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Questions about AoE attacks

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Fairly new group of players and GM. We are playing a Champions game and I'm making and aquatic themed hero. In the powers book there is a power called crashing wave that makes a 32m line perpendicular to my character. I was wondering if when using the power I could adjust that size depending on the situation so i don't hit an ally or something? If someone has an answer or can point me to one of the rule books explaining it I would appreciate it. thank you

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First, welcome to the HERO System! I hope you're enjoying your Champions campaign. :hex:


Second, just to be clear, only I can reply here. If you want to open up your question to anyone who posts here, you should post it on the Discussion board.


Now to provide an actual answer. ;)  The rules on 6E1 316 state that Advantages are mandatory. With a very few exceptions, a character has to use them, and must use them at full effect. One example even notes that a character can't buy Drain STR 5d6, Area Of Effect (10m Radius) and use it at only a 4m Radius.


However, on 6E1 126 there's an Adder, Alterable Size, that allows a Constant Area-affecting power to vary in size from Phase to Phase once it's established. If the GM wanted to, he could allow a character to buy this for a non-Constant AoE power, to vary its size from use to use (or he could make it an Advantage, if he preferred). And I'll certainly consider adding something like that as an option in the next Advanced Player's Guide. ;)

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