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  1. I'm probably preaching to a audience of one, but I hope to create an Enimies book of some kind. Except I don't have any artwork nor money to commission artwork. Does anyone create art for Amino Coins in Hero Fandom?
  2. Professor Scorpous : A mad scientist type who lost his legs in an accident. He designed a scorpion mech to replace his legs because, well, "SCIENCE!" Basically my version of Doctor Octopus.
  3. Lily White Lily White is an African American woman who was radicalized into the Black Power movement. She also studied various forms of self defense to protect herself from "The Pigs" (the police, who of course are controlled by White Upper Class Society, bka "The Man"). She wanted to help out the men of the movement, but she was always told to stay back/stay at home. Fed up, one day she just left the movement and joined WITCH. If the men wouldn't let her fight, the women will. She became the martial artist of the group. Her martial arts styles are Capoeira, Dambe, Dir
  4. Two people out of uncountable number of gunfighters in western movies.
  5. Mind Trap : An "anti-mentalist", he can shut down almost all mental powers (Drain, based on MCV) by entering his opponent's mind. He also can create a "mental trap" which affects anyone trying to connect there mind with his (Mental Damage Shield based on DCV Drain). He was an person given the Psi-Serium and was thought PSI Negative and was let go after a quick mind wash.
  6. Diamond Jack : An acrobatic thief specialising in stealing gems. He appears to have a gem instead of a right eye and can create diamond shaped force objects. Black Skull : A Project Starburst victim whose radioactive corpse buried deep in the Arizona desert, and became a zombie-like undead when Tacofanes passed by his resting place. He has just now dug himself out and is rampaging against every living thing he comes across. He is super strong, can absorb radiation and can shoot a strong radiation beam once he absorbs enough radiation. He is a rampager for those tired of
  7. The solution is to allow and enforce Combat Luck. Nobody wears an Iron Plate in the old west. The game is not called Cowboys And Dragons after all.
  8. Technically "Freaky Friday the 13th" is a thing. The movie Freaky (which was originally tilted as Freaky Friday the 13th till the distributer wanted it changed).
  9. In Tony Stark's defense, he doesn't mass produce ARC reactors mostly out of fear that someone could weaponize it. Either by figuring out how to make it explode or more likely be a power source for whatever weapon you can name (small portable mega-lasers and disintegration beams comes to mind, let alone some crazy in a suit of armor). It should be noted that his own technology has been weaponized before (Armor Wars anyone?).
  10. I think the OP dislikes all our naysaying about this troop. He sees it as "why shouldn't the heroes be considered Warrior Elite and why should the people cheer them on, worship them, and in general not fear them because of it". Think of the various pantions of gods. People both worship and fear them. Superbeings are modern gods. Why should we pretend that they don't take advantage of it to their benefit. Because gods don't get blamed when someone gets hit with a thunderbolt or burns to death. The victims upset a god after all. But superheros are not so far above human
  11. Razorwing The bloody murder named Razorwing is a strange one. He was thought to be a mutant with metallic bird wings with razor sharp feathers and bird talons for hands and feat. He was responsible for the death of various normals during the attack. He was thought to of been killed during the battle, but his body was never recovered. And he has yet to reveal if he was truly dead or not.
  12. Another thing about mad scientist. They always have a weapon of mass destruction either under development or already made. Even "good guy" mad scientist have one. Don't ask why a heroic mad scientist has one...they just do. (Mostly giant robots and things if used one way will benefit mankind, but used another way dooms them forever.)
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