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  1. Yeah, saw the game a year or two ago in my FLGS. The idea was, the aliens come to Earth to help us against another alien race. As soon as our heroes defeat the alien menace, the "kind" aliens killed all the superheroes who attended the victory party. This only a few antisocial heroes and the villains to free the earth. Never saw anything from that line from that game company after that.
  2. Google to the rescue: https://slate.com/technology/2013/11/nicholas-mevoli-freediving-death-what-happens-to-people-who-practice-holding-their-breath.html https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/science/how-long-can-a-person-hold-their-breath?page=1 BTW: just sitting in my chair doing nothing but surfing the web I get about 45 seconds. I am a standard overweight geek with almost no exercise.
  3. Seems he's back. Real life's been complicated I guess.
  4. Agreed. Hero works best in damage with a handful of dice (at least 6 in my experience).
  5. Yeah, I suggested a half phase attack action because almost always, it's the DNPC or similar who runs up to the hero and eggs them on. The hero then groggily gets up and heads to their de... err... heroic destiny.
  6. He isn't unstunned until his next phase and he only gets a 1/2 action. Mostly, this would allow most villains to run away to fight another day or do something very dramatic in response to heroes. So a mook can run up to Destroyer and say "Boss, you need to get up and fight the heroes!" At which point, Dr. Destroyer takes his 1/2 action and vaporizes the mook. "Thanks, but Dr. Desroyer needs no help from mooks!" But I get your point.
  7. I found that using the conversion wasn't that great. Instead, I rolled up the character as normal for V&V and used the following conversion (mostly for 4/5 ed) Gave it a Strength = based on Carry Capacity as dead lift in kg. So a carry capacity of 1000# would turn into 1000kg or about a 25-30 Str. Dex = Agl Con = Con + 10% of Power Int = Int Ego = Cha +3 for every magic/psionic power and an extra +3 for will power Pre = Cha +2.5 per level Body = 8+ Hit Points PD = figured x1.5 (x2 if the primary attack was hth) ED = figured x1.5 (x2 if the primary attack was energy based) Rec = figured or ( healingx7 rounded ) ( i think, its been a while) SPD = figured rounded up + (any init bonus/15) + 1/10 levels round up ( i think, its been a while) End = figured or power, whichever was higher. Stun = figured or (10% of power plus hit points), whichever was higher ( i think, its been a while) Movement was the average number of actions divide by total movement in inches or simulated mph for flight. This is just number crunching since 5' was close enough to 1"(2m). As far as powers, I would assign powers based on the game DC level which eliminated one of the early problems of V&V which was game balance. Really, power blast and disintegration ray were much more effective at 1d20 than flame blast at 1d12. So, all those effects were about 12DC for my 12dc game.
  8. Strange, I always seem to roll Game Designer/Bum.
  9. There is also the advantage Costs end to activate (+1/4).
  10. I forgot one last item. I print sheets for the villains to be thrown away or put in sheet protectors for wet erase marking. Then when they recover or lose stun/end, I just write it on the sheet. When a power which uses charges is out, I cross off that power. I also sort the villains based on the trip sheet. This only really becomes a problem if there are a lot of villains, but I seem to handle up to 6 fairly well.
  11. Just my $0.02: I find it depends on the story you are telling. If you are telling a story like "Xena: Warrior Princess", where the hero always has their trade marked sword, staff and chakra, then it makes sense that they should buy the items. If you are doing a more traditional RPG style approach (especially those which promote murder hobos), then the building of the weapons is not necessary so long as you have a good idea of how powerful the items are relatively to each other.
