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  1. For the subject at hand, note the timing in which charges were brought against the ring in question -- that speaks to an investigation that had reached its conclusion. As frustrating as it may be, investigations of large-scale criminal activity such as that take time (to do properly). While an investigation is ongoing, it is a VERY good idea to ask major news organizations NOT to go live with an expose on the subject of your investigation....and a good idea for a news organization to comply with requests like that.
  2. ScottishFox will no longer be joining us in this conversation.
  3. It will default to whatever directory you last used to export a character/file to. If it's not, then you need to run HD from a directory that you have full read/write access to (you're being blocked by windows UAC).
  4. Guess appearances can be deceiving.
  5. EQUIPMENT_RANGE and EQUIPMENT_DMG will output the range display and the damage display for any ability that is an instance of a Power (i.e. not a Skill, Perk, Talent, etc....which do not have those attributes and will have the tag replaced with an empty string)
  6. REG_REPLACE doesn't work like that. There is no DEFSTRING component -- it acts on the document as a whole.
  7. I don't think it was teh bunneh...to give a bit of credit here, this is likely just advanced planning on Trump's part, though it is giving away his intentions in regards to the Mexican-American War (we never said we'd protect the southwestern states forever). Once he renegotiates the peace treaty and pulls our troops out, Mexico will have control over Texas, Arizona, Utah, California, New Mexico, and Nevada. It is to be assumed that western Colorado will be used as a bargaining chip by Pence during the cease fire negotiations.
  8. Templates have nothing to do with that -- the GM specifies starting points (and required Disads/Complications)...which can be set either manually or in the campaign rules.
  9. For information regarding templates in HD, read the documentation. Pay particular attention to the section titled "Character Templates" starting on page 43.
  10. Simon

    Tag list

    All of the basics are covered in the documentation. If there are specific needs outside of that, post a question and any available/applicable tags can be explained.
  11. You'll find RTF export formats available in the downloads section on this site...and can always tweak them or the HTML formats to bring them closer to what you're after. Alternately, you can ask folks here for help. It's unlikely that you'll find a PDF export format as it is not a plaintext protocol.
  12. In short: no. Print to PDF is not designed to print equipment. You'll need to use one of the available export formats, design your own, or tweak an existing one to suit your purposes.
  13. Really? Do I need to remind folks (again) to read the rules?
  14. archer will not be joining us for a while.
  15. Those are not errors, they’re warnings. That’s not being pedantic - they won’t impact any functionality and are simply warnings of potential deprecation that will likely not occur within the lifetime of the application.
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