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  1. Re: N-Ray with Senses having the opposite effect? Strangely enough, I have seen many HERO players who are not into any related genre at all (except maybe Fantasy) but play Champions, ect. Guy at my comic/game shop doesn't read comics but is a gaming guru. Anyway, yeah thats how cerebro works more or less. It is a large machine that enhances a telepath's power so that they can locate others around the globe. Mostly used to locate mutants, but Sapians can be found just as well. External MD would work. Wish I could give you more insight about your other issues. EDIT: What beast said
  2. Cartomancy = Tarot = Divination with cards For use in the game Cartomancy might be misdefined to some extent. *Prepost Rambling before leading up to the point* Wow, about to complete my first full campaign (3 months, 1-2 times a week) and about to start another with the same GM. I also got invited to a "newb" campaign as the "seasoned newb", excited about that one. And I am getting back into a game I had to quit because of the evil people at work who changed my schedule. Now this is where I make my point... *End rambling* The game I am getting back into there are two important things to note. I played an energy blaster that was killed (explanation for him leaving the mission), and Mentalist are a big part of society. The new character I am coming back as is going to be the brother/cousin/something of my previous character. But he is going to be a mentalist. He is getting a typical array of mentalist powers but with one or two Cartomancy Multipowers (two different decks) depending on how the build starts going. The way I want the powers to work is like this: He lays out the cards in front of them (on a magical/invisible table). The cards are all blank, depending on the cards placed one of the powers from the multipower will activate. What I think would be a cool idea is if I used a small deck of cards (A-4/5), different card for each set of powers (offense, defense, maybe a utility deck). When I use one of the powers I draw three cards. Each power would have a moderate activation roll. Depending on what I draw will decide what power I use using the following rules: If all three cards are the same the power doesn't require activation roll. If two cards are the same that power is the one that is used. Each Ace adds a +1 to activation roll. If two cards are the ace, treat the odd card as the power card, activation roll is treated as rule below. If all cards are different then the first card drawn decides the power. You get -1 to activation roll. Each Ace adds +1 to activation roll. If first card is an ace, threat second card as the first card. In case you were wondering about a case where 3 aces come up, 3 Aces are the combination for the "ultimate" power in that set. So (for example) A = Ultimate Power | 2 = Fire Spell | 3 = Poison Gas | 4 = Mental Distortion 111 - Fire Spell activates automatically 211 - Fire Spell will activate with successful roll A11 - Fire Spell will activate with successful roll with a +1 advantage AA1 - Fire Spell Activates with a successful roll with a -1 disadvantage and a +2 advantage 123 - Fire Spell Activates with a successful roll with a -1 Disadvantage A13 - Fire Spell Activates with a successful roll AAA - Ultimate Power I honestly think my GM would go for this, I don't see this taking to much time out of the game, especial since the GM is good at filling dead time with more detail. I have "play tested" this concept and it takes about 7 seconds if I reference the sheet, 5 if I have it memorized. Depending on how it works out I might add a couple more cards, or makes rules for 3 card flush/strait. The powers listed above are just off the top of my head, still need to sketch this character out. So, ideas? Comments? Anyone else try something like this?
  3. Re: N-Ray with Senses having the opposite effect? You could assign Mental Defense as the block. Since Mental Defense is more or less a "block" against other mental powers. And while you are buying it as a sense, the SFX is more or less mental based. Can anyone else second this? EDIT: Would this be like Cerebro (X-Men), but as a power at a smaller scale (local rather than global). Similar as what Prof. X/Emma/Jean/Any Other Mentalist use. Just want to make sure I am understanding this right.
  4. *Mostly Off Topic* Found a GM who wants mostly new/newish players, but he is out of town and the other players are depending on me to help with builds...so I am depending on you wonderful people on the forums. *Back on topic* This can be applied to follower and summons. One of the guys want to play a Native American shaman/mystic of some sort. He has a Spirit Bear as a companion. The bear is cool, slightly higher intelligence than typical bear, much larger and stronger, EDM, and can even heal. The character has limited mind control, energy blasts, illusions, and such. He hasn't fully got the character down, but what he knows he wants is a Spirit Merge. Spirit Merge is Multiform power where he and his bear become one entity. Basically a stronger form than either of them. He takes the bears strength and advantages while retaining some of his powers and higher intelligence, but loses ability to speak and some of his powers. A limitation we will add to this is something along the lines of "bear is dismissed until the Spirit Merge is deactivated". The question is: Do both the character and follower have to buy this power? He was also talking about a power where he and the bear power up an energy blast together. This seem like a power they both might need to take.
  5. Re: Hyperspeed Boost First thanks everyone and thank you Hyper-Man for reminding me of Standard Effect rule. But... I am not sure if I am understanding Aid/Succor correctly. I have not explored this power fully. The following is a simple example of how I am understanding it. If I want to use Succor to boost DEX by +1 (with Standard Effect) it would cost me 5 Character points. That being that 1 point of DEX costs 3 character point. Succor +3 STR would also cost 5 Character points (1 STR cost 1 Character Point). The problem is of course that 5 Character Points > 3 Character Points and you get the same result. So why would I not use Characteristic (Power) with Focus, Costs END, and a (dis)advantage that turns a persitant power into constant (can't find one in book, but feel like there should be one, even for +/-0). It would seem The only way that I can see that Aid/Succor working would be 10/5 Character Points buys +3 to the total value (1d6 Aid/Succor takes base 10 DEX to 13 DEX). But that seems a bit over powered (+3 speed for only 10/5 Character Points). And even then it would not make sense for STR/INT or anything else that costs less than 2 points. So I am guessing that Standard Effect isn't the bright path for Aid/Succor. But I am sure I am missing something important.
  6. Re: Hyperspeed Boost Succor was an idea I had thought of, but using dice to calculate the totals is something I am not too fond of since the power is regulared by a micro computer and is more exact. Maybe if I could buy Succor for exact values rather than d6s, but thats why Aid/Succor is costs less than buying characteristics.
  7. Concept (OOG): Regular human has a battery powered suit that provides for energy attacks and hyperspeed movement including quick travel (+X running), quick actions (+X speed; +X OCV/DCV). Hyperspeed is activated by pressing a quick series of buttons on the suit and drains the batteries as long as it is active. It can be turned off by another series of buttons. While Hyperspeed is active the character can also get additional quick speed boosts to phase through solid material (desolidfication or very short range teleportation). Concept (IG): A boost that allows the character the option to use certain speed based abilities. Namely +X running/limited flying, +Speed, and +OCV/DCV. As far as the extra speed and OCV and DCV need to weigh buying them separately and buying them with just +DEX. Half phase to turn on the power, and as long as it is turned on it costs END, draining the END Reserve, regardless of actions taken. The character could stand still, but as long as the power is active it costs END. Most individual power granted by Hyperspeed that normally costs END is free because of the constant END cost (some abilities such as Desolidfication/Limited Teleport would still cost END and can only be used be used while Hyperspeed is active). How would this be constructed efficiently?
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