  12. Just for reference: 6e2p105 RECOVERING FROM BEING STUNNED A Stunned character must take a moment to clear his head and recover from the effects. This is called recovering from being Stunned. Recovering from being Stunned requires a Full Phase, and is the only thing the character can do during that Phase. A character can recover from being Stunned in the Segment in which he was Stunned if he had a Phase in that Segment and his Phase has not yet occurred (in that case his Constant Powers won’t turn off, since he won’t still be Stunned at the end of the Segment). If a character becomes Stunned while Holding an Action, he cannot use his Held Action to recover from being Stunned — he simply loses it. A character doesn’t recover from being stunned when he takes a Post-Segment 12 Recovery. In the character’s next full Phase after becoming Stunned, he recovers from being Stunned when his DEX occurs in the Segment. He regains his full DCV (and Placed Shot modifiers return to normal), but he still cannot act until his next Phase — recovering from being Stunned is all he can do that Phase. However, after recovering from being Stunned, a character may, if he wishes, Abort to a defensive Action (even in the same Segment in which he recovers from being Stunned). Example: Andarra (DEX 20, SPD 3) is Stunned by an attack on Segment 6. She must use her Phase on Segment 8 to recover; she recovers on DEX 20 (so an enemy attacking her in Segment 8 with, say, DEX 15 would have to hit her at her full DCV). Andarra cannot take any other Action until her next Phase on Segment 12, but may Abort her Phase in Segment 12 in Segments 8 (after her DEX occurs), 9, 10, or 11 if she so desires. If Andarra were Stunned in Segment 4 by an opponent who attacked on DEX 24, she would recover from being Stunned on her Phase in Segment 4, since she hadn’t yet acted in that Phase. A character may be hit by an attack in the Phase in which he’ll recover from being Stunned before getting to do so (i.e., by another character whose DEX is higher than his). If the character takes no damage from the attack after applying his defenses, he may still recover from being Stunned as normal. However, if the character takes any STUN or BODY damage from the attack, he cannot recover from being Stunned that Phase; he must try to do so on his next Phase instead. (At the GM’s option, this also occurs if a character suffers any similar effect, such as losing INT to a Drain INT or taking Knockback.) If a character is Stunned, and takes enough damage to be Stunned again before he gets to recover from being Stunned, he doesn’t have to recover twice — he was already Stunned, so he can’t be “Stunned more.” One recovery from being Stunned takes care of both. If a character is Stunned by a Constant attack, he can recover from being Stunned if he has a Phase in a Segment in which his attacker doesn’t (and therefore in which he doesn’t take damage from the Constant attack). Recovering from being Stunned is not the same thing as taking a Recovery. A character regains no STUN when he recovers from being Stunned, he merely shakes off the effects of being Stunned (such as having ½ DCV). A character can recover from being Stunned even if he cannot breathe or holds his breath. There’s no limit to the number of times a character can be Stunned and recover from being Stunned. Nor is there any limit to how much negative STUN a character can accrue, but the GM can establish a reasonable one (such as negative the character’s starting STUN, or some multiple thereof) if appropriate or desirable.
  13. The idea: In comic books, movies, and tv shows, you have someone stunned or presenced who can't act. In those stories, someone comes along and shakes/slaps them to action, telling them to "Move it!" or "Do you want to live forever?" AFAIK, there is no action in HERO that allows for this other than maybe a counter presence attack for those presenced. What do people think of allowing as an attack action to assist people back to action. Just a friend without a major skill or presence would allow you to recover from being stunned or drop the presence attack by one level. Succeeding in an appropriate presence based skill roll would allow you to drop it a further level by every 2 you make the skill roll (doesn't apply to stunning). In the case of stunning, the person recovers from being stunned as a half phase move action on their phase, giving them a half phase to do something.
  14. Yup, mind link is basically radio but with the added benefit that it counts as line of sight for mental powers. This is why telepathy at the surface thought level could probably get away with what they are seeing or hearing. Of course, the target could close their eyes and think "nyah nyah nyah" in their head and the mind linker would only get "nyah nyah nyah", but then again IIRC they could just close the link. You could probably also use clairsentience vs ECV only through mind link participants.
  15. The two easiest solutions would be a VVP with 8 charges on the pool. The powers themselves could have the charges limitation too with varying lengths of time. Multipowers are the other easy solution and can be constructed in much the same way. You could put 8 charges limitation only on the pool and then each slot would have its own charge and duration, though you would have a problem switching out the power in the slots and continuing to run them. A third method would be to make all powers cost end to cast with extended ones using the Costs end to activate advantage, Each spell then would use the same amount of end and you would put exactly 8xend cost into an endurance reserve. The reserve would have a recovery that would take 24 hours to start.
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