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Mind Link vs. Clairsentience with Animal Class of Minds

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Posted 11 October 2017 - 12:29 PM

My priestess has a familiar. She wants to be able to send it out ahead of the party to scout the way. I was wondering if Mind Link would be the way to accomplish this. She could send him ahead and he could notify her of any problems ahead. But he, the familiar, is an owl. Would he recognize the dangers as she would and be able to communicate them with her back through the Mind Link? He might get excited if he saw a mouse along the trail but not care if he saw a band of Orcs.
Does Mind Link allow the user to read the mind of an animal to determine what it sees and interpret that information intelligently? Or would it be as useless as trying to communicate with the animal face-to-face?
If I bought Clairsentience, then she would have to pointedly stop and "switch" senses from hers to his and also would not be able to tell him to "turn around and have another look at what is behind that big rock."
Would I need both Mind Link and Clairsentience to accomplish my goals? Would Mind Link accomplish anything at all with an animal class of minds?

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Posted 12 October 2017 - 07:26 AM

Mind Link does not allow the reading of minds; it's purely communicatory.


The thing to determine, in deciding how to build what you want, is how animals can communicate in your Fantasy setting. Some are very realistic, and they can barely communicate at all; others are like Disney movies, where anyone who can talk to them finds out they're nearly as intelligent and knowledgeable as humans. That's something to discuss with your GM. If he's willing to allow you to Mind Link with your familiar, my guess is he's willing to allow the familiar some level of intelligence, so that Mind Link would be all you'd need. Even if the owl sometimes does something amusing for comedic relief -- like getting distracted by a mouse -- he'd still be entirely reliable nearly all the time.


If the GM is intent on being more "realistic," then the combination of Clairsentience and Mind Link that you describe is a good way to accomplish the effect you want to achieve. If you haven't already, you might consider posting about this on the Discussion board to get ideas from other Hero gamers.

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