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  1. Many years back, I worked for a software development company which sold a product to casinos for player tracking. One of our customers was his casinos in Atlantic City. My office was right next door to the COO, and one day, he stumbled in, looking like he'd just been mugged. He explained that he had called them to try to arrange the final payment, and was told that they would never sign off on the software, as they could always find something wrong. They were never going to make the last payment, we would have to service the software forever, and if we didn't like it, then we could always sue,
  2. Transitus 5.1 mix, by Ayreon. Very good use of the surround speakers, with well-delineated instruments and voices. By contrast, the stereo mix is sometimes a bit hard to follow, as vocals aren't always prominent.
  3. I've seen 15 of them, 5 in theaters. "Supergirl" is the lowest one that I've seen in a theater, "Fan4stick" was watched a few months ago on Disney+. I can't remember seeing "Son of the Mask", but it's possible that I just blocked out the trauma.
  4. The few times that I've attempted to watch Big Bang Theory, I've had the feeling that it's the Popular Kids from high school writing a comedy on what they think Nerds are like.
  5. I recognized a few of the more unique titles in the list, and then verified against my collection on my computer.
  6. A clue has been in the What Are You Listening To Right Now? thread for a day and a half.
  7. I'm assuming that this post was supposed to be in the Stargate: SG1 thread, and not the B5 thread (which only had 5 seasons).
  8. Transitus by Ayreon, via Amazon Music (my copy should arrive tomorrow).
  9. I'm going to have to call customer support for my trash company, as they missed taking my trash again this week. It had been the recycling bin, but they finally picked that up 2 weeks ago after several weeks of ignoring it. I'm wondering if the driver's been moved to the trash pickup.
  10. If there's anything music and tabletop gaming have both taught me, it is that obsolescence is not a universal affliction. Enjoyment truly does transcend the space-time continuum.

  11. Al Di Meola Colorblind Please Hang Up Sad Sad Movie
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