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  1. Re: New to Champions. ok, so my group and i have played a few times and we all like the system. but i do have a quick question. i am spending some exp and i wanted to buy a combat maneuver. i'm getting grappling throw and it says that it must follow a grab... ...is that in the same phase of my next phase, after i have my opponent grabbed? or in my next phase if i still have the opponent grabbed? thanks for your help.
  2. Re: New to Champions. well we went through a few encounters, just basic stuff get used to how things work, but i really liked the way things flow in combat. we are gonna incorporate more of the rules as we play on, but overall i like the systems. i like that combat is only as complex as you wanna make it by including or excluding rules.
  3. Re: New to Champions. Well there's 3 main characters. and to be honest 2 of us aren't very creative and just love existing marvel character. so i'm playing a shameless Colossus rip off, one of the guys is playing a wolverine type character, and the third guy is playing a electricity controller with some magnetism stuff and flight and force feild. i think the group will work well together. we have played these characters in a different system, so we thought it would be good to go with some characters that we already liked and knew what we wanted to do. I'll let you all know how it goes.
  4. Re: New to Champions. well unfortunately we have yet to actually play our first game, but the good news is that we will be playing tomorrow. i hope it goes well. everyone has their characters made and ready to go. i'll post how it goes to keep everyone informed.
  5. Re: Waking up with super powers What power would i most like to have? Unfortunately I'd have to steal the powers Colossus has. i like the idea of being just a normal person most of the time and, changing into something superhuman, and changing your body into metal would just be sweet. Worst power? To be Honest, mind control. In my opinion the temptation to use it to get anything i want is just too great. I don't know if i have the will power to resist walking onto a bank and convincing the teller that they should give me all the money. God i wish i could say with some certainty that i wouldn't be a villain. I'd like to be a good guy though.
  6. Re: New to Champions. ok quick question. i'm gonna take density increase, i'm just know sure about something. with DI it says 5 cp's for every +5 str, +1 PD and +1 ED, ect. the +1 PD/ED is that in addition to the +1 you would get for your increase in str?
  7. Re: New to Champions. Wish me luck, my group and i are making characters tonight. Speaking of which. We are going to play an X-Men type game, anybody know where i could find a sentinel build? We will be starting with 200 cp's with a max of 150 cp's from disadvantages.
  8. Re: New to Champions. Ok so i think this thread is just going to become the place where i post my thoughts on the rules and how my first game goes... ...so this way everyone can remeber what it was like to be a new player. But anyway. just got through the recovery section, i like how it works. Not to sure how i feel about if you spend your action to recover and take damage you don't gain any benefit from the recovery. it does add some realism to it, i just don't really like the fact that you can spend an action to heal yourself and possibly get no benefit. also read the END stuff, i really like the idea that your character actually gets "tired". and the pushing it stuff. i love that there is a mechanic in the game to allow you to exceed your normal limits.
  9. Re: New to Champions. This is something that i had noticed on my own. there seem to be A Lot of little trivial rules in the system, but it doesn't seem like it would throw off balance to just throw them out the window. i'll tell you though the more i read the more i like. i just read the rules about breaking limbs... ...Awesome!!! just knowing that there are rule to govern it is great. being that the last character i played in a superhero game was a brick whose fighting style was pankration wrestling "greco roman wrestling" i love the idea that i could break some arms.
  10. Re: New to Champions. Well thank you all for the help. much more kind words than i usually get at the wizards forums. my friends and i usually play D&D or Star Wars SAGA, and are looking for a good super hero game. this one looks pretty rules heavy, but i really think it worth a shot. now i just have to convince my friends to read through the book and learn the system as i am so i'm not the only one who knows what going on. Thanks again, Tal_Akaan
  11. Hello to all, I am new to Champions and the hero system all together. in fact i just started reading the book a few days ago, but am making my way through it. there are just a few things i would like to get some opinions on before i invest more time in it. it seems like character creation is really in depth and time consuming... ...am i right in this assumption? It also seems like combat might take a long time to get through. it seems that because of how customizable the system is character power levels can be drastically different even when given the same amount of "free" points from the GM. and finally i get the feeling that because the game is free form as far as power level is concerned that the GM has to create all of the enemies that will appear in the game. thank you in advance for clearing up my assumptions. Tal Akaan
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