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  1. How about oil slick grenades to cause people to slip and fall? Flash Bangs are popular though I think I may over use them. Aerosol numbing agents - Touch flash. Makes it harder to fight in HTH. Holographic 3D emitters. Make 6 of you with images sight and sound. Stun Knux. Basically Tasers built into brass knuckles. An ugly stick. A linked PRE drain only vs. attacks. You bloody then up so badly its hard to take them seriously. I might have to do this against my players soon. heh heh heh. I have a couple of HTH fighters with neat gimmicks. Most of these are on villains but a couple are on heroes. I have a hero with 0 END Strength and martial arts. However, he has a naked advantage on his entire punch damage that also costs 0 end with an activation roll of 8-. The advantage is autofire 3, so yeah, it's expensive. What happens is, I make a normal punch. If I connect, I roll 3d6 and on a 8-, I find an opening and the regular attack becomes up to 3 more hits. Note if I miss or I don't hit him well enough, it doesn't matter. So far, its never activated properly. I have a villain which has 1d6 aid on a trigger. Every time he misses, he aids his OCV (6th ed). Eventually, he will get so good in combat as to always hit you. The aid is only good against one hero, so different heroes have a different bonus to be hit. The trick would be to constantly change who fights the villain. So far, his OCV against a hero only got up to about +3 before he gets double teamed and knocked out (see below about one of the attacks). The same villain also had 2d6 aid to DCV on a similar trigger but only if he got hit by a direct attack. He only got to +1 DCV before someone haymakered him to oblivion. The main problem here was the players had poor CVs and he had a good DCV so he was hardly hit. The no martial art martial multipower (6th) basically has 20 strength, and 4 OCV and 4 DCV in multiple variable slots. It also has HA area of effect hexes for groups of agents, HA AP as a find weakness attack, HA NND, and HA autofire. I am one of the few GMs which will allow speed drain and I have one martial artist with a 1d6 speed drain. This probably isn't useful for most PCs as most GMs abhor this. But you could also drain PD, ED, or CON per hit. Basically wearing down of defenses and making it easier to stun the target. I have a gunfu character with a naked variable advantage on her gun (5th). It allows her to do head shots (+ STUN), autofire, AP, or indirect with her single shot pistol as a form of trick shooting.
  2. I've seen that no one responded to the question, so I might as well. Marvel has two off the top of my head. Tar Baby, a mutant and a part of the Morlocks. I think they killed him in one of the X spin off books (X-Factor or something). The other is the Blob. In one of the first comics with the Blob, it shows people punching he big body and getting their hands stuck in the Blob and then he expands his fat and basically punches all the people away with his fat.
  3. You can abort to dodge. The rules specifically say Defensive Action. Dodge is a defensive action and is abort-able. Dodge is not an attack action. Its just an action which ends your phase. This is important because you can dodge on your phase and then abort your next phase to block. (For example, to abort your own dodge to block an attack for someone else.) As far as if a character "powering up" for OiHID, I would say aborting to dodge would ruin the change. Of course, this all depends on the GM, but most GMs I know would rule this way too. This is also very comic bookie. A lot of heroes have to dodge, dive for cover, etc. which interrupts their change into a superhero. You might be able to get your GM(especially if they played before 5th) to allow you to buy Instachange for 5/10 points. Instachange was an older pre5th edition power that allowed you to instantly change into a superhero costume.
  4. I would do vulnerability to magical effects(not damage) at 1.5x or 2x for 15/30 points. This would allow magical chains of binding spells to affect her closer to how a normal human might be affected. A psych lim that isn't mentioned which seems to happen a lot with super people, is the desire to fix whats wrong to the point it starts to become self destructive. Ex: "Why was I late Lois? Well, I was headed home with the chinese food, when I heard a little girl crying about a cat in a tree. I fixed that problem, when a 1 alarm house fire went off. I got that done, but a mugging on 5th and vine ..." Another issue that tends to come up are Hunteds that seek a name recognition. Take out Superman and you instantly become an A-Listed. In fact, Superman had Maxmia for a while who came to breed with Supes. Not really a harming hunted, but still keying off the fact that Supes is an extremely powerful entity. Another is the classic NPC of the issue meme. Basically, a flexible DNPC for the GM to use as a damsel in distress or a fan. Ex: The PCs meet Sister May who runs the orphanage. Without her, according to her patrons, the orphanage will fall to ruin. She works 16 hours a day, 365 days a year helping the orphans. Then a villain takes a hostage who is of course Sister May.
