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  1. So, we need to jetisen all the years of hard work and detail, and start with "superheroes day one"? Well, it is doable, but you have to basically do all tge work. We can provide, say, two supervillian teams, ten solo villains, and one or two major masterminds. But after that, then what?
  2. Ah, to be a teenager again, with time to roleplay live.
  3. If you're a straight female superhero, chances are your going to be accused if getting into "the game" in order to snare a boyfriend.
  4. So, Enemies books sell (at least, in the past). Why not more of them under the Hero Games banner? I'm not asking for Champions Villain Volume 4 (well, actually I am, but that is another project). But say Champions Enemies Collection Volume 1 can work. At least it is something, done by Hero themselves, stating "we're not dead yet". Cue the song "Not Dead Yet" from Spamalot. That is all we ask. Some little something which says there not dead yet. Give us something new and official.
  5. We got the excuse "adventures do not sell", and that is it.
  6. Yes. We are whipping the dead horse. Again and again and again.
  7. We have hit the Catch-22 of Hero Games. We need them to publish adventures so we can buy them. They need cash to save there company. But they don't have the cash to pay authors to write adventures. And they had bad experiences in the past with adventures not selling. We want adventures. We are willing to pay for adventures. They can't pay authors for adventures. They have no faith in adventures. Hero Games has no products on physical shelves and no new players are willing to invest in a product which the company can not support with products. We see the problem. We know the problem. Does Hero Games management see the problem? If they do, is it too late to fix the problem? Do they care enough to fix the problem?
  8. I agree with this sentiment. Doing Digital Hero for free is one thing (And I didn't get paid for my Superhero Martial Arts article. I did let that go, by the way., but if I'm going to get the courage to actually write something, I want some form of payment. Give me a copy of the book. A physical copy. (Even if it is digital-only. Print out a copy for me and mail it to me.)
  9. The biggest problem is, professional writers, want money to write an adventure. We could sell millions of adventures if we can get Stephen King to write one adventure, but even if he is interested, he needs to be paid for his work. Mind you, it would be the strangest, most horrific superhero adventure ever written, and perhaps the quickest, but (Gauntlet voice) Stephen needs money badly. Well, maybe not. But he would insist on being paid.
  10. You could. How much is "Only VS Area Of Effect Attacks"?
  11. Hey Scott, Evil wizards, dragons, undead and stuff will work for a supervillain. Heck, Skelator is a supervillain in all but modern cloth.
  12. Man, I miss the days of $3 adventures, $8-10 dollar supplements, and $20 rules books.
  13. Sorry Chris. I just want to see Hero Games publishing again. With adventures in a shared world, like we had in 4th edition. We need not have physical books, but man, we had a product every two weeks.
  14. Your right except for one thing. It should be a license they control. Oh shoot. They sold the rights away to Cryptic for quick cash. There is your problem. Anyone got a time machine or two to spare?
  15. No offense taken Deen. Now...if I could simply sit down and start some of my projects I want to do, but don't have confidence in myself to do. Rookie Enemies. Champions of the Rising Sun.
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