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  1. Sorry for the delay, last week saw an impromptu trip and so our regular update was delayed. Metahuman News Last week we completed the second play test of World Builders 1. In this post test we focused on Neighborhood Watch. The heroes included Otis, a high powered time manipulator and crack pilot, Strife, a classic power martial artist, and Heliquin, who you may recognize from the Hall of Legends. With each character coming from different power levels this allowed us to play with the Bonus Willpower mechanics as well, pushing our clown princess to a whopping 14 Willpower for the scenario. Running with the premise that the heroes were traveling through space, we had them landing at a space port for repairs. This is where Neighborhood Watch kicks in! The players select the following Talents to define the spaceport. Heliquin, Acrobatics, to explore the stations gravity. Otis, Street Smarts, looking to find out about the local underworld. Strife, Fitness, as she is the girl who swole. After three rolls and related questions had the following: Hive Space Port Spaceport has faulty gravity generators Space port is home to a race of alien warriors - they are the dominate culture in the port and make up a large portion of the security detail. Zero-G Dancers/Theater Trade is primarily handled through barter Squatter communities have cropped up in areas normally not accessible due to the gravity issues. Muscle head culture is prevalent Gang of dirty merchants run an illegal protection racket in the main bazaar. Otis, also sets up our conflict, based on his roll, as the merchant gangs. Taking a short break, we whipped up some alien gangsters and went to town in a classic bar room battle royal complete with tentacles and blasters. Overall, the session ran about 3 hours and everyone seemed to enjoy the mechanics of neighborhood creation. To touch on the bonus Willpower before we go, this allowed Heliquin, a low powered street vigilante to hang tough, acting as the team's face despite her frightening nature, and when the shooting started. Want to learn more about Metahumans Rising? Check us out at: http://housedok.com/ Order a copy of the core book: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising… Or, pick up the PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/produ…/277614/Metahumans-Rising #Metahumans #MetahumansRising #Superheroes #RPG #Halloween
  2. Metahuman News Work on World Builders 1 continues, but we're taking a break this week for a free story seed. This adventure was designed with younger players in mind, as such we take our inspiration from trick or treating. We hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday, be it Halloween, Día de Muertos (the Day of the Dead), Samhain, Girl Scout's Founders Day, or National Doorbell Day. The Unending Halloween In this light heated one page adventure, the heroes must defend the city from Jack O’Lantern, the spirit of Halloween. Jack has demanded all the trick or treater's candy, or be cast into an unending Halloween night! Time is fleeting. The heroes will need to act quickly if they hope to save Halloween before Jack's madness takes control. Designed for all ages, Gms can scale the challenges to any Power Level. The story seed can be located here: http://housedok.com/jack-olantern-rising-a-spoopy-halloween-story-seed/ Author's Note: We want to take a moment to acknowledge the religious and spiritual significance of Día de Muertos and Samhain. While Halloween can be a fun holiday, it has deep roots in Gaelic traditions and has seen a revival in modern times. Día de Muertos is a Mesoamerican tradition honoring family and loved ones that predates the conquest of the Americas. Want to learn more about Metahumans Rising? Check us out at: http://housedok.com/ Order a copy of the core book: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r Or, pick up the PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277614/Metahumans-Rising
  3. Metahumans News But first this: Jacob Wood, the creator who helped lay out Metahumans Rising has launched their newest Kickstarter. Survival of the Able explores the idea of a zombie uprising, thanks to the black plague, with characters that are challenged in ways we don't often see in fiction. It's a great concept and uses Fudge for a resolution engine. Take a look (and help support a great Kickstarter): https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/accessiblegames/survival-of-the-able Now back to your regularly scheduled Metahumans Neews.. . This week we'll dig into the first of the four factions inside World Builders 1: The Deadheads. Originally published as an example of how to add color to typical street gangs we saw the Deadheads as an opportunity to explore seedier elements of the Metahumans Rising world. In the intersection between hard drugs and goth subculture sits the Deadheads. On the outside they are a low level street gang, catering to a clients who may otherwise ind it hard to obtain their addition of choice. Police see them as little more than organized pushers, and hardly on the level of an international cartel. This is of course intentional. The Deadheads indoctrinate members with the promise of hidden truths, and for those strong enough, eternal life. Members learn centuries old rituals and rites, at first these are cloaked in goth trappings, allegories and games. Those who can see between the narratives, are brought deeper into the fold. Shown the truth behind the tails and shown how to harness the power trapped in their own blood. For some this revaluation is too much. Their spirits unable to comply with their bodies desires, they are split, becoming undead husks. Those that survive learn to command these husks, even call back their souls binding them to mystics and necromancers. Why this cult of immortals has chosen now to reach out from their ancient homes, or why they need to expand their numbers remains a mystery. Nevertheless, one should take care when exploring the underside of the city. There are things that lurk below the streets, aware of horrors beyond the imagination of most, who are willing to take you with them. The only price, one soul. Included Background characters: Fresh Meat Bloodletters Initiate Mystic Husk Ghuls Necromancer Want to learn more about Metahumans Rising? Check us out at: http://housedok.com/ Order a copy of the core book: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r Or, pick up the PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277614/Metahumans-Rising #Metahumans #MetahumansRising #Superheroes #RPG
