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  1. Coincidentally, I just finished listening to the full album.
  2. At lunch the other day, my boss, co-worker, and I were talking about 2001. The co-worker is very excited to see it*, but both my boss and I counseled him that it is a slow movie that takes its time, and he may end up not liking it. It's okay if he doesn't. *I had shown him part of the stargate sequence. It's a hell of a drug.
  3. The Mask: Jim Carrey finds a magic item that turns him into a living Tex Avery cartoon character. Still a good watch. (Hulu) 2001: A Space Odyssey: The Sci-Fi classic, it looks gorgeous in 4K. (4K UHD) Fant4stic: It couldn't decide if it wanted to be a comic book movie or body horror, and doesn't really commit to either. I watched it so you don't have to. (Disney+) My Cousin Vinny: Two yutes from Brooklyn are accused of murder in a small Alabama town, and are defended by Vinny, who has just passed the New York Bar after 6 tries. Great movie that holds up very well. (Hulu) Race to Witch Mountain: A muddled story mars this apparent reboot attempt of the Witch Mountain movies. This one's not that good. (Disney+)
  4. The hotel/casino where I work is requiring everyone to wear masks, or they don't get entry. Unfortunately, a number of guests have decided that they don't have to cover their nose, and a few others have the mask only on their chin.
  5. In the Wee Small Hours by Frank Sinatra. The entire album is excellent, and gets played frequently by me.
  6. Disney's Tarzan: If I had seen this one, it was a long time ago. The animation's interesting, and the music and story are good. (Disney+) Tangled: A favorite of mine, and one that I was lucky to share with my Mom before she passed. Personality-wise, the Mother Gothel character was very much like my Grand-Mere (her mother). Thankfully, Mom wasn't. (Disney+) Modern TImes: The last "Little Tramp" movie by Charlie Chaplin. Worth a watch. (Kanopy)
  7. Senator Warner added a clause to a defense appropriations bill that would require political campaigns to report foreign interference, but the Republicans struck the language out of the bill. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-biden-russia/biden-attacks-republicans-for-blocking-law-on-foreign-election-interference-idUSKBN2413OW
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