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Tony Jaa and characters from Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong


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Re: Tony Jaa and characters from Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong


Tony Jaa, feedback appreciated.




Val Char Cost Roll Notes

15 STR 5 12- Lift 200.0kg; 3d6 [1]

23 DEX 39 14- OCV: 8/DCV: 8

18 CON 16 13-

14 BODY 8 12-

13 INT 3 12- PER Roll 12-

13 EGO 6 12- ECV: 4

18 PRE 8 13- PRE Attack: 3 ½d6

16 COM 3 12-


6+6 PD 3 Total: 6/12 PD (0/6 rPD)

6+6 ED 2 Total: 6/12 ED (0/6 rED)

5 SPD 17 Phases: 3, 5, 8, 10, 12

7 REC 0

36 END 0

31 STUN 0 Total Characteristic Cost: 110


Movement: Running: 7"/14"

Leaping: 5"/10"

Swimming: 2"/4"


Cost Powers END

Cinematic Hero Powers

15 1) Keep the plot moving: Luck 3d6

Notes: Whenever something would completely stop the plot in it's tracks, fate intervenes, protecting the Hero and guiding him to his MacGuffin.

50 2) Cinematic Invulnerability: (Total: 78 Active Cost, 50 Real Cost) Armor (6 PD/6 ED) (18 Active Points); One Body Always Gets Through, Does Not Prevent Penetration Power loses about a third of its effectiveness (-½), Nonpersistent (-¼) (Real Cost: 10) plus Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50% (30 Active Points); Nonpersistent (-¼), Must be aware of attack Power loses about a fourth of its effectiveness (-¼) (Real Cost: 20) plus Energy Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50% (30 Active Points); Nonpersistent (-¼), Must Be Aware of Attack Power loses about a fourth of its effectiveness (-¼) (Real Cost: 20)

Notes: Jaa can be kicked repeatedly in the head without quite going unconscious, or stabbed in the gut without losing his ability to keep fighting. He does get bloody, and he can be stunned, but ultimately he is the Hero, and he won't go down easy.

2 3) Cinematic Mobility: Leaping +2" (5" forward, 2 ½" upward) 1

Notes: Like Jackie Chan, Jaa is able to casually make amazing leaps.

2 4) Cinematic turn of speed: Running +1" (7" total) 1

Notes: The gangs of thugs chasing Jaa rarely seem to have any chance of catching up.

5 5) Cinematic Regeneration: Healing 1 BODY, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½), Persistent (+½) (20 Active Points); Extra Time (Regeneration-Only) 1 Hour (-2 ¼), Self Only (-½)

Notes: No matter how badly Jaa gets beaten up, he's always pretty much OK by the next morning.

5 6) A Country Boy Knows No Fear: +10 PRE (10 Active Points); Only to resist PRE attacks Power loses about half of its effectiveness (-1)

Notes: Jaa never seems intimidated, not even when facing absurd odds or very powerful foes.

15 There's always something to strap to your arms: Multipower, 22-point reserve, (22 Active Points); all slots OIF (Improvised weapon of opportunity; -½)

Notes: Jaa can always find something to use as a weapon when he really needs one. Usually, he'll then strap it to his arms.

1u 1) Blunt stuff: Hand-To-Hand Attack +3d6, Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½) (22 Active Points); Hand-To-Hand Attack (-½), OIF (Improvised weapon of opportunity; -½)

1u 2) Pointy Stuff: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 1d6 (2d6 w/STR), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +½) (22 Active Points); OIF (Improvised weapon of opportunity; -½)

