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The heroes are part of the Bat-Family, the informal name for Batman’s closest allies, generally masked vigilantes who either have been trained by Batman or operate in Gotham City with his tacit approval.
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  2. (OCC: As Tjack has left the game, I'm ending it.)
  3. Rob whispers something into Doreen's ear. Jack make a hearing perception check if you want.
  4. "I know," Doreen says. "However, I think Batman, Batgirl, their associates, the police, and the Secret Service can deal with anything that comes our way."
  5. (OCC: Does Doreen know Rob is Lady Heart?)
  6. (OOC: It's an actual melodrama, but the exact one isn't important for the story, unless the title could be a clue of some kind.)
  7. A story. Once upon a time, in the most distant reaches of the galaxy. There was a people, they were dreamers and shapers. Healers and makers. They combined nanotechnology and biotechnology in ways never seen before or since. They had many great skills, but they were not warriors. They gave their skills and gifts to any who came to them and asked. But they never left their home world because they loved it so. And all was well....until the day when some forgotten would be conqueror decided it would be better if only he controlled these gifts. Then the people’s beautiful home became a battleground for a thousand years. Over and over their lives were nothing more than a prize to be won. Passed from hand to hand, from one tyrant to another. Until even the name of their race was lost to history. They prayed for Justice. They wept for Justice. They cried out for Justice....but none came. After a millennium of bondage they decided to do that which was still abhorrent to them. They would leave the world of their birth. They shaped and grew the great living ships which would take the remainder of their race far from war and slavery. Out to the unknown stars. Hidden by their technology from all who would try to use them once more, they wandered and planned. The few who were left, those who didn’t will themselves to die from sorrow after leaving their world. They came to another great decision. If they received no Justice, they would make certain others would. They worked their greatest creation. A being that was both living creature and machine, both weapon and armor, both teacher and servant. One that would bond with someone they felt was worthy and who sought Justice not only for any wrongs that had been done to them but for everyone. They marked each of these with a sign, the last known glyph of their language. A symbol that stood for one who strove to defend and do what was right...a Paladin. They searched the cosmos for those with these qualities. They also kept watch in case power corrupted the bearer so that the gift could be taken away. The ones they found worthy were few but but all had risen to the call. Now they have come to Earth and found a young man to serve the cause.
  8. (OCC: The gear in the utility belt has been updated. It is now: a Mini-Bat Computer (Absolute Range Sense, Absolute Time Sense, Eidetic Memory, Lightning Calculator, Speed Reading, Mind Scan/Mind Control 6d6 [Machines], & link to the main Batcomputer), a Bat Communicator (may be a hands-free wrist communicator), a launching grappling hook, starlite nightvision lenses or goggles (not usable in cases of magical darkness or the total absence of light), a penlight with red, white, and infrared LEDs, flex cuffs, 6 folding batarangs, 6 explosive batarangs, 6 Taser batarangs, electro-knuckles, and a Mini-Gas Mask.)
  9. (In Game) Maybe we could make sure you could get loose at the drop of a hat? That way at least you could take off if anything does happen. Sorry, you folks have probably already thought this through. (OOC:) Is this an actual play or did somebody from the school write this? Either anyone looking to start trouble knows roughly where his target will be at any given time. Or they may have had a hand in the writing so they could control where the target will be?
  10. "So, knowing the play is for charity, you figure one of Gotham's worst is going to show up and try anything? My bet is either Clayface, Film Freek, or The Riddler. To make matters worse, there are many choices for kidnapping and ransom, with our president's niece only the most obvious target. Hench the secret service. Me myself, perhaps the lowest hanging fruit. I spend a good portion of time on stage fake tied up, so it wouldn't take much for someone to snatch and correct the bondage between scenes. I know what your thinking. 'Your getting paranoid.' But this city has a reputation for a reason."
  11. "Of course. The only reason I'm in the role is because one, I am a local celebrity of some sort, two, Do-chan already got a major role, and three, they ran out of female members of the acting crew. Besides, it's a melodrama. They need a singer. Which reminds me, who is Tim playing in the play?" Rob thinks to himself, 'Humm...have I heard that southwest accent before? John seems familiar somehow. No mind. Miss Secret Service is coming this way. She's going to blab about her position again? Someone is unsure what the meaning of the word secret is...'
  12. (In Game, before the announcement) That’s cool, I’ve heard of the show of course, but I never had a chance to watch it much, no offense. I’ll say one thing though, you’ve got a lot of guts appearing on stage in a dress. You’re a braver man than I am. Do you think you’ll take much grief over this?
  13. (OOC:) To the GM: Are they talking to us? Did they just walk up and dump all this info on three random teenagers for no reason? Did they catch that we may have seen a gun or something. I’m sorry but I don’t understand their motivation. To Steriaca: I the player, purposely threw something out there. It’s up to the GM to say what Rob may or may not have noticed.
  14. "Yeah," Jennifer laughs. "Andrea, we have to tell them." "You're right," Andrea says. "Since Jennifer is the President's niece, she has Secret Service protection. I lead the all-female detail. My cover as her teaching assistant lets me stay close without arousing suspicion. The Stage Crew and most of the A orchestra are aware of it, as are all area law enforcement agencies and people here who need to know." "Except for me and Mrs. Forbes, our wardrobe mistress, all the adults dressed like me are Secret Service agents," Betsy Clarke says. "There's one by stage control, one in wardrobe, one helping Donna and Kate look for props and scenery pieces back in our store room, and at least one with Sharon on the balcony while she gets the spotlights properly aimed and replaces burned out bulbs." "We did get a tour of the auditorium facilities and, with guidance from the Stage Crew, the chance to operate the various systems," Andrea says.
