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  1. Baby Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964, so that would be anyone 55 and over now. I'm doubtful that the kids are asking folks for their AARP cards before they hurl the insult, and "OK, Gen Xer" just doesn't have the same ring to it.
  2. The hex is an abstraction, like the 5 foot squares in D&D. It's a method for showing general placement of characters in a combat, while still remembering that the character would be moving around quite a bit during their actions. Likewise, while we use the Time Chart to say that actions happen on a certain Phase, this is also an abstraction for the purposes of game playability, and characters don't really move, then freeze until a few seconds pass.
  3. The Mission (5.1 mix) by Styx. Studio album released 2017, with a re-release with Blu-ray in 2018. This one's classic Styx, and is very good.
  4. The Black Cauldron: One of the animated movies during the Disney malaise period. It wants to be The Sword in the Stone, but feels more like a watered-down Don Bluth clone. (Disney+) Brainstorm: Decent SF movie about the development of a neural interface, and the ramifications of the technology. Original plans were to shoot the movie in 60fps ShowScan, with the "real world" sequences shown in standard 24-frame, but the studio balked at the cost of retrofitting theaters, and the increased cost of film stock*. Star Natalie Wood's death during production delayed release for two years, and that only happened because Douglas Trumbull went over the studio chiefs to the insurer and gained funding directly to finish the film. (Netflix DVD) *ShowScan uses 2 1/2 times the amount of 65mm film as traditional shooting. It went on to be used in ride films at amusement parks, and a related form of the technology is used in digital movie production for action sequences today. Some theaters are also already equipped to show 60-frame video, and most new TVs can also handle that frame rate.
  5. It's not Boba Fett, and the character is portrayed as extremely competent. We only get hints to his backstory. There's also a definite Clint Eastwood "man with no name" vibe, which I really like.
  6. The Mandalorian-Chapter 1: Best described as a western in the Star Wars universe. The first episode was very good, and I'm looking forward to more. (Disney+)
  7. McConnell wouldn't be the officer presiding over the impeachment trial. For a presidential impeachment, that would be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.
  8. The Last Boy Scout: Action/thriller with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans, and a convoluted plot involving drugs and sports betting. Made me realize that it's been a while since I've watched Hudson Hawk. (Amazon Prime) Snow White: The first feature-length animated movie from Disney, still a classic. (Blu-ray) National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon 1: Spoof of action movies like the first one on this list. Somewhat uneven, but fun for all of the cameos. (Netflix) Eric Idle's What About Dick?: Filmed stage presentation of a radio show about the rise and fall of the British empire as told by a piano (Eric Idle). He's joined by a bunch of British comedians, including Russell Brand, Billy Connolly, Eddie Izzard, Tracy Ullman, and Tim Curry. A lot of fun. Rated TV-MA, so you probably shouldn't watch it at work (Netflix) Wargames: Shall we play a game? (DVD)* Amazing Spider-Man 2: A movie in serious need of a good writer and a good editor. Watch Spider-Man: Homecoming instead. (Netflix Blu-ray) *Apparently, there's a Google Easter-egg if you type that phrase into a search bar.
  9. Candidates have been putting words in Reagan's mouth for decades. It really isn't much of a stretch to add video to it.
  10. Logan's Run: The TV Series: A short-lived series that followed Logan and Jessica as they ran about having adventures while looking for Sanctuary. Francis is sent after them by a secret cabal of over-30s who actually run the City of Domes. They are joined by the android Rem in the first episode, who helps them escape from a bunch of robots who want to take care of them forever (they have to disable one robot named Siri in the process). The show was highly episodic, and the quality of the stories varies from good (for 1970s TV Sci-Fi) to horrible (an episode about a haunted house). (DVD)
  11. X-Men Origins: Wolverine: An unheeded warning to the makers of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Sometimes, we don't need to know the full backstory. (Netflix Blu-ray) X-Men: First in a long line of Marvel Mutant movies, it mostly holds up almost 20 years after release. (Netflix Blu-ray)
  12. Only now? An off-air sound bite by Dan Rather made it into a song by OSI back in 2003:
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