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Street Level Champions game recruiting


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The World: Much like our world, December 28th 2004. The streets of New York City, arguably the greatest city on the face of the Earth, possibly the most dangerous as well. Corruption, drugs, crime and vice rule the streets. Violence is the law of the land and the ruthless hold sway, but no more. You will make a difference. You have the power. Either threw dedication, training and an unknown “Gift†you have been handed the power to take back the streets, to protect (or avenge) the innocent and punish the guilty. The authorities might call you Vigilante, perhaps even serial killer, but you know what you are. You are the savior of a new century, a light in the darkness. This will be the dawn of a new era: A Season of Change.


Dawn of Heroes will be a Fifth Edition Dark Champions game set in the streets and alleys of New York City. The PCs will be high powered vigilantes and heroes waging their own private war against crime on the city streets. Player character may have some degree of her superhuman power to pursue their agenda but most have rely on extreme training and skill to combat the vermin infesting the city.


Background: The world of Dawn of Heroes is our own, but threw a glass darkly. The streets are meaner, the gangs are more violent, the situations a bit more desperate. Crime is rampant in most major cities. People either leave or live in fear of urban predators without conscious or restraint. Organized crime groups run the shadows like small empires of villainy, carving out kingdoms and fighting wars over the bodies of the innocent. Drugs and gangs are way of life for many city dwellers, simply an inescapable fact of living in the city.


The PCs are a new breed of heroes, fighting against the dark tide of terror and crime. They are new but not the first. There have been other heroes in the past most notably the mystery men of the 20s and the Masked Men of World War 2. But other figures, fictional in our world existed in this one. Sherlock Holmes, Alan Quartermain, Robin Hood, figures of fiction and legend actually did walk this Earth. They can serve as inspiration or perhaps a connection for your character’s background. The Mystery Men were never very numerous and were largely driven underground during the McCarthy era, forced by government persecution to retire or vanish. The Age of Heroes passed. Now it has come again.


Origin of powers: This new generation of heroes, like the old, has access to abilities that are beyond those of normal men and women. Either through extensive training, raw genetic potential or highly advanced science they have access to superhuman powers and devices. Possibly origins are genetic engineering or cybernetic technology. Highly advanced skills may border of mystical abilities or perhaps the hero was just “born’ with an unnatural power he chooses to in the fight for justice. Powers should generally be low key such enhanced characteristics or senses, technological such as implanted weapons or similar effects. Flashy abilities like shooting lasers from your eyes or unaided flight are not appropriate for the mood of the game or the setting. Think along the lines of Daredevil, early Spiderman and such “street level†character when developing your character concept.


Submission guidelines: To start, I need a background, the origin and motivation of your character, their appearance and abilities. You don’t have to worry about the numbers for now just give me the story. More advanced character generation details will be sorted out once I have the backgrounds submitted.


Character questionnaire: Interested players please complete along with full background, description and power description


1. How does your character feel about his/her powers?

2. What are his political leanings?

3 What does he feel is the "ultimate" evil or wrong?

4. What does he value the most?

5. What is his greatest fear?

6 If he has a costume and a code name? What does he choose to use them?

7 If he has a Secret ID what steps does he take to maintain it?

8 How do your powers affect your everyday life?

9 What are your character's long term goals?

10 Does you character kill and why would he?


Character Creation guidelines:

Base Points:250

Disadvantage Points:100

Normal Characteristic Maxims: Yes, but for Full points (I will look closely for Defender Exception though)

Active points:40

Damage Clases: 10 DC with maneuvers

Combat Value:13 with levels



Normal Technology: Paid for with points.

Max Resistant Def is 10/8 Hardened


Dawn of Heroes will contain adult subject matter, themes, language, violence and possibly sexuality. All players and lurker should be over the age of 18 and able to view such material in their native state or country. Interested parties should go to:




or send an email to



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