  15. (OOC: at work, no dice. Got to consult my Dice roller... My Perception is 14- based on INT, don't have deduction, rolled a 10 which normally makes it by 3. Rob is a handsome but lanky boy. I don't have an actor in mind for the characters I play. I never had. Lady Heart was a gorgeous strawberry blonde girl with anime features, big blue eyes long shojo legs. Had to change her hair color to dark brown so she doesn't 'stand out' too much, but she still has those eyes. Rob is currently Rob.) "I'm Robert Trueheart. Prehaps you seen me and Doreen on television." Rob starts humming the Mickey Mouse Club theam song.
  16. Hi, how are you doing? He said offering his hand. Wow, isn’t that something. Have they got you playing a female character or a guy in drag? (OOC:) Steriaca, Make your Deduction roll.
  17. "This is Robert, my boyfriend," Doreen replies.
  18. Hi...Doreen right? I’ve seen you doing laps at the track? Who’s your friend? (OOC:) I don’t know what your character looks like in either form. Who would you cast in the roles? I’m not sure if your male form in drag would be a convincing girl in the bad lighting of back stage. If you never saw it I chose Nicholas Brendan, Xander from the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to play John.
  19. Rob sees John step through the curtains and motions him to the wing he and Doreen are at. "Hey John...over here." (OOC: I would love to see his reaction to Rob as he is currently dressed. Slight friendly teasing is encouraged.)
  20. "Back to the main part of the school or outside?" Michelle asks as Ms. Clark enters with Cordelia Chase, Harmony Kendall, Aphrodesia Kingsbury, and Gwen Ditchik. "Hi, Harmony." "Hi, Michelle," Harmony says. "I put both feet in my mouth this time. If I keep this up, I'll be permanently assigned to the Stage Crew. Where am I needed?" "You can help Judy check over the props and backdrops. She's in the stage left wing," comes a female voice from the balcony edge. "Thanks, Sharon," Harmony says. "I'm on it."
  21. (OOC:) I’ve been thinking about the more practical side of John’s life and I worked some things out. Currently he’s driving what was his father’s four year old Ford SUV. It will look out of place in the school parking lot next to the smaller, more compact cars you’ll often see in larger cities. John drove it loaded with his belongings cross-country when he came from Wyoming to Gotham City. His fathers friends planned out a route whereby every night he would park at a local sheriff’s office and stay overnight with the family of some Officer to save money and be safe on the trip. His basic monetary issues are covered by the fact that his father (just in case) set up a trust fund where any and all life insurance, U.S. Marshall’s office benefits, and profits from the sale of his house would be protected. John doesn’t have access to the principal until he turns 21, but the interest goes into an account for him to use for car insurance, repairs and other needs. It’s not a lot per month so some type of employment would be useful but not critical. He did have plans for a college education. Probably in some degree that would aid him in a career somewhere in law enforcement. Criminal Psychology, Criminal Law, etc. But he never decided which branch he wanted to pursue. Whether the F.B.I., into the Marshall’s Dept. like his father or maybe locally in some big city Police Dept. or Rural Sheriff's Office he’s still not certain. He occupies his down time by playing guitar. He plays either his 12-string acoustic Gibson or a Les Paul style six string electric. He owns a small portable amp for it that uses both AC or a rechargeable battery pack. He uses a bluesy style reminiscent of Eric Clapton and likes singer/songwriter music from a large number of genres from the Beatles, Joni Mitchell and Harry Chapin to Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash. He has a strong voice and has considered playing music as a way to earn money while in college. He speaks Spanish, having learned it while living in New Mexico, it’s a more Mexican accented and less grammatical version which he’s trying to correct by taking that as his language requirement. (I myself found that when I moved from Boston to Phoenix that the Spanish I learned in school and from Puerto Rican friends was very different from the language spoken by the staff in the kitchens where I was a line cook.) Since moving into his mother’s house he’s turned the basement into a gym with a weight bench, a speed bag and a heavy bag along with some mats to do katas on. His mother, Joyce isn’t crazy about the sound or the fighting aspect of her son’s exercise routine but understands that it’s a good way for him to get any aggression out and sports are a better use for his time in a dangerous city like Gotham. His Martial Arts style is in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program or MCMAPS. It’s what Marines are taught in Basic Training and is a combined style using Boxing, Krav Maga, and others for an adaptable and effective way to disarm or disable an opponent. John has completed what would have been the full course for a recruit. But not the more advanced levels. It was the training that his dad was able to arrange with one of the self-defense trainers at the Marshall’s office. John has been spending a great deal of time wandering the city on the weekends trying to learn the different neighborhoods and taking the elevated trains that crisscross the city to understand the lay of the land. Because of this he’s found a number of out of the way shops and restaurants of all kinds. He also keeps a large city map on the wall of his room for a decoration. He’s careful not to mark it so his mother won’t figure out that he’s using it to learn the fastest routes to fly through the city. If I have any other thoughts I’ll let you know.
  22. “Excuse me, is this the way back out?” The young man with the guitar stepped through the curtain.
  23. "I know his first name's John," Doreen says. "I've heard him called that when we're both running on the school track."

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