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  1. Assigning of Resource Points to items is not a character creation issue -- that occurs and changes at game-time.
  2. Perks tab - Resource Points
  3. Simon

    Error in HD

    Your initial support request left a bit to be desired -- "HD starts with error" doesn't really tell me anything other than that you're having a problem. The follow-up information helped...particularly the character file that was causing the issue. The problem is fixed in the current build.
  4. I’d suggest you edit that post. Now.
  5. HD takes Advantages into account when calculating damage with STR. In the example you're using, Reduced END does not affect the damage calculation (per the rules) and is not included in HD's prorating. STR Minimum will be taken into account if you replace the range with the actual STR Minimum to use. The range is there to set the level, it is expected that you will specify what the actual minimum is when assigning it.
  6. And yet here you are creating an issue, ignoring the "debate" and arguing with the poster. Welcome to moderation, archer.
  7. You need to use them in combination with the other containers (e.g. IS_NOT_LIST_ITEM)
  8. 1. That's why I had recommended IF_MANEUVER and IF_NON_MANEUVER - they'll let you distinguish between non-listed Maneuvers and Lists. 2. You have IS_LIST and IS_NOT_LIST to work with. 3. No.
  9. Simon


    Not much grief on my end (after we trimmed down our storage requirements) -- we're now hosted through the cloud offering of the software creators (Invision), so they did all the heavy lifting.
  10. I suspect you'll be able to get close to what you want by using IS_LIST, IS_LIST_ITEM, IS_NOT_LIST_ITEM, IF_MANEUVER, and IF_NON_MANEUVER -- those last two are going to be important to distinguish between a List (like Aikido) and a non-listed Maneuver (like Jab). The main difficulty you're running into is this concept of re-ordering things from the way they are entered/ordered on the Maneuvers tab in the application. It can be done, but you're going to need to jump through a few hoops to get there.
  11. If you're looking to customize rules (e.g. adding one or more Characteristics into a Vehicle), then you're looking to build a custom template. The documentation has details on this. If you're looking to have a Vehicle with all the Characteristics of a normal character, then just use the appropriate character template (e.g. Superheroic).
  12. Not really sure what you're asking...the export tags generally don't "interact with each other" at all -- you could have IF_NOT_LIST within an IF_LIST container and things would work pretty much the way you'd expect...the contents of IF_NOT_LIST would be removed if the item being exported was in a list...and the contents of IF_LIST would be removed if the item being exported was not in a list.
  13. Actual, declared Nazis would disagree with you. They support the Trump administration. They are more active since he took office. There has been a rise/spike in anti-semitism, white nationalism, and racism since Trump took office. Odd, don't you think? You have folks on the Left decrying the administration's policies being white nationalist and in line with Nazi beliefs. You have white nationalists and actual Nazis supporting the administration and being supported in turn -- as shown in their rather marked rise in activity and "boldness" And then we have people saying "well, they're not actively gassing/starving/shooting people...so I find it offensive when you call them Nazis."
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