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  1. Sorry about the delays, folks. Partly it relates to some health matters and other real life causes for delay, partly it relates to me being lazy, partly it relates to what Hugh pointed out -- since I don't work full time for Hero/DOJ anymore, sometimes other things ambush me and take priority. But I'm working out some things, and Jason and I have figured out an arrangement that will give me the ability to answer rules questions on a regular basis. First I will have to clear out the backlog and delete all responses from other people, but that's what I get for taking so long.
  2. Dan, please turn that functionality off if you haven't already. I apologize for my delay in responding to Rules questions, but it couldn't be helped and I'm ready to get back to it. Once you change the board to "only I can answer," I will delete all answers posted by others and leave only my own, official, responses to the original questions. Thanx! And thanx to those who stepped in to try to help. It wasn't necessary, but as always, I deeply appreciate the enthusiasm and helpfulness of Hero fans!
  3. You might want to re-look at the addition in your answer to the clairsentience question.  +6 +6 != 10 unless I am missing something.

    1. Steve Long

      Steve Long

      Thanx for the catch! I was riffing off the original poster's example but mis-typed the +4 as +6. I blame the media. ;)

  4. Myrlyn -- I'll see what I can dig up of the photos from the renovation last year. And about posting some pics of the shelves. I used to do a thing where once a week I'd post a photo of part of my library on my Facebook feed; maybe I should start that up again.
  5. Version 1.0


    A quick and easy reference guide to all things Turakian Age. Enjoy!
  6. Re: UNTIL Superpowers Database -- What Do *You* Want To See? Oh, we definitely will be! It's a popular and useful book. But I don't need comments/suggestions for it now; I'll ask for them when the time comes. Anything you tell me now will be long forgotten by then.
  7. Re: UNTIL Superpowers Database -- What Do *You* Want To See? Yes, I saw it. It's an interesting suggestion, and I appreciate your making it, but I don't think it's feasible.
  8. Re: Saving Throws/Resistance Rolls There are no rules for "saving throws" in FH, as many people have pointed out (and cited good reasons for). However, if you check out my HEROglyphs column in DH #18, you'll find an article I wrote about that very subject -- "avoidance rolls" (as I called 'em) in the HERO System. I don't think they're necessary as a part of the system, but that's how I'd do 'em if forced to.
  9. Re: Tyrannon No, the Blood will not show up. IIRC, the rights to them were returned to Aaron Allston long ago.
  10. Re: Tyrannon You'll see the Vandaleurs and Sylvestris both, have no fear.
  11. Re: Tyrannon You'll be able to see the 5E take on Tyrannon in The Mystic World, which should be out in a few months. It's in my Big Stack o' Editing.
  12. It's in layout now, so the odds are late December or, more likely, early January. We'll keep you updated as we have more info.
  13. An excellent idea -- so excellent, in fact, that we've had it on our 2004 schedule for months now.
  14. We're still reading (or I am, at least ). If a thread is of interest to us, we usually keep reading it, as long as it remains on topic. In response to the idea specifically raised -- adventures in the back of setting books -- I can tell you it's not high on my priority list. I usually have enough trouble fitting the basic setting information in the pages allotted; I'm not going to make our already too-big books bigger by adding material that is, at best, of secondary value to the average purchaser. All our setting books have, formally or informally, lots of plot seeds, so that'll have to
  15. Neither Jim nor I ever picked an "official" location. It can't be too far from Earth -- at the very least it's got to be in the Heartworlds region -- but other than that, it's up to you.
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