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  1. Sorry about the delays, folks. Partly it relates to some health matters and other real life causes for delay, partly it relates to me being lazy, partly it relates to what Hugh pointed out -- since I don't work full time for Hero/DOJ anymore, sometimes other things ambush me and take priority. But I'm working out some things, and Jason and I have figured out an arrangement that will give me the ability to answer rules questions on a regular basis. First I will have to clear out the backlog and delete all responses from other people, but that's what I get for taking so long.
  2. Dan, please turn that functionality off if you haven't already. I apologize for my delay in responding to Rules questions, but it couldn't be helped and I'm ready to get back to it. Once you change the board to "only I can answer," I will delete all answers posted by others and leave only my own, official, responses to the original questions. Thanx! And thanx to those who stepped in to try to help. It wasn't necessary, but as always, I deeply appreciate the enthusiasm and helpfulness of Hero fans!
  3. Hopefully there will be lots of other customers who share your enthusiasm! While there is a lot more material in EMMA than I ever expected there to be -- 130,000 words so far, mostly consisting of 1-2 line entries defining terms for "magic" or "guy who uses magic" or various related subjects -- I don't think I'm likely to get as far as The EMMAnator. Though I suppose if I ever want to tackle subjects like Alchemy or Voodoo in-depth, they might qualify. But I have so many other projects to deal with I'm not sure I'll ever get that far.
  4. Excellent. Progress is definitely being made. I still have several large stacks of books to enter into the manuscript, but as long as Real Life doesn't ambush me and disrupt my work (as it has this week, sadly), data entry is going pretty quickly, all things considered. But when I'm done with the stacks of books, I have some decisions to make about whether to cut bait and start the layout and publishing process, or to continue doing research (mostly in books that I will have to read to research Mythic Hero, so in a lot of ways it may make more sense to read them now and incorporate
  5. Ah, I see Spence beat me to the punch. Thanx, Spence!
  6. I swear I answered this question somewhere along the line, but if so I can’t find it right now. I reserve the right to update my answer in case I ever run across the previous response. Just as the minimum damage from Penetrating is not multiplied by the effects of a Vulnerability (a previous Rules FAQ answer I did find), it is not multiplied to account for a Hit Location (either positively or negatively). For example, suppose for an RKA 2d6, Penetrating, you roll 3 and 4, for 7 BODY. That means the attack does a minimum of 2 BODY. The minimum remains 2 BODY, whether you hit the tar
  7. If a character spends Character Points on a power which has Charges that Never Recover, when he uses all the Charges, the power is done and he never gets those Character Points back — they’re gone forever. If a character were foolish enough to put Charges that Never Recover on a slot in a Variable Power Pool, then he’s locked those Pool points into that slot permanently, and once he uses up all the Charges, that portion of the Pool remains inaccessible and useless to him permanently (as do the Character Points he spent on that portion of the VPP). As for whether buying a power with
  8. First -- there's a paragraph on 6E1 184 that discusses how Penetrating and Damage Negation interact. Is that maybe what you were thinking of when you searched the forums? Second -- there was a question a couple years ago about Damage Negation and heavily Advantaged powers, in which I answered in part: "As noted on 6E1 183, when you apply Damage Negation to an attack with Advantages, you have to take those Advantages into account, using the rules on 6E2 97. Putting Advantages on an attack changes the effective cost of each Damage Class, but it doesn’t reduce the effectiveness of Da
  9. No, firearms do not typically cost END to use. Any power with Charges uses up Charges instead of costing END (except in some very unusual circumstances). One caveat: in the full rules (which you aren't using, since CC uses a slimmed-down, "easier to learn and use" version of the HERO System), as noted on page 131 of the second volume of the 6th Edition rulebook, any action costs a minimum of 1 END. So a GM who was being a real stickler for the rules would make your character pay 1 END for using his gun. However, in 40 years of playing this game I can't recall a single instance of
  10. I wrote EMMA because for the past 20-some years I have been looking for just such a book. I figured someone somewhere along the line must have written a reference book on the subject. But apparently not -- so finally, last year, I realized how by my file on the subject had gotten, and I said, "The hell with it -- I'll write it myself!" I doubt it will sell all that well, but at least now I will have it available for my own use.
  11. I'm sorry, but generally I don't answer game design/philosophy questions. If you want to discuss whether this power costs too much for its effectiveness, please post on the Discussion board, where anyone can respond (here, only I can). P.S.: Cool art.
  12. For books like TUV, where we haven't updated them to 6E, I don't mind answering 5E questions -- but fortunately you seem to have figured it out on your own.
  13. My apologies for the delay in responding. No — and even if it could, it would be pointless. As noted on the bottom left of 6E1 226, once a character’s Flashed, he can’t be “more Flashed” until the first Flash wears off. But as always, if the GM thinks you’ve got a clever idea that would add to the campaign, he’s welcome to change whatever rules he likes.
  14. My apologies for the delay in responding. 1. No; it means what it says: a Desolidified character cannot touch or be touched, feel or be felt. 2. Not necessarily. That’s up to the GM based on special effects, common sense, game balance sense, and other factors. 3. I’m going to re-state the rest of your question for ease of future reference: Q: If a character has the Affects Physical World (+2) Advantage for his STR so that he can use HTH Combat and Martial Maneuvers against solid targets while he’s Desolidified, does he have to account for the
  15. I'm not sure I understand what it is you're asking. The best response I can give you is to refer you to various rules regarding characters of different sizes: 6E1 160, 442-46; 6E2 12, 51. After you check out those references, if you still have a specific question, please PM me or post a follow-up. Thanks!
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