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  1. HKA usable at Range, do I get to apply CV levels to my DCV vs ranged attacks from my target? What about ranged attacks from other targets? Can I use those CV levels to modify range penalties? Thanks!
  2. 6th Edition: How do you calculate a +SPD power in the middle of a fight? Say Mr Badguy drinks a super serum on Phase 6 that makes him go from Speed 4 to speed 6. How do you calculate what his new phases are? Just switch him over to speed 6? What about SPD Drains? Same? Thanks!
  3. Speed 4 goes on phases 3,6,9,12. Are there any cool house rule alternatives to break up Turn / Speed predictability? Like maybe roll a d12 and add your speed, on a 12 or higher you get to act in that segment. If you fail, you get to add your 2x your speed on the subsequent segment d12 roll. Roll d12+spd * Roll 12+ You get to act * Roll 12- On the next segment your roll d12+ 2 x Spd and try and get 12+ I'd like to think this could show personal hesitation in combat. A 'high' speed character shows someone who can handle the intensity of combat and take action vs hesitating with only abort OMG Dodge options. Thanks!
  4. Hell yea, this is awesome! Yea, it's basically some kind of "Precognition" of what the other guy is going to do and then being able to do something about it (requires a roll and cost a lot of endurance though)
  5. OMG Awesome reply, funny and helpful The (bad) idea is both sides (bad guys and good guys) are essentially mirrors of each other. They'd both have some type 'mind' mechanic to try (roll) and discover their opponent CV level allocation and adjust their allocation accordingly. If one of them fails to detect their opponents he's at a disadvantage, he has to guess the opponent CV allocation or delay + abort-block, abort-dodge, etc. (I think) Anyway that was the idea. I appreciate the insight very much.
  6. Thanks! I'm wanting this idea because most of the fighters are Dex 15 but all have 12-36 melee CV levels to distribute so prediction of allocation seems critical otherwise it will just be a random guess... it would pure chance that your OCV or DCV is even close of where it needs to be.
  7. Is there a way to defend against a "Detect"? i.e. (hide your CV levels) I need to have a counter-strategy against this since the people fighting both use this strategy.
  8. Man that's awesome. I guess if Sam and Joe are player characters, Sam will know Sue's DCV if it is disclosed by the GM... I Guess as a GM I should just never disclose the exact DCV for an NPC.
  9. Thanks! Very helpful. Sam and Joe attack Mary (she's really tough). Joe is OCV 5 and Mary is DCV 3. Mary Dodge-Aborts and puts her 4 combat levels to DCV. Sam nearby can magically 'see' that Mary allocated 4 combat levels to DCV and puts all his levels to OCV when it is his turn. WOO!!!!!!!
  10. Cool but I'd also have to add the limitation "only after a +20 (30?) ego Telepathy roll" as I need these "countering levels" to only apply if the Mind Reading works, not every single time. Is that okay?
  11. Thanks! So if you're surprised(?) (or stunned) on Phase 12 start of combat and do not assign your combat skill levels, you don't get any combat skill levels until your NEXT phase? I guess you better Block-Abort here right? This brings up another question: Do opponents automatically know the Combat Skill Level used by other opponents? or is it secret until they are attacked? What if a Player (Dex 15) decides to use all 3 Combat Skill Levels on his OCV and then sees his opponent (Dex 15) put all her levels on OCV. Can he switch to DCV? If he has a lower Dex he can't change it, correct? Is there an order of operations on combat Skill Level allocation? Is it Dex? Thanks!
  12. 6th Edition. I was wondering if it is possible to allow a character (or NPC) to use Mind Reading (Telepathy?) to determine opponents CV level allocation for his NEXT phase and then change her CV allocation based off that result. So Sally Reads Ben's mind by (some threshold? 3x Ego?) and now she can determine how he will allocate his CV values ON Ben's NEXT phase. Is this possible? Is there a better way? Thanks!
  13. 6th Edition If you have page or examples please post links 1) When combat starts when are Combat Skill levels assigned? Say Joe punches Mike on phase 3 but Mike is only speed 2 and has not acted yet. Can Mike assign his 3 levels of Hand to Hand CV vs Joe's attack? I think if he blocks he can do it... 2) Multiple melee attackers? If Joe, Shelly and Brandy attack Chuck (he really deserves it!) on Phase 6 (they all are speed 2) does Chucks 3 Combat Skill levels apply to all the hand to hand attacks against him? 3) 3rd Question on my next post. Thank you!
  14. Just wondering if they're any severed limbs rules? Thanks
  15. Thanks! As a side-note here's the actual screen I'm using - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06W5JWDMX/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A2L0LODUJGR5H7
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