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The heroes are part of the Bat-Family, the informal name for Batman’s closest allies, generally masked vigilantes who either have been trained by Batman or operate in Gotham City with his tacit approval.
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  2. "Not necessarily," Katherine says. "Cat burglars have many ways of finding out that information, including buying it from fellow burglars, getting it from their teachers, or stealing it from the manufactures. There are also password-protected forums on the deep web, some of which have other security precautions, too."
  3. "Ok. That means we are looking for someone with insiders knowledge. That would make us outsiders, right?'
  4. "If I remember correctly, the Goodwin Bridges and North and South Trigate Bridges connect to Arkham Island," Batgirl says. "Right," Katherine responds. "The Goodwin Bridges are near the tip and the North Trigate Bridge links up to the New Trigate Bridge. The South Trigate Bridge, which is a pure railroad bridge doesn't." She pauses, then adds, "You came to ask about a burglary, not bridges. I've been out of the business too long to know who is in it. I know that New Jersey's not very wide and that most people never change the default codes on the burglar alarms or the default combinations on their safes. That makes it easier for burglars who know these things."
  5. "Hold your position, Paladin," Batman replies. "Batgirl will call for backup if she needs it. Right now, she's gathering information."
  6. Paladin crouched in the shadows of a rooftop across the street from his target, staring intently at the large home. OW!!! He said, putting a hand up to his head. Alright he thought, twenty seconds that time before the migraine set in. Telescopic vision is NOT as easy as the manual said it would be. He closed his eyes a moment and let a flow of energy take the pain away. At least the regeneration matrix works as easily as advertised. He took a moment and thought over what he had been hearing over the radio and wondered what he should do. His first instinct was to go charging to the bridge to see what was happening but held himself back. Batgirl was a capable leader of her team and she hadn’t asked for backup.....yet. He decided to hedge his bets. Paladin to team leader, Should I stay on location or move to back up team two? Over.
  7. "Unless he's anchoring nearby, he has several more drawbridges ahead of him," Katherine says. "The next three are the Sixth, Seventh, and Ninth Street Bridges. Following them are the North and South Archibald Goodwin Bridges, all five of which are two-leaf bascule bridges, and the North and South Trigate Bridges, which are lift bridges." "Aren't they locked down soon?" Batgirl asks. "Yeah, at 11 PM," Katherine says. "Because tomorrow is a weekday, and not a federal holiday, they won't open until 9:30 AM." "He might get caught speeding," Batgirl says. "The GCPD Harbor Patrol also patrols the rivers."
  8. "Hope the trains clear the bridge in time," Batgirl says, watching the railroad board. "The line of lights are the tracks with the lit ones being the trains. The black vertical lines are the bridge. The rest of the lights are various signals." Batgirl pauses, then adds, "The trains are nearly at the ends of the bridge." "He's closing fast," Katherine says. "They're clear!" Batgirl calls out. After a quick glance at the board and monitors, Katherine hits switches. "Raising bridge," she calls out. "He just made it."
  9. "He's not going to make it. What can we do?"
  10. "No wake zone speed is five miles per hour," Katherine says as she looks at various monitors, then starts flipping switches. "The bridge roadway deck is clear. I'm going to raise the bridge once the train tracks are clear." "Our clearance is 42-feet," Batgirl says, looking at a monitor. "What's his?" "Let's find out," Katherine says, picking up the microphone. "Southern Belle, this is Sprang Bridge. What's your clearance? Mine is 42-feet. Over." "He should know it," Batgirl tells Lady Heart. "It's in his boat's manual." "I have 44-feet. Over."
  11. "Southern Belle to Sprang Bridge. Over," comes over the radio. Katherine writes in the log, then picks up the microphone. "Sprang Bridge receiving, Southern Belle. Please switch to channel one seven. Over." Katherine adjusts her radio. "Sprang Bridge, open immediately. I'm coming in, NOW. over." "Negative, Southern Belle. We have trains on the bridge. Also, please slow your ship. This is a no wake zone. Over." "He's not slowing," Batgirl, who is watching him with binoculars, says.
