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  1. So it is just a character I am making. I actually could do this on a prior character using the same Hero Designer. I still have the PDF files of when I did it before. 1) They should be the same built in templates right? Can you show me an example of correct template? 2) Can you explain more on this? This is my home computer so I should have full access to the directory I'm running from, right? Would buying this again solve my problem? It would suck because I bought some villian packs, but if that is what it takes I would do it.
  2. When I try to print I get this message below. I saw in a past blog #'s in powers or titles can cause this, but I have no pound signs or numbers in my titles. I only have acrobat reader, is that enough to print to pdf? If so does anyone know what I have to do to be able to print to pdf?
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