players in the dust with every free-wheeling turn I take. My favorite adventure is A Kringle in Time, which blithely trips through time and space, changes genres with breath taking impertinence, and prefers funny to logical. BTW. The 'stress rules' are in a free pdf magazine, Uncounted Worlds #2, at http://www.chaosium.com/. I also found two arctic adventures that will fit in with an Tunguska Event arc. (In Weird Menace: Supernatural, the Tunguska Event is caused by someone opening a Templar fortress of solitude incorrectly).
  13. “When you're making pronouncements that Temple of Doom didn't happen and that the "true" Indy universe must include your Xena/Buffy crossover fanfic,” Oh no! He’s hacked my super secret private fanfic file! ToD still happened, with next to nothing of Willie in it. When does comic relief stop breaking dramatic tension and start dragging the whole movie to a stop? Answer: when she gives it up to the director.
  14. “Anyway, that's my $0.40 worth (that much, because I probably went on about 20 times as long as anyone wanted me to).” Not at all. I’ll look up Uncounted Worlds. A ffrienfd and I fiddles with a “non supernatural” magic based on Block Transfer Computations. With some of the Incomplete Enchanter thrown in.
  15. "Anyway, that's my $0.40 worth (that much, because I probably went on about 20 times as long as anyone wanted me to). Newbie" Not at all. I'll check out Uncounted Worlds. As to "non-Euclidean" or "non-supernatural" magic. A friend and I fiddled with a form of Block Transference Computation.
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