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  1. So with Autofire, it assumes that you're making the attack from one gun to multiple targets, like a spray. This would be each gun firing at an individual target, not spraying from one gun to multiple targets. My idea was to use Psychokinetic Limbs (pg 332 - Champions Powers) which are basically just stretchy invisible arms to hold the guns and fire on a couple people from behind their back. It seems that if I'm doing it my way, I have to use Multi-Attack, which means I need an obscenly high OCV to counter the penalty. I have 4 invisible stretchy arms, including my original 2 which means if I'm firing with all 6, my penalty is -10, so I would need a OCV of 16 or so just to break even and try and hit something. Nevermind the fact that if I miss even one Multi-Attack, all the rest miss automatically.
  2. Multi-attack lets you do this but the downsides of using it can mean that if you use more than one attack, your OCV goes down by 2 for every attack after the first. There's no way to negate that as far as I know besides having a huge OCV to counter the penalty. The reason I'm asking is because I'd like to make a character based off the TK powers Grifter has shown here, firing off multiple guns at the same time. So, is there a way to fire off multiple attacks at the same time without my OCV taking a massive dump?
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