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  1. I own that one, from my first gaming group in high school. I'll dig it out and look through it. Didn't some of it get updated in the Book of the Destroyer (which I also have, and have actually read)?
  2. I own that one and, while I have never run it, it seemed a little basic for a scenario IIRC. I shall reread to see if my memory is faulty. Not only does edition not matter, but I would venture to say that game system doesn't really matter either. I've been considering some V&V scenarios I own from the 80s (like, say, FORCE), and considering whether any of them are short enough to be worth converting for this one-shot. Hmmm... I've forgotten specifics about that. I remember the Anopheles making an appearance in Horror Hero and not being too impressed with them; I'll have to check out the scenario in C3D to see if it matches your high praise! So, I have homework.
  3. I have a friend who asks me every year to run a one-shot game for his birthday. Usually, I've run Delta Green (as he's a huge Lovecraft fan), but this year he has requested something different -- he asked for Champions. A funny element is that, although I've used Hero System as my go-to default RPG system for close to three decades, he didn't know that when he asked for Champions. I'm currently running a Traveller Hero 6E campaign, and for ten years I ran a Fantasy Hero campaign, but I haven't run Champions in probably 15 or so years. As a result, though I have a full roster of characters (both pre-generated PCs and NPCs), I am unfamiliar with any recent Champions scenarios that might have gotten good press. Normally, I'd just come up with my own thing, but I have only two-three weeks to prepare and would prefer not to rush. So, please provide me with suggestions on what scenarios you would recommend for a one-shot game. I remember having a lot of fun with some old modules (like The Coriolis Effect) but that was under a different version of the game, and a lot of material has been published for Champions in the interim. Scenarios from other superhero RPGs are also good fodder, since I have no problem "thinking in Hero" when reading material from other games.
  4. I could have sworn the Hero Plus products had stock numbers...
  5. Does anyone have a list of the Hero Plus publications that were released during the 4th edition era? Archive.org has failed me for the most part, giving me only a partial list due to the javascript used on the website during that time. HP001 Acrobat Reader® (free; cost is for disks) $5.00 HP002 The Ultimate Super Mage (3-disks) $20.00 HP002p The Ultimate Super Mage (3-hole paper, unbound) $40.00 HP003 An Eye For An Eye (1-disk) (Dark Champions) $10.00 HP003 An Eye For An Eye (3-hole paper, unbound) $20.00 HP004 The Ultimate Mentalist (2-disks) $15.00 HP004p The Ultimate Mentalist (3-hole paper, unbound) $30.00 HP005 The Ultimate Martial Artist (2-disks) $15.00 HP005p The Ultimate Martial Artist (3-hole paper, unbound) $35.00 HP006 Classic Enemies (1-disk) (Champions) $10.00 HP006p Classic Enemies (3-hole paper, unbound) $20.00 HP007 Widows & Orphans (1-disk) (Dark Champions Sourcebook) $10.00 HP007p Widows & Orphans (3-hole paper, unbound) $20.00 HP008 Bright Future (2-disks) (Science Fiction Campaign Book) $15.00 HP008p Bright Future (3-hole paper, unbound) $30.00 HP012 PRIMUS HP014 New Bedlam Asylum
  6. To contribute, I worked up the maneuvers of the card game Lunch Money as if it was a martial art. A prefab can be found here, and it's also on the Surbrook's Stuff page here. There was a thread here that I started about it, but it's gone into the ether... In the brawls that spring up in the yard over the lunch money each kid brings to school, it is the girl who fights with the most savagery, the most viciousness, who wins. The little girls, who have practiced their craft, develop the maneuvers and techniques that make up the essence of this art. They tend to be the ones walking away with a jingling purse while their opponents lie bleeding and unconscious on the asphalt behind them.
  7. I got some use back in the day with The Big Little Book of Punch-Out Golems. It had perforated sections on every page, with unknown runes on both sides. If you put them together correctly ("Insert Tab Aleph into Slot Sothoth") the paper golem animated and would follow your commands. Unfortunately, it was made of the aforementioned paper, so it could be destroyed if it got wet, and it wasn't very strong. It could inflict savage, poisoned paper cuts, though! There was an article in Dragon magazine issue #082, "Spells between the Covers" by Bruce Heard, which contains a bunch of magical tomes, such as Alterations of the Intrinsic Absolutes by Math the Magician and Ordinary Necromancy by Vecna.
  8. I ran a long-running Hârn campaign starting around the late 90s. I believe I ended up going 125 points, with up to 50 from disads. The thing I did that had the most impact, was to use the Hit Location chart and DOUBLE the number in the BODYx column. All of a sudden, a regular fight (in Fantasy Hero terms) could end up being deadly, and a single big wound could take a long, long time to heal (since there was no magical healing). That was a great campaign, helped in no small part by the gorgeous supplements for the campaign. The maps, the art, everything was so evocative...
  9. I like that. I was already thinking of the following in the City: Chryslus Building (Chryslus is the big car manufacturer, making gas guzzlers like their popular Corvega, and apparently also nuclear-powered cars) Empire State Building (possibly with airship dock at the top) Public Library (because why not) Outside of the City, I'm thinking of the following: Wardenclyffe (Nikola Tesla's testbed tower for broadcast power experiments) Thomas Alva Edison Memorial Tower and Museum (because it amuses me to contrast the two; also Edison would be far more idolized in the Fallout universe) Pine Barrens (largest old-growth forest in the Northeast) The "Pink Palace" (IBM facility in Sterling Forest, NY -- which happens to be the forest where they hold the New York Renaissance Faire; it's also a backup and recovery facility that would have been stereotypical for the companies of the Fallout Universe, where I may adapt it for RobCo the Robot company)
  10. I'm in the early planning stages of a Fallout Hero (post-apocalyptic) campaign I plan to run after my current Traveller Hero campaign is over. I've got a handle on the details, and have a knowledge of the setting from playing Fallout 1, 2, and 3 extensively; I will run through New Vegas sometime in the next year, so that will also be under my belt. The wiki is a great resource for Fallout gaming, so I'm not too worried about those details. I've got most of the equipment worked out. What I'm trying to get some input on is specific areas or locations for the game. I live in New Jwrsey (as do my players) so I'm thinking of running a Tri-State area Fallout game. That would cover New York City and the lower part of New York State, all of New Jersey and Connecticut, and parts of Pennsylvania and the Northeast. I'm thinking of making the area at least as big as that of Fallout 3, which covered DC, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. New York is going to be my DC equivalent -- mostly bombed to oblivion. I can easily come up with spot locations: a power substation, a strip mall, etc. What would you guys be looking to visit were you playing this game? Any specific cities or towns in the area? Are there any historically-minded people reading this who have a favorite location that would take special prominence in the alternate-retrofuture of the Fallout universe? Thanks in advance!
  11. HPL had Randolph Carter riding a zebra in Dream-Quest. And Jack Vance mentioned oasts in "Guyal of Sfere," the last story in the book The Dying Earth:
  12. Nah, took me five minutes to set up on DOSBox. Admittedly, YMMV.
  13. Hero System 6E had few actual rules changes from 5E, but FIgured Characteristics was one of them -- all Characteristics now have a base value and cost (costs were also revamped), and nothing is dependent on something else.
  14. On the Hero Combat Sheet, some of the letters are being cut off on the left side of the page.
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