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  1. Re: Undead PC's and Automaton Heh nice. The wild west/gunslinger look is sorta what my character looks like or dresses like. he just wears a union duster from the civil war as thats when he died
  2. Re: Undead PC's and Automaton Thanks Doc after reviewing the information and the effects on the character building it as an automaton ive come to the conclusion i wont build him as such and will go the higher defenses route. Not that I wouldnt mind doesnt take stun, but the defensive cost change and the other penalties such as having a lot less points for the character limits some of the other important aspects of the character related to the campaign and hist history. @Doc in regards to the healing, i am using the regeneration rules with heals limbs and resurrection to prevent
  3. Re: Undead PC's and Automaton Yes i think just good defenses is the route im going to take as the defenses after taking takes no stun are too expensive to fit the character. Also looking at it logically and in general how things fit the character it feels to me that it would work out better like this. Im still working a few kinks out to make sure everything works properly and feels right for the character and not just because i can do it
  4. Re: Ben Smith, Undead Zombie We were playing deadlands. Previously we were playing GURPS 4th so players were used to be able to manipulate their powers and in general have more control over them. So we converted them to HERO. The character is built from the book of the dead as a Harrowed. The game is still somewhat of a deadlands like world but is like a mix between that and a champions-esque game. There are a few major metropolitans still standing and the rest of the world are like the slums where all the poorish people live. At a 475 level of character you cant say its not a champions s
  5. Re: Undead PC's and Automaton Ah ok. I didnt find anything that directly said the those powers were not available for PC use. And yes ive been able to subdue a good amount of stun effects with the current build. I just wasnt sure of a leginimate way to have no stun. THanks
  6. Re: Hero Designer: Automaton and Forcefield Conflict? @Hugh good point. this makes sense that its harder to damage the player and should be more expensive. I just didnt see the rule for it. @ghost-angel thanks for the page number. i found the location of the rule and is much appreciated.
  7. When building a character as an automaton, i added all the normal powers before adding the automaton. In case of a forcefield i have a problem. The character is a very defensive character and has the following FF: FF (20 PD/20 ED/20 Mental Defense/20 Power Defense/10 Flash Defense: Sight Group/10 Flash Defense: Hearing Group) (Protect Carried Items), Reduced Endurance (1/2 END; +1/4) (137 Active Points) But when i add the automaton ability (either of the takes no stun options) it automatically changes to this: FF (20 PD/20 ED/20 Mental Defense/20 Power Defense/10 Flash De
  8. Re: Ben Smith, Undead Zombie I have built the character this way for different reasons. Defenses: I build good defenses such as resistances and the FF, but if something gets through he does get hurt. He only has the 3 personal non resistant defense. This is to simulate that its hard to hurt a zombie but once you do something falls off. like an arm. Just in this case he has regeneration to heal. My character is essentially the defense monster in the group, and i tend to be the bait guy. Go figure. I also tried to get takes no stun and does not bleed but i realized i have to bui
  9. Ben Smith, Undead Zombie Power Source: Evil spirit resident in his body Campaign: 400 Base/75 Disad, 24 EXP. No AP limits as long as power is reasonable compared to character Character was converted from a system called Deadlands to 5ER World: The current world as an alternate earth storyline changing during the end of the civil war when gates to another time was opened and during the conflict a portal to a place called the hunting grounds was opened and closed at the end of the conflict. These spirits were evil and lived in a place where only the strongest survived. During the
  10. i am trying to build an Undead PC. He is converted over from another game where the PC takes no stun. The only way i can simulate this in HD is to build him as an Automaton. I would only use the Automaton framework to have access to the powers and do not need some of the other benefits (such as my character can still be affected by mental powers because he is free willed). But there is a problem 0 EGO Could i bring his EGO back up to a 10 by buying it as a power and using a cost multiplier of 0? If i only build using an automaton template and not take the other benefits of automato
  11. Re: Rapid aging Attack good point, thanks. i will make the adjustments.
  12. Re: Rapid aging Attack Here's what i have: Wither: Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand 3d6, Required Hands One-Handed (+0), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), No Normal Defense (Defense vs Dark/Evil; +1), Does BODY (+1) (157 Active Points); Limited Power Power loses about half of its effectiveness (vs non aging substances; -1), Requires A Skill Roll (-1/2), No STR Bonus (-1/2), No Knockback (-1/4) Rapid Aging: Major Transform 1d6, Partial Transform (+1/2), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (30 Active Points); Limited Power Power loses about half of its effectiveness (vs non aging substa
  13. Re: Undead trick powers Hah nice examples. The GM isnt opposed to putting talents into frameworks as long as it fits. I like the play dead idea. I like the idea of taking parts from other people to get their abilities, though the concept would be hard to fit in with my character. Ive toyed with the idea before of being able to take body parts off and be able to use them in interesting ways. The character was actually converted over from deadlands, where the character was a "Harrowed" from the Book of the dead book. One of the powers was called "Trackin' Teeth" where i could take a b
  14. i am building tha is basically an undead. he was possessed after death but took control of the spirit. i have some points left and am buildind a small vpp for various miscellaneous powers that may or may not have combat effectiveness. i would like the power to be able to do something actually functional but also be able to add comedic relief to the character (its funny grossing out other pc's when after a battle i pick off a piece of the meat of whatever we killed and eat it to get various forms of information). other than having darkness powers the pc is a do-gooder and is a little off the wa
  15. Re: Rapid aging Attack good call on Does Body, didnt even catch that. thaks. i am liking the transform method as i can use the power in different ways (i may not always want to totally destroy something, just might want to age it faster). i also like megaplayboy's variation adding the age related disad pts to whatever im using the power on. and im am still working on the effects on things that dont age normally, but you guys are pretty much on the same track im on.
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