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  1. "Sh.. " Lady Heart stopped herself from swearing. "I guess we better do that before we unleash that plan then." She then detransform and started to work on his homework. "What excuse are your going to feed your parents? Mine knows, by the way."
  2. "Ok. Let's fly then." They discussed exactly where they will patrol, and switch off to cover the two key areas plus the surrounding area, then went off to do exactly that.
  3. Worse yet, some of the thieves do not even use what they steal. Instead, they sell it for absurd prices on the roadside, taking advantage of law abiding people who are desperate for toilet paper but unable to get any.
  4. Sounds good. Energy Reserve. Based on skill roll. Note that Jumping Attack was ment to simulate all those rushing special attacks, both ground and air based.
  5. Another option can be NND Mind Control Based On Con, No Range (to activate), One Command ("Do Not Move A Voluntary Mussel"). This is a more immediate effect, but operates on the same rules as mental mind control.
  6. I didn't balance them at all. I just use the buy ability of Ninja Hero, Ultimate Martial Artist, Hero System Martial Arts. The ballance was done for me via how many points it is required to buy a single maneuver.
  7. Teleios would probably do some super germ as long as it doesn't do anything like kill. He might be intrested in how human bodies process whatever semi-inteligant non-lethal disease/lifeform colony he created. As for anyone else...again nobody in the mainstream Champions Universe comes to mind. Prehaps Takophans, if he could even comprehend what a bacteria is.
  8. "I say the more mobile members fly in rotation between targets, while the more steadfast members take one site and go into stakeout mode."
  9. That would be a Variable Power Pool limited to "Mental Powers Which Belong To Minds Copied Via (power x)". I see (power x) as Telepathy, but a large cosmetic Transformation could work also (person with an organic mind to person with a copied organic mind). The GM could allow you to buy the copied mind as a computer via the VVP. Sounds like a limited Telepathy only with copied mind. If I was a GM, I would probably instead have you Mind Link instead. Again, if you want to compel an answer, I would say Telepathy. Note, Telepathy does not compel the copied mind to answer truthfully. For the mind itself, a VVP which you can buy copied minds as Computers, with the GM's permission. A Multipower for communicating with the mind and generic things a copied mind gives you (regardless of how strong or weak the mind is). Because of the VVP, you will only have a limited number of minds. Special note: Computers do not have Body, so they don't have a normal physical form (the body is usually bought as an automation). Check with your GM before you buy the powers.
  10. "Mental Duplication" is the special effect. What does this allow him to do? Sounds like Telepathy with Invisible Power Effect, a bunch of Skill Levels, strong Mental Defense, strong +MOCV and +MDCV, and Photographic Memory, at least.
  11. "Anything is possible. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions. Else we start beating up random people unsure if we are going the right way or not. Also, it would show that we are not as different than the villains we fight."
  12. "Not everything needs to be an insidious plot to take over the world by some super smart megalomaniac who works in such a way that even when he wins, nobody knows he has won."
  13. Gerial Smith was a powered armor mercenary who went by the name Powersmith. Beyond that, he was simply an ordinary mercenary for hire. One day, he was contacted by the Staticstition. He joined the group and his armor was updated. He does feel like the odd man out, but the Staticstition assured him that he is as much a nessisary as any other member of the team. Many people actually are uneasy around pure mechanical beings, so having a only small bit of cyberizated human puts those willing to hire them at ease.
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