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  1. He is Spear Chuck. A bigot and racist who was augmented with minor cybernetics, all to control his cybernetic spear. He is used by his organization as both stalker and killer of targets deemed to detrimental to let live, and muscle when superheroes show up. And yes, he realizes that his name is a slur. Deal with it. (Edit: I didn't realise that he was that tan. Opps.)
  2. Since Saturday is about 2 hours away, I'm going to have to give it to you Quackhell. Enjoy. And may the evens be always on your bad side.
  3. Not really, since it is supposed to be Cutie Honey (both of them) from the anime Cutie Honey Universe. One of the three anime series developed to celebrate Go Naga's 50th year as a mangaka (the others are Gretta Robo Armageddon and Devilmsn Crybaby). I'll wait till Friday for more submissions .
  4. Well, so far Quackhell wins by default. Does anyone have a challenger?
  5. Thank you Lord Liaden. Your search fu is strong.
  6. Necromancing this for Forgotten Enemies.
  7. Two more unforchants and we can move on.
  8. VF1 became...um...let me check my copy of VIPER 5th Ed... VMS- Alpha, lead by VIPER-X (Armstrong). The only other named member is ex-member Krait (now a member of CoIL's Oborous). Only VIPER-X and Krait are mentioned in each other's bios (VIPER-X in Viper: Coils of the Serpent, Krait in Champions Villian Volume 1: Masterminds, and also the adventure Sharper Than A Serpent's Tooth). What were the members in VIPER 4th Ed?
  9. I'm not expecting Tiger to use my every suggestion. Heck, I'm just happy he used ANY of them. Forgotten Mastermind special might not be doable. How's about VIPER Dragon Branch special? Power Crusher, Black Mamba, Cathedral, um...um...can't think up a forth, but heck, most Enemies from the books worked for VIPER one time or another. The Psi-Kin, since the only connection is family (there a family of quintuplets with psychic powers), could be written up as a bunch of solo villains who just happen to know each other.
  10. Mammoth can be used in a them "masterminds" issue of Forgotten Enemies. But can you think of any others which were published and fell to the wayside? The Crimson Claw? Well, he is a plotter from another dimension. He is more of an emissary for more nasty things man was never meant to see, but that doesn't mean he can't have his own plans. The Thugmaster? He never got an official writeup. So... Cyrotron, from The Conquers Of All? The group itself is a rather loose collection of villains who do their own thing at times. But he is there leader. Madam Syn (Sin?)? Icestar's greatest for, and girlfriend. She never gotten a writeup. The Duchess? Member of VIPER's Council of Thirty. A mover and shaker of the org, along with her business end of things.
  11. I would love to see Eclipse updated, with the stereotype slapped out of Godfather if possible. Or at least, make him more GioGio than Marlon Brando. (Not in the "I have a Stand" way, but "I have a dream" way. A nobler, less drug selling European mafia.) Feel free to do your own take on the group. Enigma should still be mysterious, with the GM section only giving multiple choices on exactly what he is (Nether's familiar? Mystical vagabond? An alien from another dimension shadowing the team in order to get a handle on humanity?)
  12. There are some good ideas in European Enemies if you enjoy wading through junk to get them. Mammoth: A great "serious" comedy character. I always pictured him with a trunk. Note, the character as originally presented is a more serious junior grade mastermind but considering the book's reputation... Napoleon of Crime: Honestly, a character based on the mentally ill stereotype of the guy who thinks he is Napoleon? Make him a mentality, then make his secret ID a split personality which is a detective investigating his crimes? Inspector Clusole anyone? (And his long-suffering boss which in a few films he accidentally turned him to madness and crime.) Sir Gavane(sp!): Man, what a complicated power, increased abilities depending on the sun's position, or lack of it. At noon, he is a brick, by sunrise/sunset, he is a dodging machine and 'speedster'. Valid: Ok, it is an interesting thing, a mutant who thinks or styles himself after vampires. But why name himself after another nation heroic legendary hero? Oh, yes, Dracula... (By the way, Dracula is in the public domain now. If the Monster of Frankenstein public domain also...) Eclipse/"Eurotrash": Great team of grey characters. I especially love Nether (my old gm like the group a lot). The only problem I see is Godfather, but if he is redesigned more in the style of GeoGeo than Marlon Brando...
  13. Either. It matters not to me. Othoe if we are talking European Enemies...
  14. Who or what is she/they?
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