Martial Arts - Muay Thai

Maneuver OCV DCV Notes

4 Block +2 +2 Block, Abort

5 Grappling Block +1 +1 Grab One Limb, Block

4 Joint Lock/Throw +1 +0 Grab One Limb; 1 ½d6 NND ; Target Falls

5 Joint Break -1 -2 Grab One Limb; HKA 1 ½d6 , Disable

4 Martial Disarm -1 +1 Disarm; 30 STR to Disarm

4 Elbow/Knee Killing Strike -2 +0 HKA 1 ½d6

4 Foot Push +0 +0 35 STR to Shove

4 Low Kick +0 +2 6d6 Strike

4 Punch/Elbow Strike +2 +0 6d6 Strike

5 Kick/Knee Strike -2 +1 8d6 Strike

3 Flying Kick +0 -1 4d6 +v/5 Strike; You Fall, Target Falls; FMove

1 Weapon Element: Blades

1 Weapon Element: Clubs

1 Weapon Element: Polearms

1 Weapon Element: Staffs

4 +1 HTH Damage Class(es)

Notes: Jaa rarely KOs tougher foes with a single shot; on the other hand, he seems to be able to KO goons in one blow, and to casually break arms and legs when he needs to.



10 Unreliable Friend: Follower

Notes: Petchtai Wongkamlao, aka "George" and "Mark", is Jaa's unreliable friend, the citified Thai who helps him out of trouble. He is bilingual, speaking English and Thai, and more knowledgeable than Jaa when it comes to urban life. He has appeared so far as a street thug and as a cop, and had at least the basic skills for both jobs. He has some basic skill in combat, and his own DNPC girlfriend (Muay).



3 Acrobatics 14-

Notes: Acrobatic leaps and dodges are a constant in Jaa's combat, as well as his simple movement around the city.

3 Analyze: Combat 12-

Notes: Several times near the climax of his films, a successful Analyze Combat roll will give Jaa the boost he needs to win.

2 Animal Handler (Elephants) 13-

3 Breakfall 14-

3 Climbing 14-

Notes: Jaa can climb anything, almost without effort. He will often use Acrobatics as a complementary skill when climbing.

3 Stealth 14-

Notes: We see Jaa doing a bit of sneaking around

3 Streetwise 13-

Notes: This is really a Luck Based skill. Despite being a country bumpkin, Jaa is able to almost immediately find the underworld and figure out who's who when trying to chase down his MacGuffin.

3 Deduction 12-

Notes: Probably Luck Based as well, Jaa has no problem wandering into a strange city and figuring out roughly where his MacGuffin is, or wandering into a strange building and figuring out just where the Big Boss is hiding.

3 Tracking 12-

Notes: The last of Jaa's Luck Based detective skills, Jaa will eventually find his MacGuffin, no matter where it might hide.

3 Seduction 13-

Notes: Jaa's survival often hinges on female characters taking a liking to him for no logical reason, often going to considerable personal risk to help him. Jaa never uses this skill to initiate romance.

2 TF: Elephants, Small Motorized Boats, Small Motorized Ground Vehicles

Notes: We only see Jaa riding an Elephant. If you think he could ride more animals, add them.

3 Combat Driving 14-

Muy Thai

10 1) Defense Maneuver I-IV

Notes: Huge gangs of thugs have no more luck against Jaa than single foes. Maybe less.

12 2) +4 with Martial Maneuvers

Notes: Jaa manages placed shots pretty effectively, and often targets the head. Even skilled foes often fail to block his attacks. He also makes very effective use of the sweep maneuver.

10 3) Heroic Competence: +1 Overall

Notes: Jaa is able to pull off stunts using Breakfall, Acrobatics, Martial Arts, and all of his skills that require several re-shoots and the cooperation of the director. Why is he so good? Because he's the Hero.

2 4) WF: Common Melee Weapons

1 5) WF: Staffs

3 Scholar

1 1) KS: Buddhist Philosophy (2 Active Points) 11-

1 2) KS: Elephants (2 Active Points) 11-

1 3) KS: Muay Thai (2 Active Points) 11-

1 4) KS: Thai History and Culture (2 Active Points) 11-

2 PS: Elephant Wrangler 11-

Notes: Tony Jaa's family raised elephants; it seems likeley that he shares this skill with his characters.

