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  1. I like the Leaping UAA, but this doesn't normally make the target fall on their butts. Does this matter in game play or is the movement enough of a problem to players?
  2. You didn't read the first message. I had Nazis on a post a while back and they won by taking nearly 2/3rds the vote. I wanted more data, so that's why Nazis aren't on the list.
  3. Just my $0.02 disclaimer. I like how pathfinder describes curing disease with remove disease. The magic removes the disease but does not give immunity to the disease. So removing disease just means you can be reinfected. So most powers would probably do this. Another point, if Viper could come up with a deadly virus (say like in Contagion with a high infection rate and a 25% kill rate), a super genius hero could come up with a cure or vaccine. But to be honest, I don't think most super smart supervillains/organization will use bioweapons like disease. Germs generally are notorious for mutating and making your vaccine/immunity useless. About the only group I think willing to use bioweapons is Mechanon who might think a virus is not really a living thing per say. If I were to implement an epidemic plot, I would probably make the disease highly infectious via breath and contact, is slow to develop symptoms (so an infected person could transfer the disease without knowing it) and such that a very healthy person would show no symptoms and be a carrier. This would make supers who make a Con Roll, not get symptoms but who are carriers unless they have immunity to disease. I would make the infection based on a Con Roll, if you make it, you wouldn't get symptoms. If you make it by 5 (or 10 depending on the game), you don't get infected. If you are sickened, you must make 3 Con Rolls consecutively in 3 days to get better. You get a +1 for making the previous roll and a -1 for failing a previous roll cumulative. If you make any of the Con rolls on a success as a 3, you are actually a mutant/mutate and you get better because of the mutation assuming you aren't currently a mutant/mutate. If you fail any of the Con rolls with an 18, you mutate as a horrible monstrosity, no longer able to fit in at first glance with humanity. The disease drops your BODY and CON by 1d6-3 each day. The effect would affect figured stats normally. The one thing I definitely would not do is stat out the disease. The disease is what it is.
  4. That's too bad, but better to stay safe than sorry. Hopefully things will quiet down enough in a few month time where a convention can happen again.
  5. LOL, in college I used a window and sunlight.
  6. In general, no lock created by the GM is easily passable if the GM wants it not to be easily passed. If this is a magical game or if Dr. Destroyer is protecting his tech vault, you can expect that the locks look like something Jack Kirby would have drawn and have something like 50 pts of power defense and a security systems roll of 30-. It would be hardened against teleport and desol and extra d-travel, be air tight, and have sub-atomic land mines. In a race against a GM, the player will lose. After all, the players are limited in points while GMs are not.
  7. Again this build doesn't work the way you think it does. The difference is where you put the the Usable Simultaneously. If you put the Usable simultaneously on the personal immunity, then you are transferring the ability of the personal immunity to the recipient but not the darkness power itself. That power is still with the active user. Thus if the recipient has the darkness power of up to 40 active points, they could use it for their power, but if they didn't have the power, the naked advantage does not apply. In order for it to work you need to attach the Usable Simultaneously as part of the naked advantage making the power 30 active points. Naked advantages of Personal Immunity and Usable Simultaneously on 40 active for 20 points. Reduced End on the Naked Advantage for +1/2 = 30 Active. IIF on power construct reducing final cost to 24 pts. In all honesty, its a waste of points. You can put Personal Immunity on the original darkness and then define that the personal immunity is due to special goggles. Then anyone with the special goggles would be immune. This could be copied by the villains but they would have to somehow discover this initially before implementing a workaround.
  8. As GM and player, I can tell you that just having 3 Minor Transform 1d6, Constant (+1/2) (7 Active Points); Gestures, Requires Gestures throughout (-1/2), Incantations (Requires Incantations throughout; -1/2), No Range (-1/2) Or 4 Dispel 1d6, Constant (+1/2), Cumulative (384 points; +2) (10 Active Points); Gestures, Requires Gestures throughout (-1/2), Incantations (Requires Incantations throughout; -1/2), No Range (-1/2) would be enough for most GMs. Most GMs aren't gonna sweat the small stuff and price out a lock on a door. In the end, the GM will just think "Did the BBG put fail safes on the door to prevent this?" So Dr. Destroyer might have done something to protect his vault of tech secrets, but not the janitor's closet or his minion's locker room.
  9. Darkness with personal immunity could work. The immunity being those with access to a VPN of sorts to the radio communications. Security Systems could also work. Basically, you use the base's security systems skill roll to encrypt the transmissions. This has precedence in early Hero supplements. As unclevlad noted. Barrier can also be used. Any power which can prevent a sense can be used to block radio reception and personal immunity used as an exception. You could use Clairsentience to go outside the restricted area, but this might be limited to receiving, depending on the GM and special effects. It also could be blocked depending on the GM and special effects. You could by special effect make the walls lined with copper, or place the base under 6' of concrete. Communications would then be limited to wired retransmission. Again, it depends on your GM. You could suppress radio within the area of the base again with personal immunity. That's all I can think of right now. Probably, the cheapest would be the Security Systems route or using the special effect of the building location/materials.
  10. That wouldn't work as you seem to suggest. If you bought the Naked Advantage as personal immunity and then Usable by others only on the naked advantage, that would in effect allow the target of the naked advantage to be personally immune to any darkness they generated on their own subject to the active point limit of the naked advantage. It would not give them the darkness power.
  11. Yup, it also depended on who made the test, what the test was looking for, etc. In general, the idea was that a score of 100 meant that your intelligence was normal for your age. At 200, you intelligence was equivalent to someone twice your age. Of course, that really is subjective. Before the late 70s I think, it was based on knowledge but that excluded disadvantaged people with poor educational resources. In the 80s, I think it was supposed to be creativity, but then they found the tests were skewed by racial and cultural biases. I have no idea what it entails now but its the only measurement we have.
  12. Sadly, I can't reset the counts on the forum or allow you to add more choices. There weren't any options for that when editing the poll.
  13. Another I forgot to add. Its coming up.
  14. Oh forgot that one! Will add.
  15. For documents, I usually write a campaign sheet which has house rules and character design limits. Especially when it involves a convention game. For scale, I play 6e but I still use 1"=2m. The reason is, I usually play Champs. The 1"=1M doesn't scale well for supers combat when targets are flying back 10m or 5" in a 12d6 game. On a regular battlemat, most of the players went off the mat in different directions due to movement and knockback. For Heroic games where there is knockdown instead and more limited movement, 1"=1M scale should be fine.
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