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  1. No, they cannot. In general, Limitations selected to fulfill Variable Limitations cannot alter (or conflict with) existing/fixed Modifiers on the ability. Another way to think about it (for your new players): if applying Non-Persistent (-1/4) would cause Time Limit to change to an Advantage, then they are adding a net Advantage. They would need to have Variable Advantage at a high enough level to account for the change in Time Limit from -1/4 to its Advantaged value in order to account for this. Lacking this, the points do not work out and Non-Persistent would not be a valid Limitation to apply.
  2. If I'm misunderstanding your question, post a follow-up....that said: Variable Limitations doesn't give you a way around normal Modifier rules: If a Limitation should not or cannot be applied to an ability in its current state then it cannot be used to fulfill the Variable Limitations. You can't apply Costs END to Activate to a Persistent ability, for example. Likewise, Limitations which do not limit the character/ability are not worth any points/value. If the Limitation in question is otherwise rules-legal but does not limit the ability in any appreciable manner, then it would be worth -0 -- it could be applied as part of Variable Limitations, but won't apply to the total that must be met.
  3. My bad -- I misread the view reason text (and misremembered the rule). The note about Persistent/Inherent is there because that's the first "blocker" that Always On is running into -- the ability has an "effective duration" of Constant in your initial post because it costs END. It's a bit of an inconsistency in the 6E rules -- you can apply Persistent to an ability that costs END, but the rule regarding END Usage when unconscious doesn't change, so the actual/effective Duration of the ability remains Constant until the END usage is changed. I don't make the rules...I just code HD to follow them.
  4. edit: disregard...misread the post. see Derek's response for what Always On needs...and my followup for a bit of 6E rules inconsistency (and the reason for your confusion)
  5. Look into AirPop masks -- they have a fantastic sealing mechanism (for me, at least). Expensive, but worth it (IMO) for the protection.
  6. Heavy is the head that wears the fracking crown...
  7. Fuck that shit. Oh...wait...no. Fuck, Covid. That's better.
  8. Simon

    copy 5 => 6

    You can, but I wouldn't recommend it. Not really any different from taking a 5E character and changing the template to 6E -- you can do it, and HD will try its best to convert things over, but there are a number of items that won't switch over cleanly (e.g. Growth).
  9. Based on the screenshot you posted in your contact request, it looks like McAfee is having an issue with Amazon's cloud service/URL...and there's not much we can do about that (AWS being one of the primary/leading cloud services on the market at the moment). The download itself is a simple PDF.
  10. Most likely you've changed your screen configuration at some point and have HD set to remember dialog positions and sizes -- HD is opening the edit Perk dialog and positioning it where it used to be (now offscreen). There are keyboard controls on most systems/OS to move a window, but you're likely going to have a MUCH easier time if you simply delete the appPrefs.xml file before opening HD -- that will reset everything (including dialog positions and sizes).
  11. That's the first part -- also need to see the contents of the trace.log file (shown in the directory listing that you posted)
  12. And it is neither my role nor desire to teach you basic computer skills...and not something that I or DOJ will take on responsibility for. So I would suggest doing some basic research and/or ask a friend for help on how to do a directory listing and how to open a text document (the trace.log file) and copy/paste the contents into a post. For the directory listing, a screenshot of explorer showing the contents of the directory will work just as well as the text-based directory listing itself. For the trace.log file, you can copy/paste the contents into a post or you can post the trace.log file itself as an attachment.
  13. No, I’m not going to jump onto Discord with you. Post a listing of all files in the directory that you have HD6.jar in. While you’re at it, post the contents of the trace.log file from that same directory.
  14. Yeah…post the directory listing that you have HD6.jar in - I’m willing to bet you have a lot of OLD templates stored in there with the same name as the built-in/default templates… That, or you’re trying to load a character that (for whatever reason) was saved with a poorly-designed custom rules template
  15. It's in the Powers list (in all built-in templates) between Telekinesis and Teleportation...
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