0 Language: Thai (idiomatic; literate) (5 Active Points)

2 Language: English (basic conversation; literate)


Total Powers & Skill Cost: 240

Total Cost: 350


250+ Disadvantages

25 Hunted: Criminal Gangs 11- (Mo Pow, NCI, Harshly Punish)

20 Hunted: Corrupt Police 8- (Mo Pow, NCI, Harshly Punish)

5 Money: Poor

15 Psychological Limitation: Duty Bound (Common, Strong)

15 Psychological Limitation: Thai Patriot (Common, Strong)

15 Psychological Limitation: Must protect the weak (Common, Strong)

5 Physical Limitation: Country Bumpkin, doesn't understand the outside world (Infrequently, Slightly Impairing)


Total Disadvantage Points: 350


Background/History: In the real world, Pamom Yeerum, akd Tony Jaa, is a Thai actor and kick boxer with amazing acrobatic skills. With two hit action films out right now, Jaa is building a reputation as a younger, tougher, much less funny Jackie Chan. Like Chan in his early films, Jaa performs all stunts himself, without wires, computer animations, or much apparent regard for his own safety. His real world martial and acrobatic training started with his dedicated imitation of moves he saw in the films of Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li. His formal training started at the age of 15 in the Maha Sarakham College of Physical Education. He worked and trained extensively as a stuntman, and trained specifically in Muay Thai for six years before staring in the film Ong-bak. Muay Thai is a full contact martial art, and its current day use in sport combat (often underground and bloody) has kept it focused and practical. Jaa's own style incorporates more cinematic and acrobatic moves than combat Muay Thai.


In his films, Jaa plays innocents from rural Thailand. His characters come to the corrupt city only to retrieve stolen MacGuffins and avenge the violence done to his family. The MacGuffins have so far been items of Thai cultural significance. After retrieving these items and enacting his revenge, a Jaa character will always head home.


The world in Jaa's films is divided between the Home Village, source of martial skill, wisdom, and all that is good, and the Corrupt City, source of all Evil. Village life is guided by tradition and faith, city life is driven by greed. The world outside Jaa's village is hostile, filled with corrupt cops, fallen men, and monstrous foreigners. Luckily, most of these can be dealt with through kicking.


Personality/Motivation: Jaa's characters are innocents in the corrupt world outside of home. Unlike similar characters in Chinese and American films, Jaa's characters find nothing to love or admire about the outside world. After completing his mission, Jaa's character will retreat to the simple purity of village life as soon as possible.


Jaa's character's are not bloodthirsty or cruel as such. and will actively try to avoid combat early in a mission, especially with authority figures. He never uses the threat of violence for personal gain. However, when the combat starts, Jaa's characters are capable of great brutality, and have no compunctions about striking any enemy with intent to disable or kill, including women and cripples.


Jaa's characters are obsessed with their mission, and apparently celibate. The only hints of romance in Jaa's films involve his friends. Only Evil people have obviously sexual relationships in Jaa's films, or good women fallen into Evil.


Quote: "You killed my __________!" "Where is my __________?!"


Powers/Tactics: Jaa is an extremely skilled martial artist and acrobat, and should be played as such. Use the Ultimate skill to check on the many ways in which Acrobatics can be used to assist in combat and movement, and expect Jaa to use all of them. He can fight well no matter what the surface; this is simulated via his Breakfall skill (see 5thER and Ultimate Skill) and skill levels. He also has a remarkable talent for stumbling onto the path of whatever he's looking for, no matter how many unlikely coincidences are needed to take him there. Even random cab drivers wordlessly shown a picture of whatever random location Jaa is headed for seem to be able to take him there. I've represented this as Luck and a number of Luck Based detective skills.


Jaa is easy enough to stun for a sufficiently powerful enemy, but almost impossible to seriously hurt without weapons. Even when he is stabbed, cut, or otherwise injured, Jaa shows little sign of his injuries by the next scene. I've represented this with high PD and ED, a high BODY score, Cinematic Invulnerability, and Cinematic Regeneration.