  5. This is just how I adjudicate complex gestures vs regular gestures. Other GMs may adjudicate otherwise. If you have no issues doing something else with your hands, it's not worth the limitation gestures. If you can do something else with your hands but it might ruin what you are doing unless you succeed on a Dex roll, its normal gestures. If you can't do something else with your hands, its complex gestures.
  6. Anubis Power Level: 12Dc, 8 CV, 5 Spd Sex: Male Age: ??? Height: 213 cm (7') Weight: 100 kg (220.46 lbs) Eye Color: brown Hair Color: Brown Handed: Right Background: Unknown. Supposedly, he just showed up one day and started serving Packmaster. In reality, he is a servant of the real Anubis and due to his kind treatment of his dogs and his powers, he's been given a guardian by the ancient God. Even if he dies, the god will send another "Anubis" next to Packmaster, though most people will not see the difference. He speaks a language that Packmaster doesn't understand but they still communicate fine. This is mainly due to Packmaster's power than any other thing. Personality/Motivation: Anubis only serves Packmaster. Even if it costs him his life, he will serve Anubis. He knows that if he dies, he will be granted a wonderful after life by the true Anubis. Quote: Yip yip ark ark grrr ark yip growl. ("Sir, refrain from attacking Packmaster or I will send you to see my master in the afterlife.") Powers/Tactics: Anubis will generally fight hand to hand against most opponents. He has a demigod's level of strength which amplifies his martial prowness. It should be noted that he uses a staff. Any analysis on the staff will reveal it to be quite ordinary. Campaign Use: Sidekick to Packmaster, Appearance: He appears to be a well muscular black man with the head of a Jackal, wearing a loincloth and a fancy Eygptian necklace with a ptah. He carries an ornate, thick wooden staff with an Eygptian motif, 4 feet long. Notes: Tahtib is a martial art for Eygtians. Its a stickfighting martial art and a dance and a game! I have no real knowledge of the sport other than a few videos I've seen on the web. The martial art is really for clubs, but in the write up its designed as unarmed to make it easier for Champions. I also heard one comment saying that its movements can be used unarmed and while I can see a number of usable maneuvers bare handed I think blocking might be bad. Still its enough for me to allow bare handed as a weapon element, especially since this is a Champions game villain.
  7. Power Level: 12Dc, 8 CV, 5 Spd Sex: Male Age: 31 Height: 175 cm (5'9") Weight: 74 kg (163.14 lbs) Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: dark Brown Handed: Right Background: Xavier, Yolanda and Zachary were hiking when they find an old oil lamp. Jokingly, they all rubbed the lamp saying "Wouldn't it be great if it were a magic lamp that contained a Genie." Surprising, a genie appeared and offered to grant them each a wish to the best of its abilities once per day. Xavier wanted to be a superhero and was granted strength, speed, invulnerability and flight. Almost immediately, he flew off to save someone. He became a famous superhero overnight though heavily overworked. Yolanda wanted super powers too but ones that would give her a comfiortable life style. She wouldn't be always dashing off to save someone. The next day, the Genie made her a supergenius with mental powers and energy blasting powers. Alas, she became corrupted by her powers and vowed to become a supervillain. She became the nemesis of Xavier. Zachary also wanted superpowers. The Genie having given his best tricks to the two wishers before him, gave Zachary the ability to control dogs (Canines). When Zachary complained, the Genie said "Sorry, all your wishes are used up." and left. Personality/Motivation: Zachary is not unimpressed with his powers, but feels that in the age of superpowers he got a bit shorted compared to others. He tried using his powers to make money but there were other cheaper alternatives to his abilities out there. He tried the superhero route but people would lodge complaints against him about stealing their dogs. So, he became a supervillain for the money and ease. While he has almost total control over the dogs and uses them in his crimes, he actually loves dogs. If one gets wounded, he'll get them properly treated by a vet and woe be the one who hurt the dog. As an example, before Anubis became his sidekick, a police officer shot one of the dogs. All the dogs at once turned and savagely attacked the officer and put him into intensive care. The Packmaster was arrested at the vet hospital AFTER the operation to save the dog was a success. Quote: Sic'em boys! Powers/Tactics: Dogs seem to act like well trained attacks dogs under his command and he uses this control to basically do hit and run bank jobs. The dogs act as his personal army. When going to a job he will take more dogs ready to join him in trucks nearby. He always keeps two attack dogs with him at all times. He has a follower named Anubis. Why Anubis follows him, no one knows. Even if separated from Packmaster's powers, Anubis will fight and buck to get to his master's side. Anubis will not disobey any command of Packmasters and when