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  1. Then it's either the directory that you're running HD from or the directory that you're saving the PDFs to -- you/HD do not have proper access to them, generating an error at the system level when Java tries to create the requisite files.
  2. First determine if it's something in the character file (not indicated by the trace.log, but worth checking): start a new character (empty) and try the Print to PDF to the same location you were trying with the full character.
  3. The trace.log is doing little to pull me away from the "you don't have adequate permissions to the directory that you're running HD from or the directory that you're saving the PDF to" determination.
  4. Without further details on the issue (trace.log file, a character file, etc.), the only answer I can give is that you're running into permissions issues with either the drive you're running HD from or the directory you're saving the PDF to.
  5. 1. Print to PDF is only for characters (and only for characters using the built-in templates -- custom characteristics will throw the process off). 2. If you are receiving the error on a character, you'll want to ensure that you have full permissions to the directory that you're running HD from. Under Windows, this is not always obvious (due to UAC).
  6. The page refs must have changed when we moved the server a couple months ago -- I'll get those corrected in the next update. In the meantime, just go to the Downloads section.
  7. Yeah...as I said above, when Godwin himself weighs in, you can't really argue it anymore...
  8. Pretty sure you guys aren't the ones he'll be pissed at.
  9. Toxxus will no longer be joining us on this site.
  10. Your definition of refugee doesn't really gibe with the rest of the world. And your decrying of the use of the term concentration camp would put you at odds with Godwin himself, who has come out and stated that yes, they are in fact concentration camps by definition. So, again, I would suggest you follow the rules of this thread or stop posting (entirely). Doing otherwise is not going to end well.
  11. Are you intentionally ignoring the fact that the separation of children from parents, the conditions that refugees are being kept in, and the "zero tolerance" policy are not new complaints to this year? Because...that would be a violation of the rules of this thread and something that you and I have discussed already. You're getting close to that ban button.
  12. So you believe that the current treatment of refugees seeking asylum (and crossing into the US illegally - a legitimate misdemeanor) is acceptable? Or do you believe that it is acceptable because Obama used detention centers (he did it too, therefore it must be ok)? Under Obama, the detention centers were used for exactly that - detaining (for typically minimal time) under the now-criticized "catch and release" policy. Remember complaining about that? I believe you did a while back....though I could be confusing you with someone else. Once you end the "catch and release" policy and enact "zero tolerance" you change detention centers into concentration camps - where those of a particular ethnic background are rounded up and detained indefinitely, under conditions that wouldn't pass muster in a prison. This is only compounded by the humanitarian crisis being faced by refugees fleeing the violence in the South and Central Americas.
  13. Your kids were in high school with you?
  14. Man, the developer must be old.
  15. The "Allow Cost Multipliers" checkbox under the campaign rules specifies whether the "Cost Multiplier" button will be shown when editing/building powers, lists, etc. A cost multiplier allows you to adjust the cost of an item -- multiply by 2 (double the cost), multiply by 0.5 (halve the cost), etc.
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