Jaa will start out attempting to simply drive off his foes, and will move to disabling joint breakers and similar moves if he fails to take them down more humanely. He will target the head when facing particularly tough enemies. It is highly recommended that the Multiple Power Attack rules be used with Jaa's martial arts, as many of his moves are best represented by combinations of various maneuvers; those rules are listed under MPA's in 5thER, p.358.


Jaa's characters will often have flashbacks that reveal the weaknesses of his foes and the tactics he needs to defeat them. This is represented by the Analyze Combat skill.


Campaign Use: High powered hero in a Dark Champions or Pulp campaign, starting point for a Super Kick boxer in a Champions campaign, NPC Hero to briefly touch the stories of the PCs.


Appearance: Jaa is a good looking Thai man in his very early 30s. He is of medium height. Dressed he appears slender, shirtless he is obviously in superb condition.


Tony Jaa by Tony Jaa. Character Sheet by Robert Dorf, 2006.




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Re: Tony Jaa and characters from Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong


Nathan Jones


TK, the Human Elephant (Nathan B. Jones)

Val Char Points Total Roll Notes

25 STR 15 25 14- HTH Damage 5d6 END [2]

14 DEX 12 14 12- OCV 5 DCV 5

23 CON 26 23 14-

15 BODY 10 15 12-

10 INT 0 10 11- PER Roll 11-

10 EGO 0 10 11- ECV: 3

20 PRE 10 20 13- PRE Attack: 4d6

10 COM 0 10 11-

8 PD 3 8/16 8/16 PD (0/8 rPD)

8 ED 3 8/16 8/16 ED (0/8 rED)

3 SPD 6 3 Phases: 4, 8, 12

10 REC 0 10

46 END 0 46

40 STUN 0 40

6" Running 0 6"

2" Swimming 0 2"

4" Leaping -1 4" Total Characteristics Cost: 84


Cost Powers END

48 Feels No Pain: (Total: 84 Active Cost, 48 Real Cost) Armor (8 PD/8 ED) (24 Active Points); One Body Always Gets Through, Does Not Prevent Penetration Power loses about a third of its effectiveness (-1/2), Nonpersistent (-1/4) (Real Cost: 14) plus Energy Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50% (30 Active Points); STUN Only (-1/2), Nonpersistent (-1/4) (Real Cost: 17) plus Physical Damage Reduction, Resistant, 50% (30 Active Points); STUN Only (-1/2), Nonpersistent (-1/4) (Real Cost: 17) 0

4 Huge Guy: Knockback Resistance -2" 0

2 Pose and Shout: +5 PRE (5 Active Points); Only for Offensive PRE Attacks Power loses about half of its effectiveness (-1)

Notes: TK's sheer size makes him very initmidating, and he dresses and moves to emphasize this.


Martial Arts - Pro Wrestling

4 1) Tough Man Block: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +2 DCV, Block, Abort

3 2) Body Slam: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +1 DCV, 5d6 Strike; You Fall, Target Falls

4 3) Fist/Forearm Smash: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +0 DCV, 7d6 Strike

3 4) Grab: 1/2 Phase, -1 OCV, -1 DCV, Grab Two Limbs, 35 STR for holding on

4 5) Escape: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +0 DCV, 40 STR vs. Grabs

4 6) Choke Hold: 1/2 Phase, -2 OCV, +0 DCV, Grab One Limb; 2d6 NND

4 7) Crush: 1/2 Phase, +0 OCV, +0 DCV, 9d6 Crush, Must Follow Grab

4 8) Head-Bash: 1/2 Phase, +2 OCV, +0 DCV, 7d6 Strike

5 9) Stomp: 1/2 Phase, -2 OCV, +1 DCV, 9d6 Strike

1 10) Weapon Element: Clubs (Fist/Forearm Smash only)



2 KS: Pro Wrestling 11-

2 KS: Steroids 11-

2 KS: Bodybuilding 11-

1 PS: Criminal 8-

1 Streetwise 8-

18 +6 with Martial Maneuvers

Notes: Despite Jaa's advantage in speed and agility, TK landed multiple blows, including grabs.


