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  1. Most GMs I know will allow it if the special effect is something that shoots to a hex and blossoms into an area of effect (like a grenade, a missile, a classic fireball effect) even if the power did not take the limitation of can be missile deflected. It wouldn't work on say a spell which causes a fog to roll in. Limiting the missile deflection to only Area of Effects would be something your GM decides, but I would say -1.
  2. Just a suggestion, but you could also use missile deflection.
  3. I guess you are in a drought of ideas Here's some ideas: The dry wind blast - EB w/double knockback or EB linked with END drain Area of Effect Rec Drain Selective Always On(This one can get nasty after the first turn, basically its simulating rain as a recovery of the land) Too tiring to do anything : End drain AoE Selective Always On only when target uses END (basically doing anything costs more end than expected) Dust in your eyes : Flash attack
  4. The weirdest characters I ever played as a player is the Ze Giant Robot and the Coca Cola Kid. Ze Giant Robot is a 3' Gundam suit wherein a 6'6" man contortion-ed himself into. The idea was, the French became enamored with the idea of giant robots and took scale model designs from the TV to make the suit but the error in scaling made the suit 3' tall. Not to let good equipment go to waste, they got a contortionist to enter the suit and pilot it. Those crazy frenchies. The Coca Cola Kid is a walking advertisement for Coca Cola. He's essentially a martial artist with Coke Can nunchuks. When he was feeling tired, he'd pop open a can of Coke and get refreshed (END and STUN aid). He lost his job at Coca Cola when New Coke came out. A friend of mine played the Mime, super powered mime. Basically, anything he could pantomime became real (though invisible). If he pantomimed a wall, then an invisible 12def wall appeared. PS: we made much weirder villains, but I don't have enough space.
  5. Or you can use summon, though it might get costly.
  6. I'd treat it as a multiform, with a charge, focus, concentration, and activation time based on his reading immersion speed. The multiform would allow him to have skills based on concept. Don't let him get away with speed reading. He should need to total immerse himself in the book. So say an hour minimum to 5 hours probably. He should also explain in what circumstances would he leave the persona. Does his power disappear when he sleeps (non-persistent)? After a day? Can he immediately go back to the same form without re-reading the book? Does he forget one character when he reads another character? As the saying goes, "With great power comes great limitations." or something like that.
  7. Probably the best way to check damage in a NCM game is to make powers no greater than martial arts, since you will probably let martial arts in the game. Cap damage at 8d6N(a 20 str person doing an offensive strike). The next step is to determine how much focii defenses are available. If you look at Western Hero, pistols did about 1d6 to 1d6+1 Killing. While those same weapons in a modern game would do about 1.5d6 to 2d6 Killing. This is probably due to the fact that there isn't much resistant defenses in Western games for characters to wear. In a fantasy game where there is heavy metal armor, you will notice the amount of killing damage going even higher. Thus you either want to make resistant defenses available as common focii, allow lots of Combat luck, or reduce the cap for Killing. Otherwise, every character will have a killing attack if not several. Other considerations are hit locations, impairment/wounding, and levels.
  8. More real physics problems: If you are interacting with solid objects at the speed of light, the friction with the air will cause you to burn up, assuming you could move through the air. If you are moving at the speed of light, you might be blind. Moving towards a light source would make it way brighter than normal. Moving away from a light source would be completely dark.
  9. Please note that I understand the situation is based on the campaign, but the question revolves around what you think a standard 4 color Champions campaign is. If you cite a specific campaign, then you've jumped over the initial premise. If you want to think of it another way, how about this: There is a convention game call "Superfight". "Players will try to stop the Avengers from fighting the Justice League. Players will need to bring their own character." The power levels are described (DCs, CVs, Spds, Act pts, total points) but nothing else. How do you think the special defenses would rate as commonality. Note, you do not have any more information than what is written above.
  10. Every super game needs: A Nazi themed association to fight. A Ninja style association to fight. I don't know why, but every superhero group loves fighting Nazis and Ninjas. Hey! That sounds like a new supplement.
  11. In 5th ed, its 2m or 1 hex only. One of the good things in 6th is the change in AoE.
  12. Assuming a standard Champions 4 color campaign, how rare do you mark the common special defenses (flash def, power def, mental def, resistant)? Assuming the following four rarity levels (very common, common, uncommon, rare), how would you rank them? Personally, I'd rank them as follows: sight and hearing flash def : common Life support temp cold : common mental def : uncommon Life support breathing : Uncommon power def : rare flash defense other than sight and hearing : rare Life support other: rare
  13. I would think that unless you're desolid, going at that speed, everything will be like an infinite defense object as molecules would still be moving at normal speed. But this is comic book physics, so the most important limitation to observe is comic book physics law one (if it doesn't look cool in the comic, it doesn't work).
  14. Or make the attack accurate. Hrmmm, I wonder if he's mixing terms. Dodge roll sounds a lot like dive for cover.
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