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    Veteran gamer (player & GM) of 29 years.
    GM of 15+ campaigns, several complete, many HERO-based starting with 3rd Ed. Justice Inc, Danger International, Fantasy Hero and Champions.

    Worked on conversions to and from HERO, and tool-kitting of HERO to facilitate different character creation elements, including some random elements and a 'Life-path' method.

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  1. Thanks @Lord Liaden I did a search for it before I created mine, but found nothing, so went ahead and made my own.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The Westerlands calendar for the year 5000SE. Based on the description and information provided in the Turakian Age sourcebook. I had been looking around for one but in the end created my own. Including: Holy Days and Wyretha (the 6th Holy Day) Moon cycle showing Full & New moons * Months names are colour coded for the seasons. As mentioned on the calendar the Holy Days divide the year into 5 parts. When a year is divided like this a single part is usually referred to as a "Quinary" (plural is Quinaries). I imagine that having these divides in th
  3. Version 1.0.0


    A colour version of the world map - this is as high a resolution as I have.
  4. Version 1


    A black/white world map - this is as high a resolution as I have. I have been working on overlaying the colour versions of the map but the scales are different - perhaps the source files will be able to allow someone to do this - I don't have Adobe Illustrator nor Photoshop.
  5. Version 1


    This is a zip of the TIF files used in the book itself.
  6. My web-based campaign system has come along very nicely. Planning to use it alongside Roll20, among other campaigns.

  7. It is really useful and served as a basis for my (ever) expanding reference for my Turakian campaign.
  8. Just wanted to say that I used this in a Champions game I ran at the weekend to work out how fast (in hexes) a meteor was travelling. Nothing to worry about the flying brick managed to intercept it and help it into the sea.
  9. Working on my [Drupal-based] campaign admin system.

  10. Thanks HM. There are a couple of other tweaks that could be nice in the template, but my initial thought was to get the math correct then work on the other bits.
  11. I don't seem to be able to replicate this, if there are skills in HD then they will pull through to the HTML, do they appear there but not on your print out - is that what you mean?
  12. I have uploaded a new version (v1.4) of this file; http://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/168-6ehtml-ultimatecharactersheetv1-4hde/.
  13. Version v1.4


    6E HTML The Ultimate Character Sheet v1.4 This version 1.4 has been updated and a few corrections to some broken maths by lou_tennant, 14th May 2014. This character export sheet looks different than the plain black and white sheets. It is styled to match the colours of the rule books and is done in a fun highly legible style. It has the functionality of the default character sheet, but has the following differences: Collates all combat information including Attack Powers, Defense Powers, Sensory Powers, Equipment and Martial Maneuvers in a special page block. Along with useful combat
  14. Logo - yep, as mentioned, I need to work some space in to include the logo. Manoeuver block was in the other one, I have mixed thoughts about it, useful feedback, I will see what I can do.
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