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  1. Re: Megamovement DCV errata ? sorry, it was not my intent. (there was a smiley)
  2. Re: Megamovement DCV errata ? Why do you bother posting in this thread ? That's beyond my comprehension, lol. Authority is not reason.
  3. Re: Megamovement DCV errata ? What are those mysterious game balance reasons ?
  4. Re: Megamovement DCV errata ? Then Megamovement should give even less DCV than regular movement because it's harder to dodge (turn) while "megamoving"
  5. Re: END cost for FTL travel In order to find the time required = Time = Range - VF. Then check this table: -4=1seconds -2=2 sec 0=4 sec 2=8 sec 4=15 sec 6=30 sec 8=1minute 10=2mn 12=4mn 14=8mn 16=16mn 18=32mn 20=1hour 22=2h 24=4h 26=8h 28=16h 30=32h 32=64h 34=128h 36=256h 38=512h 40=1024h 42=3 months 44=6 months 46=1 year etc. Ex: 1UA (68) at light speed (54) = 68-54 = 14 = 8 minutes As far as you use VF this table works with any movement power. The actual formulae is= Time in seconds = [(√2)^(Range-VF)]X[(60X60X24X365)/[(√2)^46]]
  6. When dealing with characters or vehicles (ship) with FTL travel and a Cost END limitation, assuming a cruising SPD 2 we may use existing parameters (VF and Range mod) to quickly find the END/Fuel cost of a long trip = Velocity Factor of light is 54. (cf APG p 178) Because FTL travel follows the same scale as VF we can say that : the VF of FTL equals Base Cost+44. 10 pts = VF 54 56 pts= VF 100 60 pts = VF 104, etc. Now find the Range mod of the distance travelled. 1UA=Range mod 68 1 Light Year = Range mod 100. (cf 6E2p 162) Let's say e=END cost per phase. Total END cost = [(√2)^(Range-VF)] * 2/3 * e. For instance: at 10 pts of FTL (light speed); Cost End (-1/2) : 1 END/phase we want to travel 1 light year VF=54 Range=100 Total END cost = [(√2)^(100-54)] * 2/3 * 1 = 5 million END. at 56 pts of FTL (light speedX8M); Cost End (-1/2) : 6 END/phase we want to travel 1 light year VF=100 Range=100 Total END cost = [(√2)^(100-100)] * 2/3 * 6 = 4 END at 12 pts of FTL (light speedX2); Cost End (-1/2) Increased End Cost X10 (-4) : 10 END/phase we want to travel 1 UA VF=56 Range=68 Total END cost = [(√2)^(68-56)] * 2/3 * 10 = 427 END Obviously it could be a table instead of an equation = http://cryptmaster.free.fr/site/HERO/FTL.php
  7. There are 31 million seconds in 1 year so 1LY/s should be at the 60BP level. 44: 1LY/4mn 46: 1LY/2mn 48: 1LY/mn 50: 1LY/30sec 52: 1LY/15 sec or 1 turn 54: 1LY/7sec 56: 1LY/4sec 58: 1LY/2sec 60: 1LY/sec 62: 2LY/s 64: 4LY/s 66: 8LY/s 68: 16LY/s 70: 32LY/s 72: 64LY/s instead of 250LY/s. That's quite different, IMO.
  8. Re: FTL Travel about that: 44: 1LY/4mn 46: 1LY/2mn 48: 1LY/mn 50: 1LY/30sec 52: 1LY/15 sec or 1 turn 54: 1LY/7sec 56: 1LY/4sec 58: 1LY/2sec 60: 1LY/sec 62: 2LY/s 64: 4LY/s 66: 8LY/s 68: 16LY/s 70: 32LY/s 72: 64LY/s etc... 72BP=64LY/s instead of 250.....the nasty effect of rounding.... PS: now that i have what i wanted to know here is the house rule i wanted to build = http://www.herogames.com/forums/showthread.php/77289-END-cost-for-FTL-travel
  9. Re: FTL Travel Well, so you mean that FTL Travel is, by default, supposed to be a SPD 2 movement ? (let's say that on a well planned long trip the ship only move so there is no need to change its SPD)
  10. Re: FTL Travel Then a SPD 4 ship would spend more END than a SPD 3 ship even if they travel at the same speed. I mainly wonder about long trip fuel consumption (how much time the ship may work with all systems on, etc..)
  11. Re: Megamovement DCV errata ? For the same speed MegaMov would give a better DCV ??? That's non-sense. One rule for this case, another for this other case.......sometimes Hero may be very ugly.
  12. FTL travel with a Cost End limitation (*) is supposed to "cost END every Phase it’s used, just like any other power that costs END." (*) like two of the three examples 6E1p225 and a lot of spaceships in 5E Star Hero (several of them even have a X10 END cost.) Well well... Unlike the other movement powers FTL is given in speed, not in distance. So i wonder how we are supposed to handle an END/phase mecanism. For 10 BP: Speed of light. 300 Mega meters /second Cost END (-1/2) Real: 7. Are we supposed to convert it in a way that the character/vehicle actually move at a maximum of bought FTL ? (in this example: 300Meg m/s) 300Meg m/s = 3600 Meg m/turn Then at SPD 2 => 1800 Meg m/phase at SPD 4 => 900 Meg m/phase SO the more SPD the character or vehicle has, the more tiring it's to move at the same speed (that's non sense, isn't it ?...) Or are we supposed to understand "distance" when "speed" is written ? For instance: 300Meg m/s ===> 300Meg m/phase (so at SPD 2 or more the actual speed is superior to the one bought.) PS: please read the whole post before answering. Thanks PPS: don't tell me that we shouldn't add a Cost END limitation to FTL.
  13. Re: Megamovement DCV errata ? That's for the first level of megamovement. (+1 advantage in 6E) Each level thereafter multiply the distance per 10, not 1000. (6E1p157; 6E1p341 and 6E2p24.) So the second level of megamov (+1 1/4 advantage in 6E) = X10.000 = 10km. This level should equal 27 DCV, not 39. Look at the first post... Maybe but that's not helpful here...
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