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  1. Wow. Just wow. 60% I guess Space Nazis isn't so overused that people aren't enthusiastic about playing in a con game with one. Just some background: I liked the trailer for Iron Sky and then I saw the Revell model Haunebu II at appropriate scale and my mind came up with a silly con game story. I thought, it might be fun, but people might not like the old Space Nazi trope for a game. Never been so wrong in my life.
  2. Hrmmm, the way this is going, I should just use as the convention tag-line Name: "Space Nazis from the Moon!" Description: "Nuff Said"
  3. You can always have both villains group come take the wand. This is useful when the villains win and you really don't want them too, the second villain group comes to take the goal from the first group. Usually, the heroes will then try to escape with the goal.
  4. Is this based on Wes Cassidy from Spiderman (see http://www.marvunapp.com/Appendix/wcassady.htm)? He's a favorite one-shot of mine from the Spiderman comics.
  5. So, it looks to be fighting Nazis. The poll is open till just before Labor Day when Dundracon opens registration.
  6. That's really well done, Though the purple is a little lighter than I would have thought, I can't tell if its the lighting/camera settings or actually that light in color.
  7. [NOT RULE CANON, HOUSE RULE] We used to allow levels to deactivate partial cover armor (defenses which have a roll to activate). Each level would provide a penalty to prevent the activation of the defense.
  8. I am trying to decide what to run for Dundracon now that I have ended my games for teenage supers. The power level will all be about 12DC, 8 CVs, 5 Spd Champions combat but I haven't decided which of the three to use. Actually two ideas really stand out while the third keeps popping its head out of the ground. You can choose more than one but please only choose the ones that sound really interesting to you.
  9. Even if she wasn't there, i'd show. You know how are it is to find an open good HERO game?!
  10. Apartment size varies based on location. 350 sq feet is about right (or luxurious) in highly crowded cities like London, Manhattan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc. 1 square meter is about 10.8 square feet or 1" hex (2m) =~ 43 sq. feet. In this case, Google is your friend. To find apartment costs or housing costs, you can do a google search on apartments for rent. For example, using https://www.apartments.com/san-francisco-ca/student-housing/ we can find "student" apartments in San Francisco, their sq. footage and costs (though how a starving college student can live in one of those apartments without sharing something like 4 to a room is beyond me). I took a random example is from Avalon at Mission Bay apartments which is a studio 1 bedroom apartment 508^2 ft for (GACK!!!) $3490 per month. To convert square feet to hexes, we can use google to find "sq ft to sq meters". So a 500^2 ft studio apartment is 46^2 m or (dividing m^2 by 4 for the standard 2m game hex) about 11". That's about a size 1 on the base size characteristic. Your base apartment doesn't need to pay for anything normal (bathroom, kitchen, etc) unless its special in some way (a gourmet kitchen might be considered a PS:Cooking lab for instance).
  11. Healing will replenish spent end. So making an end reserve which has no recovery, the reserve would depend on the healing to fill up the end reserve. Aid increases the amount of end in the battery but in increasing the end, it also give end. So aiding a end battery which has 10 end in it with 10 points of aid will make that end battery have 30 end. If the 10 end battery had no end in it, its maximum would be 30 but it still would have the 20 end from the aid in it to be used.
  12. Wouldn't people from Saturn also be a Jovian (Jovian being a class of giant class planet)?
  13. Open endurance reserve. There should be an edit link next to the Recovery value. It will open a new window for recovery. Click on Add Modifier. This will put an advantage or limitation solely on the recovery. Note this still won't do what you want. A better idea is probably create an end battery with no recovery and then a limited aid or healing to the end reserve based on body bounced by pd.
  14. There is an argument for ending in an "ee" sound as well as ending in a "n". But in a lot of samples from science fiction, it's hard to tell whether it the name denoting location of the species or the species name. For instance, Klingons come from Q'onos, so it's much more likely that the term Klingon is a species designation much like Human is not related to a location on Earth. Of course, I started down the wrong road when I used the term Ratling, so I apologize for that. But say for example, you come from a colony on Uranus. If the colonists from Mars are called Martians and Earth, Earthings, what are people from Jupiter or Uranus called? (And yes, I know the obvious joke about people coming from Uranus being s#!t, but lets not digress there)
  15. So, this sounds stupid but when do you -ling vs -ian? For example you have Earthling or Ratling but not Earthian or Rattian. You have Martian or Venusian but not Marsling or Venusling.
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