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  1. Re: Curious of Other Opins First off, thanks for all the opins. For the moment, I'm just gonna ask him to focus the abilities to weaknesses, powers, skills, etc. Though, honestly, the way he wants the character to run wouldn't work right now, since technically "Detect Abilities" won't let him figure out weaknesses since technically a weakness is not an ability... it's a disability. Semantics are your friend. Oh and he has a large gun (90 pt. Multipower... yeah, there's no AP limit due to my beleif that players should be mature enough to know a game breaker when they see it... so far, this ain't it) that can do exactly what he wants the character to do... VSE. So, he exploits the weaknesses of his opponents. Personally, no problem here with that. Plus the fact that he was basically out of the last fight for a Turn due to a simple 6d6 Entangle. He's got basic human stats, high-middle Armor and a glass jaw... the 30 Stun/low DCV doesn't last long in my game when they fight "real" villians... but that's next week.
  2. I have a player who has purchased an Enhanced Sense defined as "Detect Physical Objects, Danger and Opponent's Abilities 15-." It has Discriminatory, Analyze, Range, Sense and Targeting. Virtually, the player wants his character to be able to almost immediately know what his opponents can do and their weaknesses and never be "blinded" by conventional means. My question is would this type of power even be "legal" and how would one go about giving the information the sense perceives? Posted the above in the "Ask Steve" section already. I'd also like to know what you guys out there think. I've got some ideas as to how to handle it, but I'm always open to opinions. Also, for those who'll say "I'd never allow it" and drop it at that... well, what if you would. For the moment, also assume I'm allowing it as is.
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