Total Powers & Skills Cost: 116


Total Cost: 200


150+ Disadvantages

5 Physical Limitation: Large Guy (Infrequently, Slightly Impairing)

Notes: At 6'11" and 366 pounds, TK / Nathan Jones finds much of the world slightly too small for him.

5 Rivalry: Professional (Gunslinger Complex; Rival is As Powerful; Seek to Outdo, Embarrass, or Humiliate Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)

Notes: Nathan Jones's characters seem to have the classic need to prove that he's tougher than rival fighters.

20 Psychological Limitation: Glory Hound: Overconfidence and Show Boating in combat. (Very Common, Strong)

Notes: Jone's characters spend far too much time posing when they should be punching.

20 Psychological Limitation: Loves Combat (Very Common, Strong)

Notes: Jones's characters keep fighting long after they should back down, and seek high risk jobs for the joy of violence.


Total Disadvantages Points: 50


Appearance: 6'11", 360 Pounds, bald as an egg white guy. Bodybuilder / wrestler type. Seems to be having a pretty good time until he's defeated.


Quote:"Yeah!" "[insert wrestling trash talk here]"

Background: TK is the huge muscle man that defeats Tony Jaa in their first match up in Tom Yum Goong. We learn nothing of his history, and all we see of his personality is that he's a strutting thug. However, we are treated to the idea of TK as a "Human Elephant", who can only be defeated by cutting his tendons (in game terms, disabling killing attacks).


In real life, Nathan B. Jones is an Australian actor, body builder, ex-strongman competitor, and ex-wrestler. His strongman career was cut short when he suffered a forearm fracture during a wrestling match. He has since made a second career for himself as a villain in Asian martial arts films. He has also appeared in a number of Western films, including Troy.


Personality: Jones's characters strut, pose, shout, and take obvious joy in abusing the much shorter and lighter Asian heroes they face. Their showboating inevitably gets them into trouble, as they gloat and delay their finishing moves just a bit too long, giving the Hero a chance to figure out how to defeat them. I am told that Jones's character in Huo Yuan Jia is a racist and coward, but I have not yet seen that film.


Powers/Tactics: Jones's characters will often open with a Tough Man Block, sucking up a number of blows from a faster target and performing a PRE attack. As he's almost impossible to hurt without a placed shot or weapons, this strategy is less risky than it seems. He willl then try to stun his foe and finish him with a grab & crush or choke hold.


Jones's characters are generally almost invulnerable until the Hero finds the key to defeating them, usually with a weapon or through special attacks.

Campaign Use: Major combat threat to the Hero, model for a Dark Champions brick.


Nathan Jones by Nathan Jones. CHaracter Sheet by Robert Dorf, 2006.

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Re: Tony Jaa and characters from Ong Bak and Tom Yum Goong


Madam Rose




Val Char Cost Roll Notes

13 STR 3 12- Lift 151.6kg; 2 ½d6 [1]

20 DEX 30 13- OCV: 7/DCV: 7

13 CON 6 12-

10 BODY 0 11-

18 INT 8 13- PER Roll 13-

13 EGO 6 12- ECV: 4

18 PRE 8 13- PRE Attack: 3 ½d6

14 COM 2 12-


4 PD 1 Total: 7 PD (3 rPD)

4 ED 1 Total: 7 ED (3 rED)

4 SPD 10 Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12

6 REC 0

26 END 0

24 STUN 0 Total Characteristic Cost: 77


Movement: Running: 7"/14"

Leaping: 2"/4"

Swimming: 2"/4"


Cost Powers END

7 Whip: Multipower, 15-point reserve, (15 Active Points); all slots OAF (-1)

Notes: Arguably Madam Rose doesn't need to buy her whip as a power. However, it came into play in a cinematic enough manner that making it a signature weapon seemed appropriate.

