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  1. Any idea on who besides Ahnu Aheh Eh the Demonolgist would recruit? The group would need magic which would be usable on Earth, some mussel of physical powers, and, well...whatever he needs.
  2. "And you better not use your shape changing ability to make it look like I do something which Unckl Walt wouldn't agree with, or I'm going to be out of a job, both as teen advisor and Blue Team Mouseakatear."
  3. Nell is a smart kid. Tell him I say hello back. Or, better yet, tell him I said " Ha-eh-ah-ba-ah-eh". Zero=0=nu A=1=ah B=2=ba C=3=co D=4=da E=5=eh F=6=fo G=7=ga H=8=ha I=9=is J=10=ah-nu K=11=ah-ah L=12=ah-ba M=13=ah-co N=14=ah-da O=15=ah-eh P=16=ah-fo Qu=17=ah-ga R=18=ah-ha S=19=ah-is T=20=ba-nu U=21=ba-ah V=22=ba-ba W=23=ba-co X=24=ba-da Y=25=ba-eh Z=26=ba-fo
  4. Great video. Thanks for the idea of fealing through the powers. Humm....using the Old English alphabet ( modified), change it to numbers, then come up an alternative pronunciation for it...a=1=ah, b=2=bo, c=3=ca, well, this will take a while to do all 24 letters.
  5. Generally speaking, a Weird Scientist doesn't need science skills. They are 'helpful' in laying out bullshit theories, but remember that they come to there conclusions using methods which most science believe is Just Plain Wrong and that thoes who use tnem are, at best Crackpots, and at worse, cRaZy.
  6. 10-15-5 thoughts. Just read the Wikipedia entery on Old English. Only 24 letters in there alphabet. Assuming that Farie humans keep Old English rules and simply add to them, and my simple cyper, we have... A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9 J=10 L=11 M=12 N=13 O=14 P=15 Qu=16 R=17 S=18 T=19 U=20 V=21 VV=22 X=23 Y=24 Which makes it a 24 letter alphabet. Old English has no K, Q, nor Z, but I made an exception and added Q (in the qu form). The double capital V (VV) is basically W, and used just for looks. This changes the name of our villain from 10-15-5 to 10-14-5 (Joe). Work arounds: Since in my cyper there is no K and Z, he needs some combo of letters which can mimic the "ka" and "ze" sound. He would probably use "ca" (3-1) for K, and "se" (18-3) for Z. Note to self: He probably can't affect objects with K and Z in there names, and his "KILL" spell is probably rather week. (3-1-9-11-11 according to my own rules). He might use the old english word instead? Heawan looks ike an interesting substitute (8-3-1-22-1-13).
  7. Some idea spells for 10-15-5: Multiple Spell: By chanting "10-15-5 times (number)" he can duplicate himself up to nine times. These duplicates are only basic humans with his own mentality (no spellcasting for them, but they all chant numbers). Killing them or stunning them only causes them to go "poof". Maybe instead of true duplication, it could be a set illusion and telekinesis linked to it. Zero Spell: By chanting zero and pointing, he can make what he points to not exist. This spell is almost impossible to cast on living things in the Earth Dimension, but he can use it on missiles aimed at him. Web: Creates a magical web entraping targets. Ice: Creates an icicle which races twords the target. 10-15-5 There: Teleports him to the area he points to. Fire: sets objects on fire. Kill: victim pointed gets damage with lethal random force. Heart attacks are common, but random lighting strikes. And spontaneous combustion is not unheard of. Can anyone help. I'm using a simple A=1 code. The standard alphabet is 26 letters. I assume Old English might use less letters.
  8. The Crowns of Krin: While they were unaffected by the mana drain, they were never seen after 2022. Nobody officially knew why. They were tricked into being depowered by The Devil's Advocates in a doomed to fail attempt to increase the mana flow into Earth.
  9. This would be a good place and time to reintroduce lost members of the DA, like Brother Bone. Many of them don't operate directly on Earth anyways, and having heroes travel to exotic places is a staple of some superhero comics anyways...
  10. Humm...I didn't know that. Thanks for the info. By the way, 10-15-5's parents call him Joe.
  11. Got an idea for a member of the "new" Devil's Advicates. His "name" is 10-15-5, and he is a Chaos Math Wizard. By reciting numbers, he can cause almost anything to happen. And he speaks only in numbers. The secret of his magic? If you turn letters into numbers, you can cast spells (a variation of the speaking backward limitation in Zatanna's magic). For example, all he has to do is point at something and say 6-9-18-5 and the object becomes aflame and burns/melts. He wants something to stop? 19-20-15-16 should do it.
  12. You can fudge and just give him Power: Weird Science skill, and then also give him KS: Weird Theories of Science! skill, KS: Weird Scientists. Give him PS: Singing at a decent level and you got Buckaroo Bonsai.
  13. Ok. I give the win to Death Tribble for Dr. Mortus, but I give you the right for the next pic. The floor is yours sir. I have, of course, overstayed in the spotlight.
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