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  1. Walter Walkabout was an anamatronic humanoid wallabe and star and lead singer of the children's show The Chocolate Sundaes. They were on the air for about twenty-five years before finally given the axe by the network. Walter was the only one of the four robot band to excape in resemblance of 'alive' thinking mechanical beings can get. Eventually he came across Dr. Nymax!, and he joined the Lucky 13 to pay for his maintenance and eventually reactivation of the other three. He is a light brick in a silly wallabe costume and speaks in a silly Australian accent. He has a huge pouch to put things in and take things out of. And he has a boomerang. Only one. And he doesn't know how to throw it.
  2. Quackhell for the win. The character, by the way, is Sailor Titan, my fan senshi. She was arted by my bestie in Sailor Moon Amino, Faun.
  3. Automatronics are merely robots without the Physical Complication of having to follow thoes pesky three laws of Asimov.
  4. The library starts to stock itself with old H. P. Lovecraft books, along with Stephen King books (IT!, for example, along with the Dark Tower books) and copies of the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure manga (for the bizarreness, if nothing else). The record player plays episolds of Lights Out, no mater what record appears to be playing. If push comes to shove, and the need to warn is now, it plays "Flying Purple People Eater". The TV set starts playing old superhero cartoons...basicaly any Fantastic Four episold with Doctor Doom in it, or X-Men with Magneto, Appoplayses, or Mojo. Also books on Doctor Destroyer start appearing.
  5. How would you simulate putting someone in suspended animation, and slowly heal the subject? I know it would probably be a complicated multi-power power.
  6. Amino you have chatrooms, make post and internal Wiki enteries.
  7. Question: How do I simulate a person with the power to... a) Force a person into a suspended animation state... b ) ...and in that state, start slowly healing them. The character can encase a willing person in black ice, and slowly heal there wounds while in this state. She needs not concentrate upon the power or anything. The ice will 'melt' once the person inside is healed, or until another condition she sets up happens.
  8. I tried to create a Hero System Amino once...nobody came, even when I posted an add here.
  9. Yes. I now know. I kinda forgotten him. Looking back at him now, I kinda like his limited physical Energy Blast.
  10. True, but there are bleedthroghs from other digital television singles. Like some areas of Milwaukee get some singles from Racine and such.
  11. Let's see what this one brings... (Your free to ignore the sailor uniform by the way.)
  12. "But honestly, Mr. FBI guy, I was researching the prices of a Ladyboy prostitute, rabbed wombats, and a nuclear bomb for my roleplaying game session tonight. I didn't know looking up prices were illegal sir."
  13. Yes, VIPER 4ed seemed to me like a great work agancy for out of work supervillains. But I just noticed something. VIPER is not Hydra or COBRA, but Galactor from Battle of the Planets/Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. Lead by ab alien energy being...check. One guy is a kid in an adult body with psychic powers...check. One guy is pretending to be something he is not...check (Lord Egoboster from Gatchaman F). All we are missing is a psycho gender changer megalomaniac.
  14. Sory if I serm to be a stick in the mud.
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