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  1. You know what would be intresting? If Damien Falmier is the manager of both groups. This, no matter which band wins, what is more important is that HE wins.
  2. Anyone remember the whole rouster of both teams?
  3. I would love to hear about what you did to Road Kill to make them relative and stuff LL. Many of the villains were not exactly heavy metal enough ( Boomer was practically a Prince/Michael Jackson guy walking around with metalheads). As for AA...the group was at least united in theam. One can chalk upNeon thinking his gasses were Neon as just him being stupid. If one wanted a "Battle of the Bands" thing, you could do better than AA, but if you update them to make more sense then go for it. If not, your only resource is to create your own bands.
  4. Any thoughts on doing a "Battle of the Bands" special with Road Kill and Aragant Anakey. Ok, those are the only bands I know on Champions Universe. One is a good heavy metal group. The other? Forgettable punk rock cyborgs from Champions Worse Supliment Ever. Ok, you can leave off AA? But there better be another band ready for Road Kill to, well, roadkill.
  5. Probably. I don't call myself Mispellian Master for nothing.
  6. Just got an idea for an original member. Name: Clugel. Weapon: clubs and jiggling. A borderline brick from England, Clugel made a name for himself as a non-powered costume thug who mostly can outfight street level superheroes.
  7. I kinda have a like for Tenderheart, with a few more gadgets she could be a more normal level Champions villain. I'm not worried about her not fitting. Master Stroke is using the group as a distraction while he searches for Faerie.
  8. I just thought about Tenderheart, another Dark Champions character she even has a sword. But I picture her more akin to Catwoman in nature.
  9. Published? I'm just an idea guy myself. I only published two things in my life, and there were Digital Hero articles. One I still haven't been paied for. Which I don't mind right now.... If Tiger (owner of Tiger Paw Press) wants to do anything with this idea, he is free to do so. ...which begs the question, is there a substitute for Red Rapier?
  10. Companion is saying that it is a supplement book, and that your going to need the original HERO System Martial Arts book to use this one. Not that it is a book of martial arts sidekick characters. Basically new martial art styles. New martial arts powers. New weapons. Maybe if there is some room new characters and "campaign in one page" pages. Oh, and perhaps we can have a writeup of Son Wukong in it. I mean he is the bleeping Monkey King. The Sage Approaching Heaven.
  11. Was going over my digital copy of TPP Villain Companion 2 and the entry for EF-1 (Extreme Force-1). Knowing that the sister group TF-1 contains Piledriver a d Sledge (Tiger's version of these characters) got me thinking about a third group to reintroduce old Champion villains. Of course not all the members should be Champions old timers, but enough of them should be. The requirements for this group: all members wield weapons of some kind. EF-1 is about elemental powers. TF-1 is about missing limbs. WF-1 is about special weapons. My short list of members... 1) Red Rapier: He represents the sword. He is still probably a shameless ladies man, and probably caught an AIDS like disease (if not HIV all together), and has joined for experimental medicine treatments. 2) Master Stroke: He represents the axe. This german supervillain is in it for his quest to find a passage back to Faire. He is also kinda a good friend to Stronghammer the Dwarf (who has worked with WF-1 but hasn't decided that he wants a pediment part of the team, so he drifts in and out of it). It should be noted that once Master Stroke finds a good portal, he is going to offer the group a choice...come with him or...stay here. What? You expect me to say come with me or die? 3) Jackknife: Repersenting the knife. He is actually the psychopath stabbie stabbie guy. His blades usually have an extra kick to them. Like poisons, explosions, acid, and whatever else. We probably need a gun guy. But I'm already pulling two characters from Enimies The International Files from this. And I don't want to pull out Baiwana from the book. Prehaps Ack Ack from Enimies For Higher? You know, the book which was written like an UNTIL dossier on all the villains. Who else? What other weapon users should be here? A pure hand to hand martial artist is an option (body as weapon).
  12. What I know for sure is that it is not a "take once" power complication. You can only take it if you take it on two or more powers.
  13. Humm...I wonder if this thread is going to inspire a new supplement. A HERO System Martial Arts Companion book maybe?
  14. I believe Lockout can only be taken on Multipower slots officially. That of course doesn't really mean a thing, as the GM can say "that's an exception" and makes it so.
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