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  1. Agreed. That's my takeaway from reading old Alarums & Excursions. You'll read about the same arguments you see on active gaming forums, along with personal snippets of campaigns, and so forth. One author gave a multi-page writeup of his starter adventure for Traveller. It read familiarly to me, and in checking the planet names I realized he'd later submitted it to Traveller JTAS periodical as a 2-page scenario; it was one of my favorites I'd remembered from reading it years ago. Reading his campaign writeup in A&E shed light on a whole different way it could play out and was pretty rewarding.
  2. That's the problem for a lot of old fanzines. The rights are the murkiest, and many of the contributors will be difficult if not impossible to reach. I have a feeling the old fanzines will slip into obscurity and inaccessibility far faster than other media. And another piece of the gaming history will be gone forever. EDIT: And it should go without saying, I'd be interested in the progress of this and would like to subscribe to your newsletter!
  3. I love these things! I originally picked up a few A&Es a few years ago to see what they were like, and became enthused when I saw the same arguments played out in them that people still argue about on gaming forums today. I've since started picking up some, but it's admittedly hit or miss as the few indexes for APAzines you can find online are all incomplete. That's sad to hear!
  4. Hmmm... So Mircea is a Ventrue, Vladislas a Tzimisce, and Radu a Toreador?
  5. I don't know if I should include Red October. It expands the whole thing greatly beyond its original scope. Also, she has the archives at least split into categories which makes them easier to search. Part of the reason for this list was, a lot of these publications are hard to find and will only become more rare -- for instance, is it worth buying an expensive item on eBay if you only know it has a Champions article? Hopefully you can at least check my list and see if it's of interest! For me personally, I'm always interested in archives of old Champions and Hero System material. No need to ask!
  6. Apparently, @mattingly is the man to ask! I found this post, where he mentions it. There's a list of Hero APAzines in that thread: Haymaker!, Aaron Allston’s Rogue’s Gallery, HeroZine, The Clobberin' Times, Black Hats & White Capes, and Clockwork Hero. I'm sad I wasn't enough of a writer to at least contribute to one or two of these. I had no idea there were this many! This is relevant because I'm working up a list of articles. I can't include any APAzines beyond a few issues of Alarums & Excursions, because I don't have any! A&E you can at least buy direct from Lee Gold.
  7. A while back, I worked up an article index for the Chaosium Pendragon game. This isn't to index all relevant material that has ever shown up online; that would be a monumental and fruitless task. It was mainly to index articles in old print and PDF periodicals, which aren't always well-documented in RPGGeek. After I completed it, it occurred to me that Champions/Hero System also has not-that-many articles that have ever shown up in magazines -- there were a huge number of online resources from the very beginning (starting with and including the Red October BBS), and so I guess a lot of people were looking there for their resources. Still, there are more than Pendragon, and I used to have subsciptions to Adventurer's Club, EZ Hero, and Digital Hero, so I've got those to go off of. I've started the list here. I've got quite a ways to go, and I have no idea where to find some of the resources. Haymaker! has compilations available on DTRPG, but I love old APAzines (they're basically the Web forums before the Web existed) and even if I did, indexing them would take ages. Suggestions welcome.
  8. I know, right? If I hadn't read the "About" page on the Wayback Machine, I'd have thought it was an incorrect listing on RPGGeek! These dudes were prolific!
  9. Despite being a long-term Hero turbonerd, I found out today about The Clobberin' Times, a Champions zine put out by a group of players from Sacramento, California from September, 1988, to January, 2000, finishing its run after 67 issues. There was a revival of sorts in the form of The Clobberin' Times Online, an online-only form of zine which lasted from April, 2005, to February, 2010, for a total of 30 "issues." The Online form can still be found (in a form) on the Wayback Machine here: https://web.archive.org/web/20150405000329/http://forteuniverse.com/cto/30main.htm I'd never heard of any of it. And I'm a guy who religiously read every issue of EZ Hero and Digital Hero, and the old Adventurers Club (when it was around), and even has a copy or two of Haymaker around (I was never a prolific-enough writer to contribute before deadlines, so my participation in an APAzine is always intermittent). But I've at least heard of Haymaker -- until today I'd never even heard of The Clobberin' Times. Does anybody know a contact who sells copies of the old physical zine? As both a Hero fan, and a fan of the old zines, this ticks all of my boxes and I'd love to check it out!
  10. So, with tiny baby, suddenly we're watching a lot of children's programming in our household. One that's been a big hit is Numberblocks. For some reason, my GM Brain has started working up the Numberblocks in Hero System format. Has anyone done this or something similar with Toons?
  11. Correction: Comet (Brisco County Jr.'s horse) has a Complication of "Loyal to The Lone Ranger and Tonto." Or, you could, in a campaign with characters from both franchises, leave that in, for added humor when Brisco figures out his horse is pining for a "real hero"...
  12. Is it just my imagination, or is Wild Bill Hickok missing from this file, but in the PDF? No, nevermind, he's in there under James Butler Hickok. That threw me! But Bill Longley has a file in there, but isn't in the PDF!
  13. Has anyone done writeups for modern pharmaceuticals, like aspirin and similar? Like, I could see "energy shot drink" be a 1d6 Aid END, Drain (5 points/6 Hours). I wonder what clever ideas people might have for others.
  14. You know, I restarted everything and created the erroring files from scratch, and the error hasn't reoccurred. I'm not sure what was happening, but it's not happening now!
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