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  1. PLEASE NOTE: This topic isn't whether you support vaccination, masks, etc. Its just about how the current environment is affecting your HERO gaming. Please refrain from such conversations pro or con. My game kind of fizzled as one of the core players moved back to the east coast and kind of isolated himself for various reasons (not all reasons due to the pandemic).
  2. I used to run Teen Champions at Cons. I did a lot of summer movie style games. The kaiju game with Sharkoctopus. The Jason Vorhees game. The Christmas theme game with Krampus. A lot of teen horror movies turn into great combat fodder, especially when mixed together (imagine fighting Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, deadites/zombies, and Edward Cullen! XD )
  3. How would you describe your last major story arc in your Champions campaigns? Rules: Minimum of 100 characters. That's about 20 5 letters words. So "police procedural" doesn't cut it as a description. More description helps. Maximum of about 300 characters. That's about 60 words. This isn't a hard limit but try to keep your description to only a paragraph or two. More description is good, but we aren't looking for a novel. Try to describe it in a way that a new GM might take inspiration from it. Example: Last year I completed two story arcs. One was fairly long. #1(2014-2020) The PCs are involved where the failure of established units and super powered military of the government (PRIMUS) kept failing to stop large scale supervillain attacks. Several political figures decided to use a civilian contracting unit to replace Primus. This turned out to be Viper who with the politicians started a long story arc where they took over the government in the name of law and order. #2(2020) This Legion of Superheroes style game had a story arc where communication was lost on a mining colony. The mining colony used biosynthetic humans (replicants effectively) to do all the menial labor. The governor of the colony goes mad and begins to think himself a god and bioengineers himself and several others with powers stolen from genetic material of aliens.
  4. They were humans, but Nazis which seem to be everyone go to punching bags.
  5. One of the reason I asked this question is I was remembering at a Con using agents in a game which were compared to the the heroes just Kobolds swarming the area. Players seemed to take great glee and wiping the map with them before taking on the larger menace.
  6. In general, how powerful are your agents compared to the superheroes they fight? This is not to say all your agents are like this, just a majority (a reminder: majority is 51% or just over half). If your agent team is of mixed usage but are still DESIGNED to knock out a hero (like a 5 man team with 1 AoE Entangle or Flash, 1 Drain, 2 Blasters, and 1 Tank) then the answer is #2 even if they can do other things like #3-#5. Knocking out a hero means a fairly good probability of knocking out a hero (say at least 1/3 of the time) and not by random dice rolls. Most of my single agents with killing attacks could stun or knock out a hero by rolling max damage on killing attacks but that's less than a 1% chance of the damage generated. For me, back in college, the majority of agents were 20% less powerful in CVs and Damage compared to the heroes. A group of 3-5 could take down the hero. Today, my players will probably say they fall in the #2 category still, but I see them more as #4. While they still do stun and can be taken out easily, they can make life annoying to players from a tactical point of view. They tend to flash, entangle, or drain characters to the point that if the players don't address them within the scope of a turn, the villains will generally win.
  7. In your games, do you use 1"=1m or 1"=2m? I've stuck to 1"=2m for Champions mainly because of knockback.
  8. Rather than invisibility, wouldn't a low grade mental illusion work almost as well. Something like: 43 pts Mental Illusions 6d6 (Human class of minds), Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2), Area Of Effect (32m Radius; +1) (75 Active Points); No Range (-1/2), Stops Working If Mentalist Is Knocked Out (-1/4)
  9. Only in Hero ID without the time to change into the heroic ID is still a limitation if one is maintaining a secret ID. In that case, it is still a limitation.
  10. In general, the question of how long it takes to change into Hero ID should be answered by your GM. The amount of time should be consistent within the game, so if player A has Only in Hero ID and player B has Only in Hero ID for the same value, then the amount of time it takes to change into Hero ID should be the same for both players. As for a rule of thumb on length of time, this is again dependent on the GM, which is why you should ask your GM. If you are the GM wondering how to rule on this, then in general, most GMs (but not all) I have played with, as well I GM, that changing into Hero ID generally takes about 12 second or 1 turn. But this is not necessarily what all GMs will say. I have been in campaigns where the GM just said it take a full round out of combat. The said game was a very high speed game and players being out of combat for a turn would have been too great a limitation for just a -1/4. I've also been in games where the GM said it took a minute but again the game played differently. You as GM should choose a baseline amount of time that you feel is both believable and is worth the -1/4 limitation. Note that Only in Hero ID isn't just taking time to don a costume. It could also be transformation time. The 1970s Incredible Hulk TV show could also be described as only in Hero ID rather than multiform or shapeshift. Instead of taking X amount of time to change, Bruce Banner took X seconds of repeating shirt and pants ripping transformation into the Hulk. Even the recent Thor: Ragnarok shows what happens when you don't time your transformation correctly. That being said, since 5th edition there are ways around this limitation. Shape shift and multiform are probably the two most common ways to form an instant change alter ego. A sidebar, IIRC, in 5th edition has the power 2d6 cosmetic transform, to change said clothes into any other set of clothes, including your costume. This would still hold true in 6th. Some older GMs still use a 3rd and 4th edition power called instachange even if they use 5th or 6th edition rules.
  11. I originally email this response to SinedOL back on Aug 23. I am reprinting it here for informational sake in case others have similar issues.
  12. I originally email this response to greypaladin_01 back on Aug 23. I am reprinting it here for informational sake in case others have similar issues.
  13. I originally email this response to SinedOL back on Aug 23. I am reprinting it here for informational sake in case others have similar issues.
  14. Isn’t mundane stuff what the power pool called Wealth is for?
  15. dsatow

    Team vehicles

    I can see anything remotely large flying at Mach 10 towards a slightly paranoid country being shot down as a missile unless there was something to prevent it from happening. I can also see meter maids taping tickets on super vehicles and the vehicle itself trying to argue it wasn’t parked there. Vehicle: “You don’t think I’m handicapped? Let see if I can’t fit through the door of the court to challenge the ticket.” Meter Maid: “No license plate, no placard. Not disabled. $500 fine.”
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