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A place for heroes to show off and brag about their accomplishments. Club houses in every major city. The concept: The Adventurer's club is a place to put up your heroes and post about their adventures. New players can look at how you built the character to gain inspiration or possibly adapt the character design as their own. GMs can use the heroes as NPCs. Posters retain all rights and responsibilities to their posts. This club is unmoderated in general but I or other admins reserve the right to remove strongly offensive posts or other unwanted posts like ads for non-associated things. Please label your posts for any material which would not be suitable for a PG movie.  This includes foul language or nudity.  Certain common sense subjects are generally banned from this location (ex: Pro-nazism, advancement of child pornography or abuse, etc.).
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  2. Do it has been a long long time since I played. Many rules have changed but thanks to your Chill example I think I have a MUCH better understanding of the current idea behind this edition. You you be will to look over my 1st go at using HD and refamiliarizing myself with the rules/mechanics ?
  3. The next few stats were originally call figured stats or figured characteristics because their base value was derived from the characteristics we purchased in the entry before (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution). In previous editions, you could buy back some of the figured characteristics to save some points or if the concept didn't match your version of the character. You were allowed to only buy back one stat though. This was in 5th edition and prior editions. 6th edition made this simpler by removing the figured values. Because the starting values are set, there is no need to restrict
  4. For the next few stats (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Ego, Presence), your value will be probably somewhere from 8-20. If you were designing prior to 6th edition, you already set a value for Dexterity as part of setting your base OCV/DCV. We are designing a 6th edition character for now. An average, run of the mill human has a value of 10 in these stats. A value of 13-15 get you noticed with comments, "that person's fairly smart" or "they go to the gym". A value of 18-20 makes that one of the characteristics which kind of define you. Comments like "that ones
  5. Next is a question of Speed. How fast is fast enough? Speed is the number of actions you can take every 12 seconds. Its not only how fast you are, it also represents how quickly respond to difficult situations. You can have a low dexterity but have a high speed. So a combat veteran may be used to combat and act 4 times in a turn (speed 4) but still only have an 11 Dex. A 18 Dex ballerina may never have had to deal with combat and thus only have a speed of 2. Personally, I believe if you know you can bounce bullets you feel a bit more invulnerable and won't hesitate as much when the figh
  6. OK, so we know what our power level is. We start to buy characteristics. The first characteristic I buy is OCV/DCV. It's your main mode to hit in combat. In games prior to 6th edition, this would mean buying Dex. In 6th edition, OCV and DCV is separated out. We are using an average of 8 in both CVs. So we set the value to 8. We have a starting value of 3 and it costs +5 points to go up or -5 points to go down. To go up to 8 means paying 25 points for OCV and 25 points for DCV. This is great for this example, but what if we want to hit a little more often or be
  7. My first step usually is to find out the power level of the game. In this example, I'll assume a standard superhero game which would be 400 pts with 75 points in complications. The power level is basically the average number of dice thrown at what CVs and at what speed. For our example, the average power level is 12DC, at an 8 CV and 5 Speed. Sometimes, GMs will give you a maximum power level. If the GM gives you this, they generally don't want you to make all your abilities hit these maximums on a regular basis. This means, that without pushing, using maneuvers y
  8. So I figure I'd make a how to build a hero topic. This is just how I build a hero. Other people may build a hero differently. If you already know how to build a hero easily, the poll is not for you. It's for people new to HERO. This is for 6th edition, but most editions I do the same.
  9. Ran this character as a blackmailed superhero. Didn't do a lot of damage as the hero was trying to avoid doing damage to the PC heroes, but when it came time to do damage, was fairly effective. Though he ran through about 2/3 of his arrows.
  10. Ran her as a blackmailed superhero to fight the PCs. She did a hell of a lot of damage grown but she kept pulling her punches and then exactly hitting her targets (which means full damage).
  11. So in response to a thread in Hero System Discussion (link), I made this character. Power Level: Game Average: 12DC, 8 CV, 5 Spd Sex: Male Age: 23 Height: 178cm (5'10") Weight: 60kg (132.28 lbs) Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Black Handed: Right Background: Beau Long was playing with his cowboys and indian toys. He always like the indians and how they use bows and arrows instead of a gun. While playing he heard shouting outside in his bedroom window and saw a family of three get attacked by a robber. The robber killed the
  12. Thinking of using her in a encounter with PCs in a game I run...
  13. So a long time ago (about 15 years IIRC) in a gaming house now but a distant memory, I ran a 5th game and introduced a lowered powered hero NPC trying to get into the main hero's roster. That hero was MinMax. When 6th came out, the new cost challenges for growth made that a bit difficult. I think I finally got it down where I think power, CV, and damage variability is still playable. She may still require some tweaking but on the whole seems okay. Sadly, I am the only GM I know doing Hero right now and the only one doing 6th so she may be on hold for a while. Power Level: Game
  14. This seems like a good idea, a nice place and in accordance with the rules let me say now.....Nazi’s suck. P.S. So does Hydra. P.P.S. Although watching them get their butts kicked does make for a fun night of gaming or a fine evening of programming on the History Channel.
  15. This club will not tolerate pro-nazi or pedophilia posts. Posts which contain Nazis and Pedophiles in a a bad light (like villains) and where they are defeated is fine. Pulp and modern action heroes fighting the good fight against Nazis is the reason for this post as clarification. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_tolerance
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