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  1. Simon

    HD Update

    Primarily some rather esoteric changes/fixes surrounding fringe builds with Time Limit.
  2. There is nothing simple about Enhanced Senses -- they required a LOT of code in HD to work (above and beyond the template definitions).
  3. So many rules deviations/changes...and for an optional/GM permission only Skill that attempts to replicate a Power. 1. It's not part of the core HERO System rules and is not something that will be included in HD by default. 2. If you want to have HD implement the rules for purchasing it, you'd do that the way you always define rules in HD: a custom template. That said, it will be non-trivial even then as it does not mirror the purchase rules for any other Skill. Your best bet would be to have the player simply define the primary and two secondary methods when purchasin
  4. Simon

    HD Update

    Nope -- that's been the case for a long time now (and is part of the RAW).
  5. Nothing inherent to HD, but depending on what scripting language(s) your export format supports, you can likely work something out that way. For example: <script> var str = <!--TEXT-->; document.write(str.substring(0,250)); </script>
  6. <!--ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->getCharacteristicString<!--/ATTRIBUTE_VALUE-->
  7. Moving this to a discussion forum as it’s not really a rules question.
  8. I would recommend going to www.java.com and downloading the default JRE (Java Runtime Environment). It’s the large red button in the center of the main page. At present, that will give you Java 8, which is more than sufficient to run HD.
  9. Pawsplay will no longer be joining this conversation.
  10. That's not how Skill Levels work. If you want a permanent +X to a given Skill, you would buy up that Skill. Skill Levels are applied at game time and are separate from the Skill itself.
  11. Also, just to head off any other misunderstandings: the reason people with weakened immune systems should not be vaccinated is not because they'll catch COVID, or the flu, or whatever the vaccine is looking to prevent (again, that's physically impossible in modern-era vaccines). The vaccine is genetically modified to remove pathogenicity, but to still retain replication abilities -- that's what triggers the body's immune response and trains the immune system to recognize the virus (or bacteria) going forward. If you have a compromised immune system, your body may not be able to keep up with
  12. It’s important to understand what “attenuated “ means - it’s not a virus that is near death but otherwise normal. It’s a virus that has been genetically modified to replicate its form but to remove pathogenicity - you’re not going to get the flu from the flu vaccine, and you’re not going to get COVID from any of the COVID vaccines (none of which are that form). of the three that are currently approved in the US, two use mRNA (very new tech that teaches the body’s own cells to produce the markers that will create an immune response in the body) and J&J uses genetically modified
  13. Never any form of active virus...unless you go back to the early 1900s. Modern era vaccines have exactly zero active/actual virus/contagion
  14. Characteristic Maxima are defined under Campaign Rules.
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