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Looking for character help on multiple consciousnesses and multiple bodies


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I'm basically looking to create a character like in Eclipse Phase. The character's consciousness can be split multiple ways and each split can be altered for skills mostly. Then at some point in time the consciousnesses can recombine merging the new memories of each. Any of the consciousnesses could conceivably exist in a computer system as an "AI", or in specially prepared bodies that have a "Cortical Stack" to house the consciousness. At first, I thought that each body/consciousness would be a "Duplicate", but now I am thinking that it would be more appropriate that each consciousness is just a duplicate and bodies would be genetically grown, not unlike android bodies just waiting for an AI to control them. I've thought about Automatons, but I'm not sure how that would work.


Currently I have:

Consciousness Splitting:  Duplication (creates 8 400-point Duplicates), Altered Duplicates (25%; +1/4) (119 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Hour, Character May Take No Other Actions, It takes a minimum of an hour to split off a consciousness; -3 1/4), Requires A Roll KS: Psychosurgery to Recombine (KS roll; KS: Psycho Surgery; -1/4)


But how do I define a consciousness with not body? Then How do I define the "Sleeves" or bodies? There isn't really a limit, I could grow any number of new sleeves. Sure it might take some time, but how do you define an open ended chassis closet?

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