1u 1) Killing Attack - Ranged ½d6 (10 Active Points); OAF (-1), Limited Range 3" (-¼), Reduced Penetration (-¼), Real Weapon (-¼) 1

1u 2) Stretching 3" (15 Active Points); OAF (-1), Cannot Do Damage (-½), Always Direct (-¼), no Noncombat Stretching (-¼) 1

12 Magic Elephant Throne: Luck 6d6 (30 Active Points); IAF Immobile (-1 ½)

Notes: From the cinematic choices made by the director, it seems that Madam Rose could not be defeated so long as her Perfect Elephant remained intact. Once it was broken, her luck was gone.

Whip Fighting

Maneuver OCV DCV Notes

4 Choke -2 +0 Grab One Limb; 2d6 NND

4 Disarm -1 +1 Disarm; 23 STR to Disarm roll

5 Slash -2 +1 Weapon +4 DC Strike

5 Snap +1 +3 Weapon Strike

3 Trip +0 +1 Weapon +v/5, Target Falls

0 Weapon Element: Whips



5 Fringe Benefit: Organized crime group overall leader

40 Endless Thug Army: Follower

Notes: This estimate may be on the low side. Still, Madam Rose seemed to have a pretty much unlimited supply of thugs willing to throw themselves into a threshing machine for her, plus her major domo the Elephant Theorist.

50 Martial Arts Thugs: Follower

Notes: Madam Rose also had a limited number of highly skilled Martial Artist thugs at her disposal, though she only sent them in at the end of the movie.

5 Contact: The Mayor (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has useful Skills or resources, Good relationship with Contact) 8-

Notes: Madam Rose had corrupted the Mayor by the end of the film.

7 Influential police lieutenant: Contact (Contact has access to major institutions, Contact has significant Contacts of his own, Contact has useful Skills or resources, Very Good relationship with Contact) 11-

10 Money: Wealthy



6 Skilled Fighter and Big Boss: Combat Luck (3 PD/3 ED)

Notes: As a skilled fighter and the Big Boss, Madam Rose is a bit tougher than she seems.



10 She's the Big Boss: +1 Overall

Notes: As the Big Boss, Madam Rose proves surprisingly tough and skilled at odd moments.

12 Skilled Whip Fighter: +4 with Martial Maneuvers

Notes: Madam Rose wasn't much of a threat once Jaa was able to face her without interference, but was able to land some quite good shots when he was busy with other things.

3 Acrobatics 13-

Notes: Reflects some of the moves she used while whip fighting and running away.

3 Acting 13-

Notes: A vital skill for a seductress, and displayed when manipulating her family.

3 Bribery 13-

3 Bureaucratics 13-

3 Concealment 13-

3 Contortionist 13-

3 Fast Draw 13-

7 High Society 15-

Notes: Obviously well connected at all levels of society.

3 Linguist

1 1) Language: Cantonese (completely fluent) (3 Active Points)

3 2) Language: English (completely fluent; literate) (4 Active Points)

0 3) Language: Korean (idiomatic; literate) (5 Active Points)

Notes: Arguably, Madam Rose's native language could be Mandarin rather than Korean, but due to the nature of organized crime in Asia she almost certainly speaks both, as does Jin Xing.

4 4) Language: Mandarin (idiomatic; literate) (5 Active Points)

3 Oratory 13-

Notes: Press conferences

3 Persuasion 13-

Notes: Keeps her thugs loyal, tries to use on her family but fails

3 Seduction 13-

3 SS: Poisons 13-

3 Sleight Of Hand 13-

Notes: Slips poison into soup.

7 Streetwise 15-

Notes: Obviously well connected in the underworld.

1 WF: Whips

3 Jack of All Trades

2 1) PS: Cook (3 Active Points) 13-

4 2) PS: Criminal Business (5 Active Points) 15-

Notes: Madam heads a large criminal business.

