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Batman has taken his war on crime to the next level by franchising his Bat Team concept. This is the Pittsburgh team.
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  2. The next day, the ladies come for their fitting. Then came Friday with a pep rally and a nighttime home football game. The only unusual things that happened were Sandy mending a couple of cheerleader uniforms while they were being worn and Cordelia thanking her. Then, Saturday morning came and brought with it the first rehearsal. Mickey Mouse Club choreographer Tom Marshall was also the play choreographer.
  3. Lonnie and Bobby come in for their fittings as do the four male choir members who will play the school board.
  4. Voices come from the stage. "Stage Crew," Sandy says. "From what Donna told me, they're working on the stage lights today." "Doing what?" Mrs. Forbes asks. "Replacing bulbs in the overhead electrics and checking the aim of the spotlights on the balcony edge," Sandy replies. "Some spotlight bulbs might have to be replaced, too."
  5. Yeah, I'm looking forward to the annual melodrama," Tim replies in his normal voice. Then, using his regular female voice, he adds, "They might cast me in a supporting role with you in the lead and Doreen as the damsel-in-distress."
  6. Rob smiles at Tim. "Humm...you looking forward for the annual melodrama Tim? I'm sure you will be a shoo in for the damsel in distress role."
  7. At the same time, Sandy Forbes was adjusting a costume for Tim, who would play one of the Pick-a-little Ladies. "How do you like it?" she asks. "Feels good," Tim said as he moves in it. "It works," Sandy says. "With a wig and the right accessories, the illusion will be perfect." "Blame it on years of practice performing female roles," Tim laughs. "Since getting the role, I practiced every night moving in an evening gown and long gloves." "Reminds me of an old joke," Molly says. "'How do you get to Carnegie Hall?'" "'Practice!'" Tim and Sandy respond.
  8. "The suits fits like a glove." Rob was pleased about that. Last thing he needs is for his pants slip off during the performance.
  9. Mrs. Jo Anne Forbes is the wardrobe mistress. She’s assisted by her daughter, Sandy, who is adjusting a costume, and Ms. Molly O’Connor. All three are dressed like Stage Crew.
  10. Robert is in wardrobe getting fitted for his costumes he needs for the musical.
  11. A couple of days later, the school's Mouseketeers are sitting together at lunch. Two of Sharon's friends from the Stage crew are with them. One is Donna Gray, an African-American girl who prefers black clothes and wears bracelet-length black gloves, is on the Stage Crew, and suffers from an allergy that causes contact dermatitis. "Donna finished drawing up the plans for the pieces of the set that we have to construct," Sharon says. "Mr. Abraham thinks we'll have all the lumber we need by this Saturday, when we start building." "We already have the free battens marked so that we know what backdrop or flat will be located where," Donna adds.
  12. Mary becomes the last of Mrs. Shinn's gossipy friends, the Pick-a-little Ladies.
  13. Taylor Allderdice High School and the surrounding area. Part of Frick Park, the city's largest, is at Beechwood Boulevard and Nicholson Street.
  14. "Don't forget, there's also Backstage with the Mickey Mouse Club," Ms. Addams says. "It airs on Saturday and Sunday and contains backstage footage, outtakes, rehearsal footage, interviews, and other things. Of course, you two aren't as obvious as Tim and Cheryl. They've mentioned that they plan to marry after they both turn 18 and graduate high school."
  15. Rob nods. "So it is that obvious than me and Doreen are in love? Even though the television screen?"
  16. "If you like," Ms. Addams replies. "Since most of the Mouseketeers that attend this school are in the Drama Club, I'll probably cast Bobby and Annette in those roles. Don't forget, I watch The Mickey Mouse Club." She pauses, then continues, "I think Lonnie will do for Constable Locke."
  17. "Thank you Ms. Addams. We can understudy for Harold and Marian if you wish."
  18. Ms. Addams walks out and says to Rob and Doreen, "Ok. You two are good as Mayor and Mrs. Shinn. I'll cast two others as Harold and Marian."
  19. Ms. Addams looks out and watches as the Mouseketeers in the Drama Club and the Donaldson sisters go over their lines.
  20. Rob notices Darlene enter, "Hi Darlene," Rob greets, then returns returns to the script with Doreen.
  21. As she does, Darlene walks down the hall and joins the group playing the Pick-a-little Ladies.
  22. "Okay," Doreen says, turning to the proper place in her script.

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