  4. Metahumans News There's been a lot going on since the launch of Metahumans Rising. While there have been some setbacks, we've also been hard at work, brainstorming, testing, and playing with potential supplements and adventure ideas for Metahumans Rising. After looking at a number of story ideas, some of which may show up in later supplements, for our first offering following the core book we locked onto the idea of tools to expand the world around the characters. Today we begin the next phase of testing for: Giant Sized World Builders #1: Siege on Base [Alpha] & Neighborhood Watch Consisting of two one shot adventures World Builders 1 gives groups new tools on for building super bases, and exploring new parts of the campaign city. Each adventure begins with a shared framework that allows players and GMs to contribute to the base or neighborhood. After crafting these locations it's time for the action! With easy to use adventure guides to help GMs transition from design to destruction as the adventure unfolds. Of course, it helps to have some baddies to bust heads with. To add to the GMs toolbox we are also testing several new and expanded factions. The Deadheads have evolved from simple drug dealers to a society of immortals using the vulnerable to bolster their ranks and find those worthy of their gifts. The Foundry are a growing pseudo-religious organization with a dark secret. While they claim to ready the host for enlightenment and rebirth what they mean is the parasitic conversion of their body by alien hosts. From Mercs to Military, this is another expanded entry that provides examples of highly competent people without powers, and low powered Metahumans with military training. This entry also provides examples of common military vehicles. Finally the Rippers are smugglers and tech enthusiasts re-purposing alien technology to improve their chances of survival. Want to learn more about Metahumans Rising? Check us out at: http://housedok.com/ Order a copy of the core book: https://studio2publishing.com/products/metahumans-rising?_pos=2&_sid=145b3fa95&_ss=r Or, pick up the PDF: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/277614/Metahumans-Rising #Metahumans #MetahumansRising #Superheroes #RPG
  5. Metahuman News After reports of Backers receiving damaged books began coming in we reached out to the printer. We wanted to make things right, but had no idea what could be done, or why were getting multiple reports coming in. After a number of phone calls, and several email chains, it looks like we are going to be able to replace those books for our Backers. An update went out earlier today to inform our Backers and get everything moving to take care of everyone who was impacted. When we started the Metahumans Rising Kickstarter we wanted to give players the tools to create their own super hero tales and adventures. Part of that is making sure that the tools players have are in the best possible condition. #Metahumans #MetahumansRising #Superheroes #RPG
  6. Talent: Repair 21 Dice 4 Advantage Heal 1 Damage to a device. May be used on any Jacketed members of the Rippers.
  7. Metahumans News: In our last update we hinted around an expansion that expands on world building building tools. It’s still not official, but the concept is fairly simple, a collection of short collaborative adventures that allow all the players to participate in expanding the world. The shape of what these adventures may look like is still in flux so we don’t want to make anything official just yet. No matter what direction things go, it’s given us a reason to look at some of the background characters in the core book including mercenaries and the street gangs. The great thing about the mercs is that they can be dropped into a ton of adventures, basically whenever someone has the funds to buy high level muscle in bulk. As for the Deadheads, I wish we had more space in the core book to have explored the gangs. When looking at the gangs in the core book I can see the influences from the movies like Escape from New York, Surf Nazis Must Die, and the Warriors. Maybe I was just a sucker for very colorful gangs from the late 70s and 80s. While it helped us create some unique and colorful gangs, none of the gangs really felt like they rose to the level of baddies like Intergang, and the Hand. Consequently, we’ve begun looking at elevating one the gangs from the core book, adding deeper hidden powers behind one of the gangs. Overall we’re happy with the look and feel of the updated gang and should be ready to talk about them in a future update. Side Note: If you thought the Masters looked a lot like the Gramercy Riffs, there may be a reason for that. #Metahumans #MetahumansRising #Superheroes #RPG
  8. Metahumans News: The wait is over! This past week saw the arrival of physical copies of Metahumans Rising for backers. There are still copies in flight but reports are coming in from across the US that the Metahumans have landed. While some of you may already know, we have relocated to California, and over the last several months have been looking for a home. Well, we've found a new place, and that means we are able to get back down to the business of writing. This last week we began work on a possible expansion for Metahumans Rising. While we can't go into details just yet, one of the goals is to expand on the Campaign Scope and World Building section with tools the GM and players can use after the campaign has begin. More on this as it develops. #Metahumans #MetahumansRising #Superheroes #RPG
  9. After a short conversation Paul agrees with Olivia that when Nox sleeps at the base, the couple spend most of these nights together.
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