  12. "We occasionally get people trying crazy stuff," Katherine replies. "If we see them, we get on the PA system and tell them either that we can see them or that they're on television. Fortunately, nobody's messed up traffic flow recently. However, we might. There's a boat approaching at high speed and kicking up a wake. He may not know that he's in a no-wake zone." Batgirl picks up a pair of binoculars, looks at the boat, and says, "It's a large cabin cruiser. He's flying a Rogers Yacht Basin burgee." "Local then," Katherine says. "He should know the rules."
  13. "I could ask how often you had to inform the authority about amorous couples with a flair for the dramatic and a coil of rope around the tracks, but I guess in this city it wouldn't be to odd or rare. A more telling question is, did you have any incidents which mess up the traffic flow recently? Someone could schedule something to make their crimes easier by disrupting car, train, or boat traffic."
  14. "Interesting," Batgirl says. "Oh, yeah," Katherine says. "Up here you can hear it howl." She pauses then says, "The monitors above show me what's going on the expressway side. Lights show me what the trains are doing on the two parallel tracks. Once a train enters our area, or block, barriers go down across the roads and shift a bit on the board." The lights shift. "We have trains coming from both directions."
  15. "I see," Christina says. "Unlike Honey West, who was never masked, Katherine and I usually wear rolled up black ski masks with rolled up black stocking masks under them." There is a bit of a rumble from outside. "GTARail commuter train," Christina explains as they reach the control room. "Katherine, we have company." "So I noticed," Katherine says. "I'll pass you the clipboard and pen so that you can sign the log sheet," she adds as Christina leaves. "So, who got burglarized?" "The Vanlandingham estate," Batgirl says. "We talked to Sara Matthews. She didn't think it happened last night." "No surprise," Katherine says as she passes the clipboard and pen to Batgirl, who signs it. "Last night was windy. I could even hear it."
  16. "Humm...very Honey West-ish. I can assume the fact that Catwoman exists and she is a rather grey criminal has inspired lots of women to follow her fashion wise. I kinda prefer EGL myself." (EGL - Elegant Gothic Lolita. A style of fashion mimicking Victorian/Edwardian/Rococo fashion of the past, toaning down sex appeal to a more cute look.) "Of course, it all comes with the dress..."
  17. "You're right," Batgirl says. Christina, a blonde in black sweats, opens the door and says, "Come on in. Katherine's up in the control room. I'll take you there, then, I can get back to my bunk and Snowy." "Like about 40% of adults, Christina sleeps with a teddy bear," Batgirl explains. "My childhood friend," Christina says. "Follow me." As everyone climbs the stairs, Christina says, "Don't be surprised by Katherine's appearance. A lot of drawbridge operators love the cat burglar look. I wear it all of the time." "Katherine was one," Batgirl says. "I know," Christine says. "That's all in her past."
  18. "Good," Batgirl says. You arrive at the bridge tender's house, which is on the south side of the bridge. Both the Aparo Expressway and the GTARail tracks are visible. Batgirl knocks on the door. "Yes?" comes a female voice. "Christina, it's Batgirl. Can Lady Heart and I come in? We need to talk to Katherine." "Be right there," Christina says. "I've been here before," Batgirl tells Lady Heart.
  19. "Ok. I honestly don't know how durable this dress is, but the skirt is rather short without being 'sexy', so I should be ok back here."
  20. "I don't know," Batgirl replies. "All I know is that it's a highly advanced Batcycle that was a gift from Batman. Ready to roll?"
  21. Lady Heart puts the helmet on. "I would rather save my stamina till I need it." S/he gets on the cycle behind Batgirl. "So, this a Harly Davidson or a Yamaha or Indian motorcycle as base, before modifications?"
  22. Batgirl puts her helmet on, climbs aboard her motorcycle, and says, "Don't forget your helmet. Once you're aboard, put your arms around me and your feet on the second set of pegs." She pauses, then adds, "Of course, you can always fly beside me."
  23. "It doesn't," Batgirl says. "You sit behind me."
  24. Lady Heart floated next to Batgirl. "I don't remember ever seeing the Batgirl Cycle having a sidecar."
  25. Heading for the Batcave, Batgirl says, "A drawbridge is used when the clearance between the water and the lowest part of the bridge is 45-feet or less. Most in Gotham City are two-leaf bascule-type drawbridges. Lift-type drawbridges are used when they have either railroad tracks or are multi-level drawbridges." In the Batcave, the Batboat is docked and Batgirl heads upstairs to get her motorcycle.

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