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HTML - Hero 3-Column Hero Shadowpunk -- EDIT

HERO System Fifth Edition

Type: Single Character

File Extensions: HTML, HTM

This is the classic 3-column style used in 4th Edition with custom characterisitics as described in 'Shadowpunk' -- a conversion for Wizkids' (formerly FASA) Shadowrun RPG, and one of the most comprehensive conversion write-ups ever. 151 pages! Created by Damon_Dusk over at the Hero forums, it is presented for you in chapters for easy download, or as one big optimized PDF file (plus the PDF charts). Download, enjoy, and make sure you pass on kudos to Damon_Dusk.' Orklord did a template for Damon_Dusk's conversion, and I modded Derik Hiemforth's export format to include the three custom characteristics. It has the Hero System logo, includes the Hit Location chart, and does not have a space for a character picture.

The "hero5.jpg" file should be placed in the same location as the character is being exported to.

This export template creates output in HTML format. This format -- although easy-to-use -- does not allow strict control over margins, fonts, etc. When you view the exported file, a great deal of how it looks will be controlled by how your browser's preferences are set. So for example, if you find that the entire sheet doesn't fit on a printed page, try changing the margins in your browser's print setup. If the text size appears too small or too large for you -- on screen or when printed -- try adjusting your font sizes in your browser preferences, and so on. The options set within this template itself are designed to try and provide good output on most systems, but -- since every configuration is a little different from every other -- you may need to tweak the settings on your end to get a result you're happy with.

Written by Derek Hiemforth slightly tweaked by 'Hero' for learning experience

What's New in Version Hero 3-Column


  • Transferred from HD Vault site: "Export Format 'HTML - Hero 3-Column Hero Shadowpunk'."
  • Added image.

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