Packmaster is encarcerated, Anubis will follow him into the jail. When personally attacked, Anubis will drop everything to protect him. Campaign Use: General villain for hire. Appearance: Packmaster had a flashy costume but found it embarassing. Nowadays, he wears heavy coveralls made of Duraweave. They look fairly basic and none too embarrassing. His overall demeanor appears to be that of any type of construction worker. He normally has two attack dogs with him who act like well heeled pets. Notes: This one came to me in a dream, where I was GMing for a few friends. It has not been play tested. Its a silly low level villain but with a more powerful sidekick and a powerful, though severely limited, ability. When encountering heroes for the first time, players should make a perception roll to note the collars of the dogs. All the dogs are well cared for. Some have nicer collars and tags indicating they may be beloved pets. The Packmaster himself is a dog lover (though he doesn't see anything wrong with them helping out in crimes) and makes sure that they are healthy, groomed, and well fed. The dogs are treated as 100 pt characters. If you have the 6th ed Bestiary, you will note Dogs are 89 total points (6eHSBp463). Some of the extra points should go into teamwork skill as the dogs will coordinate to work with each other and Packmaster. Packmaster.pdf Anubis.pdf
  8. Power Level: 12Dc, 8 CV, 5 Spd Sex: Female Age: 29 Height: 167cm (5'6") Weight: 55kg (121.25 lbs) Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Black Handed: Right Background: She was part of the Spetznaza or Russian Special Forces. Her code name was призрак or Ghost. She was a sniper/assassination specialist in the Spetnaza. While in their service, she underwent genetic latency activation. Her powers required an amplification suit but the transmaterialization of her body gave her an edge in her assassinations. Unhappy with her lifestyle in Russia, she blackmailed several higher ranking officials into letting her go. The ones who rejected her terms suddenly went missing. She then emigrated to the European Union and then the United States, using the influence of several criminal organizations. While she belongs to no specific organization, she contracts out her services to any who will hire her. Personality/Motivation: Her biggest goal is money and life style. Her contracts always includes cost contingencies where she can bail from a contract if the cost exceeds estimates (her deposit is always returned but she has only returned 1 deposit in 53 assignments). Quote: Ваше бронирование в аду ждет. ("Your reservation in Hell awaits.") Powers/Tactics: She generally uses long range shots to snipe her target with her heavy duty sniper rifle. At a range of half of a kilometer, it would take most supers over 12 seconds to come to where she is shooting from and using her powers she is very difficult to corner. At times, due to the precautions of the target, she will need to get in close. In those instances, she can usually perform the hit and get away with her powers but she is more likely to be caught by a team of superheroes who tend to cover for each other. Campaign Use: Assassin Appearance: She has black hair and green eyes and maintains a good physique similar to that of a gymnast. Notes: In my campaign, it took three heroes to catch her as she would phase through buildings, teleport blindly into hallways, and phase through walls and attacks. The big limitation is the limited distances she can cover and the fact that she can only use one multipower ability per phase. She never used her acid attack, as that is generally used for breaking into areas she can't phase/teleport through. Anything not listed was never brought up in the game organically so why bother (like her name beyond her code name). Ghost.pdf
  9. I am guessing because its a beneficial power? I don't know. I think Duke's more on point. A hedging of bets.
  10. My problem with mimicry is that to be good enough to impersonate people is really tough. Some people just can't do it or can only do a few people within a degree of similarity to their own voice. This doesn't seem like the mimicry which you see in movies or even impersonators do who will often say its also mimicking the mannerism and approach-ability of the character which in turn sounds like PRE to me.
  11. Before answering with a rules page or quote from the rule, I know the official answer. What I'd like to know is your opinion. Do you believe Mimicry is an Int or Pre based skill? If you think your answer differs from other peoples opinion, please explain why in the comments.
  12. Sorry, this accidentally went to the wrong forum.
  13. Sorry wrong forum. I have remade the poll in Hero System Discussion. Please ignore.
  14. dsatow

    Automan thoughts

    To be honest, I watched any scifi/superhero/superhero adjacent TV show on the air around that time that I knew about (even the Captain America pilot with the spandex suit, motorcycle, and plastic shield). The sad thing is, I don't remember any episodes, just scenes. PS: I thought Manimal was really dumb. By the time he changed forms, I was wondering why the villains just didn't shoot him.
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