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  1. Well, the rest of the day was (or seemed to be) uneventful. Rob contacted Lotus about his concerns about the play later, and she agreed on a patrol rotation during the event. It was also agreed that the Junior Justice Foundation members who are not involved in the play should patrol near the school during the time of the play (so Avis could get involved i$ his player is interested). (Can mod the above if needed. )
  2. Xandor is an alien with powers beyond a normal human, including things like super strength, flight, and nigh-invulderbility. He is assigned to a backwater little planet named Earth. As for his look, his race was always pear shaped.
  3. "That is true, but if something happens, they would make great hostages also. Then again, we all do no matter what we do. That is just the nature of living in a world where a small handful of people can lift full buses and shoot lasers from their noses. It should be up to them if they want to risk things or not."
  4. Rob joined in with the shake sipping. "Ah...anyways, let's look at the script."
  5. Always be cautious around cosmic villains. For the simplest gesture can cause cosmic disasters. *snap*
  6. "True. Divide the Junior and Senior team, half guard the play in case they are going to hit either the play goers or the box office, the other half go on patrol in case they hit the homes while the play goers are at the play."
  7. Snakeskin. Roberto Rodriguez is the villain Snakeskin. His mutant powers allows him to partially or fully shed his skin, much like a snake. He can quickly fashion his skin into whips and binds, and even chokes people to death. Unfortunately, because he is a homosuperior, his flesh is not considered human for Xue Gou's purposes.
  8. "I was thinking of the senior team, with Defender and such. Also the junior members who are not involved in the play like Avis."
  9. "I guess it is something to mention soon to my other employer." Rob fishes out his Justice Foundation Comunicator and looks around to see if anyone is looking at him before quietly speaking into it. "Rob here. Just asking, what is the team's plans? We got a charity play going on, and suspect robers are plotting this time to be the perfect time to do some second stories work."
  10. "True. But how would one get such information? And I definitely can't preform and be her at the same time."
  11. "Do you think anything is going to happen which would require her assistant, Mako-chan?"
  12. Rob and Doreen leave the stage through the outside entrance (as opposed to going through the school again) and go to their local McDonald's and order their usual. They are, of course, still near by the stage, as it is only a couple blocks away. (Anything can happen, you know. )
  13. "Deformers, junk in disguise. Deformers, going to poke your eye. Junkabots wage there battle To avoid the same fate As the Wreckacons."
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