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  1. steriaca

    VIPERS assets

    I'm kinda like my outline for Copperhead. Mostly the helmet based weapons system. Yes, it is of the copper coloration.
  2. Taser gun. Gas grenades (spewing sleep gas or irritation gas) My Belladonna character was conceived carring a dart pistol shooting wooden slivers coated with a plant based sleep toxin (Basically Mind Control, Based On CON, NND [Immune to poison, does not sleep at all, resistant armor all over], one command ["go to sleep"]). It doesn't take more than 4 to 6 dice, cause your only targeting normal with it anyways.
  3. True. But imagine if he did.
  4. steriaca

    VIPERS assets

    Ninja-Bear is right. VIPER was always an agent heavy group. If it wasn't; then it would of been a supervillain team. VIPER was always a team like HYDRA. It moved slightly towards COBRA and Galactor in 4th edition (I already mentioned somewhere that the true Supreme Serpent is like Sousai X, and that hippy mentalist guy Mind Warp was like Gel Sandora...I don't remember who is like Berg Katsu or Lord Egobooster ..) VIPER 5th and VIPER 6th are not exactly anything but there own thing. But that only means that VIPER hasn't been focused of adventures as it should be. If VIPER was really a big threat, shouldn't there be an actual focus of some adventures?
  5. Marvel's Wonder Man comes to mind, as his day job was an actor/stuntman/living special effect in movies.
  6. steriaca

    VIPERS assets

    I'll just leave this here.
  7. Ah...I remember Hepzibah Colorado. The only thing which is important is that it got walled off by The Skull. Somehow more like these times than not.
  8. Well, I created the fictitious Prince A Pal arcade and restaurant chain. I'll probably would put the thing up there.
  9. The Frump side of the family hails from French and Gypsy blood...and guts... and spleen... As for the spellcasting, that would be more from the Frump side. Grandma, and a suggestion that Morticia knows a few spells. In the cartoon, depending on the joke, even Wensday and Pugsly can cast magic. And have you seen what the original panel strip portrayed It as? A head, torso, and two arms (and nothing else). A far cry from our disembodied arm or hand.
  10. While wierd and deformed, most of the family other than the main cast are rather sickly. Heck, even Gomez was incredibly sickly till he met Morticia.
  11. A young man who is a master of disguise. A gentleman thief with a heart of gold and a sense of justice. Not law, justice. (Think Lupin the 1st). A young woman unsure of her past and carries a semi-magical doodad which allows her to ignore physics in one area, and who is being chased by villains. (Think Nadia and the Secret of Blue Water).
  12. The sea are controlled by Bunyip and Dagon. The sky is controlled by the machine Tiamat. Tiamat appears to be a five headed dragon and raids places for raw metals and gems. Tiamat then uses the metals and gems to create robotic dragons who it controls. Once it eats enough materials, it leaves for a new planet, leaving it's children behind.
  13. While Bunyip patrols the shallow water waves, Dagon patrols the deep waters. It "eats" humans and when they are inside it, fuses there DNA with fish to create loyal "deep ones" to serve it's will.
  14. Asherah is a jealous, rebellious machine who is angry at the being which created it. Believing that it's creator created the Earth also, it unleashes it's wrath upon the planet. According to the bible, Asherah is the wife of Yahweh, also known as the God of the Jews.
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