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  • An Introduction to the Gemini System


    Gemini is a passion project by a Hero fan combining the Hero Games system and OpenD6. We're looking to publish it in, but before it can go into print the creator needs your help. Check out the forum and Reddit posts below for more details!





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    On 9/11/2023 at 1:03 AM, Ndreare said:

    I got excited to look at this project. But the font choice creates an unpleasant experience on my tablets (both Samsung). And unreadable on phones.

    Are you set on the current layout & font choice?


    Nothing is set in stone at this point, including the fonts.  


    Fira Sans was chosen as the main body font because it is allegedly easily read on various devices - https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Fira+Sans/about


    Oribitron was chosen for the headings because it is stylized. 


    Which font(s) are giving you difficulties?


    Send screenshots of your devices to me, please, especially the phone. 


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    I am not sure a screen shot would help because it would blow up to your screens size. But on an average 10" tablet screen the text is super dense and for an old man like me causes eye strain. Perhaps loading on your screen and then figuring out what a 10" relative area is on your screen (Say about 1/4 of a 24" screen)?

    There are three different screen sizes here. 

    1) The cover of a Galaxy Z Fold 5
    2) The inside screen of a Galaxy Z Fold 5
    3) A Galaxy Tab S6.
    I also tried it on a MS Surface and a Galaxy Tab S7+ It reads okay in landscape mode on the larger screens which means if you are going to print on the old style 8.5*11 it may be okay. Perhaps line spacing would help?


    The background works okay in a lit area where brightness is up. But on a dimmer screen such as with eye protection on it distracts from the text.



    2023-09-11 19.36.07.jpg

    2023-09-11 19.50.23.jpg

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    Great info.


    I have reduced the font size and line spacing, so that's some low-hanging fruit I can pick off for you.  The logo on the pages has given me grief before too so I can look into that.


    I'll message you via the site with a tweaked Introduction once it's ready for you to have a look at.

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    17 hours ago, Ndreare said:

    It does not look like much. But that change made the document readable.


    PS: Now that I read it,  I need to go look at this Opend6 system.


    Gemini is a self-contained game, and you don't need to learn OpenD6 before reading Gemini.  All of the rules to play Gemini are in the core book, which is currently clocking in at a svelt 130 pages.  I have made significant rules revisions in some places, and Gemini should not be considered 100% compatible with the core OpenD6 books (Space, Adventure, Fantasy).  You can adapt those books and related supplements into Gemini if you want, as much of Gemini originated from those books. Think of Gemini as a branch on a tree where OpenD6 is the trunk.


    If you would like to learn about OpenD6, you can get the core OpenD6 books for free here - https://ogc.rpglibrary.org/index.php?title=OpenD6


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