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  1. I'm planning on making a webnovel in the near future, and I'm wondering about fair use of the system. I am planning on making and using my own universe, but I'm also planning to make it be a litrpg setting and I enjoy hero system. I love the idea of having full rules that readers can pick up, read and understand just how strong each character is rather than just handing out arbitrary numbers that can mean gobbledygook. As for what I am seeking clarification about and permission for, basicly a step beyound making a source book for a setting (also what hoops are needed to make a 3pp campain setting source book?) Or about as much rope as youtube tapletop games use. In a little more detail, the MC is reincarnated in another world(Original, i know!) And has gamer knowledge. Things that would be shown include: Character sheets, sans point costs/totals. Very basic game imfo(every 5 str doubles lifting capacity. that doubling the force of a blow only notches up the damage. A normal human can kick apart a car. Informative stuff that is readly available.) Damage done/received. Speculation by the characters. Advancement cards: rather then geting x points per session, advancment is handled by pick a card(about 25pp value each), given out at level up. (A System that i find works good for hero system novices and people who Don't want to spend the time needed to make a character but still enjoy playing the game. And this is why i am forever DM, making everyones characters after they say they want x 😕 Anyways, I'll stop myself, shortly. In any case, I plane to credit hero system as a influence. If oked, I plan to basically announce that the setting is ran on hero system in novel. And if u get a No, I can just rename and muck about with the stats. ~Z
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