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  1. Re: GMing a Post Apocalypse campaign Thanks for all the input guys! I've decided to go with Fallout after running it by the playgroup (they said they would prefer a conversion o_O). I've reworked the S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system to fit the given stats, and changed the formulae for derived stats and weapons to match the 3d6 system. Just mapping and NPCs left When I'm done I think I'll put up a tiddlywiki for all of the conversion material if you guys are interested. Anyway, back to the grind! Lensman & Frisbee: You raise some interesting points that I'm going to have to put a lot o
  2. Re: GMing a Post Apocalypse campaign Quick question: Would it be lame and/or cheesy to set the game directly in the fallout milieu? I really like the flavour (and having a lot of the work already done ), but I don't want it to feel like a cop-out
  3. Re: GMing a Post Apocalypse campaign Okay, that stuff sounds great. I'm thinking of setting it roughly 50 years after a nuclear fallout, so that radiation and mutation will play a huge roll in the game. I'm aiming for a kind of mad-max wasteland, which should at least save on time, So I'll make a starting location and a few simple monsters. Thanks for the advice and the welcome
  4. Hi, new user here. I've been studying the Hero System for a while, and played it a bit (I prefer it over d20 by a far shot), and I've decided to GM a game for my friends. Can you guys give me any tips on GMing a PA game, what I can do to streamline it, etc? I'm thinking of adapting the Fallout system, but I'm not sure if thats the best solution. tl;dr: What should I do to get straight to the action, and to avoid spending months just preparing the game? This will be my first time GMing a more serious campaign. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks.
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