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Ray 'Crash' Corrigan


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Character Sheet:  https://www.herogames.com/files/file/643-crash-corrigan/




Ray 'Crash' Corrigan is a recent graduate of Annapolis.  Professor Norton has been investigating a series of earthquakes.  Crash accompanies the professor and a small party of explorers on his rocket submarine to seek out the source of the quakes, and they wind up in Atlantis.


The warlike Atlanteans, led by the mad tyrant Unga Khan, seek to sink the surface world so that Atlantis can rise back to the surface.  They are opposed by the more peaceful Atlanteans led by the high priest Sharad.  Our band of intrepid explorers land in the middle of this conflict, adventure and cliffhangers ensue.


Abilities: Crash Corrigan is a champion athlete and naval officer.  Aside from the uniform, being in the Navy doesn't seem to confer any perks or complications.  The Crash Lock is to represent what I consider to be his signature move, crash holding two targets in a chokehold, one under each arm, while they flail and attack him ineffectually until they go to sleep.


Notes on Atlantis: The Atlantis of the Champions Universe is a rough analogue to the underwater kingdoms of Marvel or DC.  The undersea kingdom of this serial is closer to the Lemuria of the Champions Universe, with a lost civilization living far below, breathing air not water, etc...


Campaign use


Hero version: As a hero from the serials, Crash is a bit two dimensional.  He might need a bit fleshing out to make an interesting player character.  As an npc I guess he could be a useful connection in the Navy.


The Real Crash Corrigan: In the 1930's Raymond Benitz (or possibly Raymond Bernard) was working in Hollywood as a fitness instructor.  He landed a role as a stuntman, playing a gorilla in Tarzan the Ape Man.  In 1936 he was cast as Ray 'Crash' Corrigan in Undersea Kingdom.  He adopted the character's name as own and went by Corrigan for the rest of his career.  In 1937 he bought 1500 acres in Simi Valley and built the Corriganville movie ranch, which became a popular filming location and tourist destination.


This Crash Corrigan would be well connected in the film industry, and have skills like Acting, as well as Professional Skills like Business, Real Estate, etc...  And maybe tone down his physicality a bit.


Darkside Version: 'Ripper' Rourke washed out of Navy and wandered the seven seas, until he and his crew made contact with the Lemurians!  Now he works as their advance scout, preparing the way for their conquest of the surface world.  I kinda dig this idea, as you can have Rourke making trouble for our heroes over one or more adventures (sabotaging various naval bases, stealing experimental submarines, etc..), these encounters leading up to the meeting with the Lemurians and thwarting their plans of conquest!


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