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  1. Most likely cause: you have HD set to remember dialog position and size and the Modifier dialog is positioned outside of the boundaries of your screen (because you copied the folder from another system, changed your screen setup/resolution, or simply positioned it at an extreme). Delete the appPrefs.xml file before starting HD and all settings will be reset.
  2. Hmm....not able to replicate that one, but there's only one place that it could have been occurring (a change made in the last update that wasn't really needed). I've got a new update file posted that should fix it.
  3. I just posted an update which should fix the issue (a problem with Linked on the Multipower)
  4. Post the trace.log file after the problem occurs. Also, posting the .hdc file in question wouldn't be a bad idea...
  5. It is not a bug - it is the only way that it can logically work, unless you prefer the idea of a power being built (potentially a complex build) and added to an MP...and then deleted when you move it down and out of the MP (accidentally or not) as it then exceeds the max points available and the campaign is set to not allow that (vs. just warn or ignore).
  6. Resource Points on the Perks tab.
  7. Fix your browser - has nothing to do with the site.
  8. You'd need to create a custom rules template (.hdt) for that, redefining the Characteristics that you want to recost and removing those that you want to eliminate.
  9. First they came for the whisky, and I did not speak out - because I was a bourbon drinker.
  10. You do realize that a 25% tariff on whisky went into place in October, yes?
  11. Evidently a pretty generally abhorrent person...who has been banned four times (at least) from the site in one incarnation or another. They seem to think that I care, but I’m more amused (and impressed by my apparent consistency) than anything else.
  12. Apparently that was the third time I’ve banned that person...they keep creating new accounts. I’d look into a more permanent solution when I get back from London, but I’m just not sure that I care... Plus side, I’m consistent in my banning.
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