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A short XL document with multiple tabs covering the races from the base book, guidelines for the cost of enchanted items based on AP, and a few magical items to boot.


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This really needs some more explanation when it comes to the item rules.  I really don't understand how it's supposed to work, if it's the cost for crafting or buying ... I'm looking over the sample items trying to figure out the details, but I'm not getting it.  It has remarkable potential, and I do appreciate the work that went into it, but it really needs more information, and maybe an example or two when it comes to item costs.


For example, the first chart lists the ranking (apprentice, journeyman, master, grandmaster), along with the maximum AP and then the cost per Real Point.  But after that, there are two columns of numbers that I have absolutely no idea what they are for.

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This file is very good, but the choice to hide some of the colums in the "money & prices" tab (which I'd call "items & services" by the way) is detrimental. What I didn't understand (precisely in that tab) is the "Pence" column, since Copper Pieces (the first and hidden column in each item and service) would be the pences in the system (either D20 or FH). :)


In the "races" tab, I respectfully disagree with many of the choices made (specially in the disadvantages for the different species), and I think AlHazred did a more accurate conversion. I leave the link to his post from over 10 years ago for anyone trying to use Eberron with FH. :)




Thanks for sharing the file (it would be awesome is you added the transport and houses services too, just to have everything in one place). :)



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