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  1. If they can make some with a more optimistic it helps, like Wonder Woman I would be happy. All the brooding stuff just gets annoying after so many movies. We get it, you like the Frank Miller dark and brooding. But that is not the comics that lasted 100 years and still captures some of our hearts. Wonder Woman on the other hand had a hero being a hero because she wanted to make the world better. Yeh dark heroes are nice now and then, but after 6 movies we get the point.
  2. Why have I never thought of doing that? Your wife is a genius.
  3. I normally chalk these situations up to the following. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning%E2%80%93Kruger_effect
  4. I did, and I disagree with you. WHAT’S PERCEIVED As a general guideline, characters define what their Powers look and sound like. “Perceivable” can mean many things, from the perceptibility of the actual power itself (for example, a blue energy beam that projects from the character’s hands and hits the target) to just the source of the Power being perceivable (for example, few characters can perceive a bullet in flight, but they can all see the gun, hear the shot, smell the gunpowder, and see the bullet hole in the target). However, unless the GM rules otherwise, a character who can perceive a Power can determine the following about it: Blah, blah, blah.... The GM has the final say on how perceivable a Power is, and what characters can perceive about it, based on common sense, dramatic sense, game balance, and other factors.
  5. It does follow the rules, you are mistaking special effect for rules.
  6. Simply awesome. I love this and have been in this situation before.
  7. Oh, come on Scott. Don't you agree with the logic that people who are more like us must be smarter? How could it possibly be wrong?
  8. @thewomble My ego approves of this point of view. Especially since I'm the one normally explaining hero to the people we play with.
  9. I had some good luck, using the pre-generated characters and couple adventures I posted in the downloads section. I have used them at a con once, ran my Mom, Wife and Brother through them (my moms first game) and used them for some other groups. Twice it turned into longer running games, with the player customizing the character with their experience as the game grew. Skim it and consider giving it a try. http://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/210-in-service-to-the-throne/
  10. For me Hero's biggest strength is the ability of each of the Heroes to be completely different. In many games I see the same character run across my lap with 10 different names, while in Hero each character has the potential to be unique. So while all systems do have pro's and con's, Hero is my favorite.
  11. Absolutely, Hero tries so hard to be generic that even setting books feel generic. Fantasy Hero is a good example, they still refrained from setting baseline assumptions and the sample characters are from a huge point range, so you cannot grab and go. With Fanasy Hero Sixth Ed Steve included several grab and go characters as well as generic mobs that should have made it into Fantasy Hero Complete or at least a free PDF download. Something to grab a player and bring them in, after they are grabbed then throw all the utility at them. We do have some books that are grab and go, but they require you to have the main book already. For the record Narosia should be coming out sometime in 2099 or so and looking at it the plan is for it to be a complete book.
  12. I really like Savage Worlds, but it just plain cannot create the same detail for characters as Hero can. It also fails a lot of character concepts completely. Try to make a character with high skill and low power in magic and you fail. But if you are happy with 3 powers your mage can be downright unbalancing in some situations. I have also noticed the assumed starting point of Novice generates a lot of clones, to cure that I suggest starting at Seasoned, then last thing that drives me nuts is the high probability of instant death. I know that is a feature they are going for (Savage Worlds), but it can suck when a Goblin kills you and spending two bennies is not enough to stay alive. Overall I like Savage Worlds for pick up or one shot games, but it does not appeal to me as a long running or campaighn type game because I do not want to spend a lot of time and energy getting invested in a character that will die because I rolled a 1 on my d8 and now I can work miracles (12.5%).
  13. Roll20.net is great unless you are set on face to face games.
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