4 3) PS: Dancing (5 Active Points) 15-

Notes: Jin Xing is a world class dancer, choreographer, and dance instructor. Given her obvious athletic grace, it seems likely that Madam Rose at least shares Jin Xing's ability to dance.

2 4) PS: Dominatrix (3 Active Points) 13-

3 Scholar

1 1) KS: Australian Politics (2 Active Points) 11-

1 2) KS: Australian Underworld (2 Active Points) 11-

2 3) KS: Chinese Underworld Politics and Traditions (3 Active Points) 13-

1 4) KS: Makeup and Fashion (2 Active Points) 11-

1 5) KS: Sexual Techniques and Positions (2 Active Points) 11-


Total Powers & Skill Cost: 273

Total Cost: 350


250+ Disadvantages

5 Social Limitation: Woman in a man's world (Occasionally, Minor)

15 Social Limitation: Secret: Major Criminal (Occasionally, Severe)

10 Hunted: Tony Jaa 8- (As Pow, Harshly Punish)

20 Psychological Limitation: Overwhelmingly Ambitious (Common, Total)

15 Psychological Limitation: Borderline Sociopath (Common, Strong)

15 Psychological Limitation: Superstitious (Common, Strong)

10 Rivalry: Professional (Other Crime Bosses and potential heirs to her father's throne; Rival is As Powerful; Seek to Harm or Kill Rival; Rival Aware of Rivalry)

10 Enraged: When frustrated (Common), go 8-, recover 14-


Total Disadvantage Points: 350


Background/History: Madam Rose is the female crime boss in Tom Yum Goong. Daughter of the old boss, she rises to the top of her father's criminal empire, killing her uncle and two of her cousins to do it. In the process she corrupts a police lieutenant and the mayor. Unfortunately, she reaches the top just in time to have her entire organization torn apart by Tony Jaa, who's looking for some elephants.


Jin Xing is a Chinese (ethnic Korean) dancer and actress, a former colonel in the Chinese military, the current owner of the Shanghai Ballet, and the first male to female transsexual formally recognized as "Female" by the Chinese government. This has given her a certain level of notoriety in Asia, enhancing her celebrity status. Her exceptional skill as a dancer won her considerable fame and wealth even before her gender re-assignment surgery. "Madam Rose", a woman trying to win power in a traditionally masculine profession, was a particularly appropriate role for her to take.


Personality/Motivation: Madam Rose is power hungry, manipulative, murderous, seductive, and superstitious. She showed no hesitation in killing family members (including one child) to gain her position. She shows little concern over the lives of her followers, and no hint of tender emotions beyond those she must feign to get what she wants. She also displays a desperate need for recognition, going so far as to call a press conference to announce her alliance with the mayor. She is the perfect Dragon Lady, in an Asian film aimed at an Asian audience.


The one humanizing aspect of Madam Rose is her obvious frustration over the unwillingness of her family to take her seriously. She responds to this sexist treatment by killing most of them off, which will certainly appeal to those of us who've had family problems in the past.


Quote: Hey! Watch out for my elephant!


Powers/Tactics: Madam Rose will remain far behind the scenes as long as possible, manipulating influential men and issuing orders to her thugs rather than risking personal involvement. If worse comes to worse, she will step forward and use her whip while her best thugs try to take out a threat. If that fails, she'll run away.


From the cinematic choices of the film makers, it is clear that Madam Rose's Elephant Throne does give her "the power of Kings". So long as it remains hers and intact, she remains lucky. If it is damaged, her luck fails.


Campaign Use: A pretty good crime boss in the Dragon Lady mode for a Dark Champions game. Upgrade her with some powers and a better class of thug, and she'll work well in a Champions game.


Appearance: Madam Rose is an attractive Chinese woman in her late thirties with an athletic dancer's build. She favors traditional Chinese clothing in most situations.


Madam Rose by Prachya Pinkaew, Jin Xing by Jin Xing, Character Sheet by Robert Dorf, 2006

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