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  1. In Champions Complete, page 34, Skill Levels are defined as: "Allow a character to improve Skill Rolls (and sometimes Characteristic Rolls), as shown in the Skill Levels Table. The applicability and uses depend on what types of Skills it works with. A character can only use a particular Skill Level for one thing at a time (choosing which thing is referred to as “assigning” the Skill Level). Assigning Skill Levels is a Zero Phase Action that can only be done once per Phase." The Skill Level Table then defines a 2-point Skill Level as granting +1 to One Skill or Character
  2. Thanks. I have a player who wants to Drain(Suppress) rPD. I'll have to hunt for this recent thread, methinks, and clarify "which resistant PD" the Suppress will affect.
  3. Sorry, HSMA? (Martial Arts supplement?) Thanks for your replies. I couldn't find any reason you couldn't, but it's been a very long time since I've played or GMd the game. I've already discovered a lot of rules I thought I knew, but did not.
  4. I know you can use Drain vs. a lot of defensive characteristics, like regular PD and ED, even DCV or ODCV. How about resistant PD? I don't see the option in the drop down for Drain in Hero Designer, and I don't see anything in my sourcebooks yet saying yea or nay. My Google-fu wasn't turning up anything definite about this particular aspect of Drain/Suppress, either.
  5. I'll try that now. Bingo, perfect. Now I can add more normal PD/ED without affecting the resistant one. Looking at it now, the solution was pretty obvious, but I was determined (I guess) to make it harder than it was. Thanks for your patient help! I do really like the program; it's well worth the $25. It's trying hard to help me learn it.
  6. Thank you for your swift reply. I did try that before going to the Naked Advantage, but was having trouble getting the numbers and cost to line up. That's why I thought maybe I'm supposed to be using a Naked Advantage on the PD instead. I went back and followed your steps. If I apply Resistant to the PD, it wants to make all 20 of it resistant, not just 10. What am I missing to say "Hey, just 10 of that PD should be resistant"? If I later add another +3 PD due to Large Size, I don't want the resistant PD to go up, either. Again, thanks in advance!
  7. I am stuck on how to do this in Hero Designer for 6e. I have read and re-read the documentation, done all sorts of searches in these forums and elsewhere. I think I'm close to the solution, but am not sure. I'm very new to Hero Designer and back to using Hero System after a 25 year hiatus. In the Bestiary, you can find lots of examples of critters with Tough Skin powers -- basically, the old Damage Resistance on some of their existing PD/ED. If the critter has 10 PD and 10 ED and they buy 6 resistant of each, it comes out as 6 points and the critter ends up 10/r6 with both PD and
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