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  1. The pre attack would only be against the targeted person, though a general pre attack might affect every one there. You are right, this should only be against lower level targets. Hrmmm. Maybe just a straight bonus to the pre attack. So if you hit by 5, that target would get your based Pre attack rolled +10. Would that be too much? I don't know about you guys, but my least impressive supers usually have a 15-20 PRE with the major villains up in the 30s or higher. Actually, in my gaming circles, we usually define a violent action as any major effect, whether targeting a specific mook or not. So, breaking through a wall would be a violent action and just firing at the mook would also count but was seldom used except maybe after the fact. The idea you see a lot in anime/manga and frequently in comics is the one of a swordsman or gunman who cuts the hair of the target, totally demoralizing them. This would be useful in a hostage situation or when fighting an obviously underclassed villain you rather not accidentally kill. In game terms, the player is effectively turning a 0 phase action into an attack action for some benefit.
  2. Compared to last year, yeah. Jason Krestoff, a frequent Hero GM, is running Feast of Legends. Last year he ran Starfinder, so he might be a bit burned out on Hero (hard to believe, I know ) Jim Gettman, another Hero GM, is running D&D5. Also missing since last year Callie Goukler, Aaron Gettman, and Glenn Thain.
  3. I never thought of using that example. Cool idea, I'll use it the next time I have to teach someone the system.
  4. I was just thinking (damn silicon valley traffic!), it's a common ploy of hero to demoralize thugs and witless minions by fire an attack which simply trims a few hairs off their head. This is more than just using a obviously dangerous power to make a point. It shows the hero can easily kill the thug or witless minion easily. To me, the most immediate way to resolve this is to roll to hit the thug but purposely miss. The player would roll to hit, for every 2 they exceed what they needed to hit by, they would get +1d6 to their presence attack (for a maximum of +7d6 if they had a 17- to hit and rolled a 3). This bonus would be on top of the amount from using one's powers in an aggressive manner towards the thug which is a +1d6 - +3d6 bonus. What do you think?
  5. The differences can be due to genre also. Something which fits Champions might not fit Fantasy Hero and vice versa. The most reliable set is 6ev1 and v2 for 6th and FRED for 5th. 6th has the rule under Missed and random shots" on 6e2p127 which corresponds to your quote. There used to be a rule that said if you miss by the amount of bonus DCV you got from partial coverage, you hit the cover instead. Ex: If the Thug is hiding behind a DNPC , they might get +4 DCV from the hiding behind the DNPC (The +4 corresponds to a high shot OCV penalty using hit locations). If the Hero tries to shoot the Thug, and misses, the Hero would hit the DNPC if they didn't miss by more than 4.
  6. Actually, rather than god taking us to heaven, I would rather suspect that god put in a 1 body transformation attack within us that triggers when we do good, reverses when we do evil, and fades over time. Then when the time comes at our death, the transform will either be enough or not and we go immediately to heaven. The transformation gives us a XDM always on to either heaven, hell, or purgatory (as a reincarnation plane) Of course, this means when god comes to take us to heaven he does a 20d6K AVAD does BODY accurate attack to separate our soul from our body... 🤣
  7. That will be hard, but I would say, building heaven would require the 7th edition rules. 🤣
  8. I didn't think it affected range attacks. I do know it affected haymakers regardless of type (melee or ranged or even mental).
  9. Actually, almost everyone has the sense used. The sense is touch.
  10. How about: Noobie/Rookie Seasoned/Established Veteran Expert/Ace/Ranked Legend - wait for it - dary Personally I am using in the campaign I am running: Vigilante City State Region National International Galactic These are based on influence and pull. Finally, you could also do it on school ranks. This would also be good if they have to go through training. Freshman Sophmore Junior Senior "Graduate"
  11. I understand if an obvious focus is used to turn invisible, the obvious focus stays visible. What if you buy invisible power effects on the invisibility? Does that make the focus invisible too?
  12. Actually the rules for HA before 6th was the same as HA. It was just no one ever bothered applying the rule and it didn't cause a problem in many games.
  13. I generally round per math so a .5 or higher rounds up. Less than .5 rounds down. That includes stun. If players don't round on half stun that way, I am not going to quibble on 1 stun.
  14. Weaponmaster/Deadly Blow could be from a earlier supplement or from a version of the game where the number of DCs, levels, and multipowers were restricted. The first edition of Fantasy Hero didn't allow multipowers. IIRC, there were no DC for MA. Only levels which could be used for OCV, DCV, and DC. Weaponmaster would then allow you to increase your damage without allowing you CVs to change. Note: I am not in support or against Weaponmaster/Deadly Blow. Just a historical viewpoint.
  15. I've seen the argument from a player. It just depends on what you as a GM are comfortable with. I was okay with it as long as it didn't exceed the maximum DC of my game. I would like to note a couple of things on the whole 5 pts of Strength vs 4 MA DC. 1) If Strength is drained/suppressed to 0, you can't use DC of martial arts (you only do 1d6 or +1 DC to a weapon)6e1p42. Martial arts are dependant on Strength. 2) As noted, MA does not give you lift capability as well as other effects that are defined in Strength but not martial arts. This can be a problem in high gravity zone games. 3) If a martial weapon has a strength minimum on it, martial art DC do not compensate for a lack of strength which may cause penalties. 4) Technically, a GM does not have to let you use martial escape to get out of an entangle, though I see in real life most GMs allow it. Martial escapes are usually only to counter a grab maneuver (but again the rules says the GM can allow it and most GMs I know allow it).
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