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  1. A good idea. I will probably do just that. Thanks.
  2. Ah. Okay. Understood. That makes sense. Thanks again.
  3. I hate to ask, but I couldn't find it in the hero designer document. I know you can buy skill levels under the skills tab, but can you have what you bought with the skill levels actually effect the proper skill? Example would be +3 skill level to 3 pre-defined skills or all intelligence skills. If it's possible, how would one go about connecting the skill levels so that its bonus is added to the proper skills?
  4. Good to know. Thank you!
  5. Brand new to hero designer and I can't seem to find an option for character maxima for a heroic game, and my GM is using it for an upcoming campaign. Does it exist? If so, how would I go about implementing it for a character?
  6. Yeah. I think if my GM is down with it I'll try to mind link up to the drone / hologram helper and the ship's A.I. (which is technically the hologram helper too, but a different "body"). I might make another helper drone meant more for battle or scouting than the hologram helper, so I'm thinking something like: 10 (Can link with one group of minds [in this case man made human A.I.s]) + 10 (Four mind's at once [2 would have sufficed, but I may make another special drone or two]) + 5 (Unlimited Range in this dimension [so that if for some reason he's floating around in space far away he coul
  7. I'm definitely liking your 1st idea there Lucius. Is it possible for one to mental link to a computer? Like say mental link the drone to the ship computer? Not sure if that'd be at all useful of course...
  8. I believe we will be getting the spaceship for free. Not only is it going to get us to the planet, but it's going to act as our initial home base when we get to the planet. Or at least that's what I gatheredAll other gear (such as parts I wish to upgrade my cyborg self with [including not breathing, sleeping, eating, etc...]) and weaponry are not free. I had intended the hologram to be visible to everyone. Desolid seems a must if it is a follower. I was planning on there being a little flying drone that projects the hologram so that it can go outside or around the ship as it decides. So p
  9. Will do. Thanks for the responses and ideas of how to possibly go about it. I think I'll ask the GM, how he feels about followers first and go from there.
  10. My thoughts were primarily that the helper would tell me a targets possible weaknesses and strengths and act as a sort of early warning system, alerting me if unknown things enter the a proximity (whether that be the ship's proximity or the area of whatever device the helper uses to travel). Maybe act as a sort of record keeper of what goes on around the ship, utilizing any on board cameras and mics to survey over time, recording it to its own personal memory as well as the ships. It would be cool if it could be the ships autopilot too, useable with voice commands (and maybe mental com
  11. Apologies if this is in the wrong area. I'm new to these forums... and hero system. In any event, being new, I'm looking for help on how to design a holographic A.I. helper for a character of mine. The basic backstory for said character is that he was a pilot, got into an accident ending in a coma. While in coma, his pregnant wife signs a contract with a scientist in hopes to get husband back. Instead, scientist puts his brain into an Ultron-esque humanoid robot body. After breaking out of hospital / lab area, he goes home, wife freaks out and he doesn't see her again. A year or two later
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