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  1. "You know, Foxbat might know if something is up in other areas of the crime world..."
  2. This is Professor Yorick VonDerghist, who was kidnapped by Doctor Destroyer and had his brain removed and kept alive for study. After a super team saved him, he was eventually given a manipulation exoskeleton and fought crime as The Crimson Brain. In spite being a brain in a jar, he has yet to develop full fledged psionic powers. He relies on his artificial bodies high strength and resistance along with his incredible intelligence and a slight ego problem.
  3. "While not a part of this investigation, I'm thinking about joining the drama club."
  4. Mine wasn't going to generate a new art winner, but Quackhell gets this one also.
  5. "Maybe that is the point. Quickly, does the place robbed have any rivals in the private museum business?"
  6. "It is possible. Shrinking, invisibility, illusions can do it easy."
  7. "All we are doing is figuring out who didn't do it, not who did do it."
  8. "Who are the potential unsubs? GRAB is known for preferring non-violent robberies. CLOWN is not known for robberies, but they do them to fund whatever prank they have planned. It doesn't help that CLOWN member The Fox was known as a playful robber when he was solo. Practically every other supervillain dabbles in robberies from time to time."
  9. "So, what is actually missing? And who do you think is the culprit?"
  10. The Animagus better watch his back. During the event which Control Phreak took control of him, Alexander Leon's whole family was injured by the animal based mystic. Swearing revenge, Alexander was given a suit of armor which was especially 'profed' against magic and styled like a lion. He became The Golden Lion. He is not so fond of Control Phreak either, but can work with him if needed. His suit also has countermesers against mental powers, and claws for offense.
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