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  1. Rock Gasher Rock Gasher is his agent in the noral world. A gangster leader who the Scorpion bribed with advance technology to outwit the police, he provides information and manpower when the Scorpion needs it. There is nothing special about him more than the ruthlessness to sell his own mother for money and the desire to destroy anyone who opposes him. Secretly his loyalty is to himself first and the Scorpion second.
  2. I vote for the Golden Scorpion myself.
  3. Considering that I live in West Alise, Milwaukee Wisconsin, the birthplace of Liberace I say thea, nay.
  4. Battery David Allen Scott comes from Kinematic's own alternative Earth and worships everything about him. He can also empower the powers of any other mutant he touches, as long as he touches him. Any resemblance to Trevor Fitzroy is kinda like looking into a funhouse mirror, right? Tribble, it's your choice if we continue to 12 or create a new team. Any resemblance to steriaca, well, like looking into a funhouse mirror.
  5. Ghast Leo Tygran is a teenage mutant who discovered the ability to go through solid objects and disrupt electronics when attacked by a Minutemen robot on patrol sent by the IHA in search of Death (a powerful homeless mutant with strong "death touch" powers, see the IHA book). Leo basically saved a cell of Kinematic unknowingly and accepted his call for advanced training. Leo is slowly developing other effects which happen when he phases into things. Any resemblance to Shadowcat is not intended, really.
  6. Great Celestral Claw Zan Quan Do is a triad middle manager, whose right hand was mangled during a raid from the Tiger Squad. Getting it replaced by an alien's disattached hand, they attached it to Zan's stump. Zan normal hides his alien hand, but when he feels he has no other choice he reveals it and channels it's great power to create portals and slice through most anything. He is quite awair that the word celestial is problematic (for years celestial was used interchangeably with oriental to describe people from his part of the world). New Team: Kinematic's Group The mutant mastermind has decided that Blindspot, Fossil, and Overdrive are not enough to build his pro-mutant-rule organization. So these six to twelve mutants have joined him. Not everyone recruited is totally enraptured with the ideas behind Kinematic, othoe the mutant rule part they can all get behind. Of course the IHA is against them. Very few members are "full time", having their own criminal stuff, but are expected to drop everything when Kinematic asks for their support for their mutual protection. Any resemblance to members of the X-Men, the Brotherhood, and the Acolytes are coincidence, really.
  7. While not a superhero entry, it is Gruntar, Mind Flayer Barbarian. Who says monsters can't have levels in classes?
  8. Well, he counts also. But not Scooby Dum. Nor Scrapy Doo. Defently not Scrapy Doo.
  9. Everybody forgets the most powerful pet. Professor Peachbody aka the TTD (time traveling dog) and his pet cromagnum cave man boy Benji, from Gold Digger. Which was originally based upon Professor Pesbody and his pet boy Sherman... What can I say. It's Antarctica Press.
  10. This is the avatar of the Egyptian deity Sabeck. Sabeck is the Egyptian crocodile god of the rivers and is said to devour hearts of the impure dead. Sabeck is neither good nor evil and can act as a hero, villain, or whatever on a welm.
  11. It depends on various factors. If the equipment is culturally advanced; magical in some way, or of primo quality, then of course the character should pay points for it. They are not going to find replacements quite easily after all. But if it is just a sword, then don't make them pay for it by anything but gold pieces.
  12. Guizashu The person called the Guizashu is a very skilled martial artist who can use anything to kill. He is very precise and absolutely deadly when he does strike. He will only fight when ordered to do so, but he always goes for the kill. It doesn't matter to him who the target is. Guizashu is the mandarin word for Exacutioner. And he does exactly that, as long as his bosses say so. He takes no payment for his murders, as the triad provides him everything he wants.
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