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  1. Re: Superhero Podcasts *waves hands and cast raise dead thread* Um, just out of curiosity, where can i find that audioplay.
  2. Re: Champions Podcasts (where can i find them) Thanks, i just tried that at your suggestion but even that didn't help. I could only find 2 singular champions podcasts & neither of them were new, good, or "actual play." Hmmmmm, maybe the podcast thing is just a MnM conciet.
  3. Hi guys, i just signed up to ask a question... I'm not a champions fan, as i find myself clashing way to often with the system, but i am interested to find out if there are any "actual play" podcasts for champions (6E or earlier). There seem to be a few for Mutants and Masterminds 3E/DCA & i've got all of those (an pulled ideas of what to do & in some case what NOT to do for my own M&M Game); however there seems to be no Champions RPG actual play podcasts. Is this the case, or have you champions guys, hidden them away from us everyday lay people? An if it helps, while i s
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