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[Metahumans Rising] NaGa DeMon Setting Poll.


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With NaGa DeMon upon us (National Game Design Month) I'm going to write a setting using the Metahumans Rising system. Had a few different ideas for settings so I threw up a poll on Twitter, if anyone is interested, give us look and a vote. 


Ultimate Fighters Vs Street Warriors
Heroes are martial artists from around the world. Each fighting for their own reasons. They are the best, but something more sinister looks in the shadows. 
A High Octane Gonzo Adventure setting.


PSI: Paranormal Special Investigators 
Far Sight, telepathy, telekinesis, each hero has a gift that sets them apart from the everyday people around them. The institute pulled you together to uncover hidden mysteries, but can they be trusted? 
A Macabre Explorative setting.


Mecha Space Wars 
In the year 2525 if woman can survive, they may find... they are pilots of transforming fighting robots deployed from a capital ship! take on roles in one of the surviving factions from Old Earth to secure the future. 
A Philosophical Action/Adventure setting.


Please feel free to comment or ask any questions here, but I will be writing based on the Twitter poll results. 




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