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  1. Marvel also has the Lightforce Dimension (see Dagger from Cloak and Dagger, and Mister Negative who uses both Lightforce and Darkforce).
  2. Marvel Comics has this thing called the Darkforce. Mostly it is a thing made out of "solid darkness". Blackout, Cloak, and Shroud can tap into this dimension and pull stuff out of it and shape it. That is where most "solid darkness" stuff comes from.
  3. I have to say these things. 1) Non-sentiant and semi-sentiant animals are not exactly on the good/evil axis. They do things for the survival of the self and their species. A lion who attacks the character is not doing it out of evil, but out of hunger, fear, or that it is in their territory and do not know their intentions. 2) Sentiant beings also can attack not out of good or evil, but out of fear or misunderstanding. Just because the sword will not harm the opponent does not mean the opponent will stop fighting. Also, people who are mind control are not at that momen
  4. (True, but there are some oddballs. The various Clayfacees, False Face from the camp tv show, the Polka Dot Man's dot gimmick can be strange at times, Jane Doe's ability to skin a person and then wear their skin, Solomon Grundy.)
  5. Depends on what you want. I thought up a villain who is basically a 'shadow boxer's. Boxing martial arts, extra limbs (the shadow torso, arms, hands, and head) and stretching. The special effects are that he has total control over his own shadow. He can't separate his shadow from himself yet, but his shadow can be semi-solid.
  6. (And don't forget a perfect place for the Batman Rouges Gallery writeup. It's the main reason to play in Gotham in the first place.)
  7. (You were planning on doing basically this with the setting at Gotham during Knightfall. We could do that one. Teenage superheroes under the watchful eyes of Batgirl and a paralyzed Bruce Wayne sounds interesting.)
  8. (Depends on you. It can be a fresh thread or a continuation. Up to you.)
  9. The next day Rob writes his report. He makes sure to state how it was solved without violence on his/her part. But also notes that hir was lucky for the most part.
  10. "That's a relief. I'm glad mother and child are doing well." Lady Heart flys to where she last seen the veterinarian. She pauses, lands, smiles at the gazelles, then flys off.
  11. "Yes. He was created in 1923 as a replacement for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, which the Walt Disney company only recently regained the copyright to. If he was real, he would be the oldest living mouse in existence."
  12. Lady Heart held her forehead. "Really? You realize he is a fictional character, right?"
  13. "Hey guy. Why did you kidnap Darlene? I'm not here to attack you or anything unless you attack."
  14. Lady Heart nods and floats away. Nothing beats the love between a mother and child. Now, where is Foxbat?
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