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    As HERO Designer has reached a stable point in its development over the past year, updates have slowed significantly. While the product is still under active development and is fully supported, the feature set and enhancements are not changing at a rate that supports the service contract model which has been used to date. As a result, HERO Designer is now shifting to a straight sales model -- simply purchase the application through the store and as updates are released, you will be able to re-download the application to apply the update.


    At such time as major changes/enhancements are made to the software, a new version will be placed up for sale in the store. Those who have purchased HERO Designer already will receive discounts on the purchase of a new version.


    Users who have active service contracts for HERO Designer should open a support ticket (Client Area -> Support) in the HERO Designer department. Provide your username on the old site (the one used to purchase the service contract) and you will be manually added into the new system with a purchase of HERO Designer.

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    I renewed my Hero Designer support subscription just before the new website format.  I was hoping to take advantage of the hundreds of user submitted heroes (HDC downloads).  Currently there are only 37 HDCs available.


    Is there a way to access the content fro the "old" website?  


    What is the ETA to get that former content on the new system?


    Are there plans to be able to sort uploaded files so I can parse out only Champions or Fasntasy hero files, for instance?

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    There is no way to access the old HD Vault, though users may post items that they have from the old Vault into the Downloads section (and have been), so files that you're looking for may become available over time.


    The search function is about as close as you're going to get to the sorting that you're looking for....and depends largely on the extent to which the file uploader uses the tags that are available to them.

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