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Valiant is a former TV actor turned force-field-wielding superhero. He has a strong conviction that super-powered individuals should use their powers for good.




Hello, I’m Mason Cortez. If I sound familiar it’s because I used to play the superhero Valiant on the hit TV show Royal Powers. Each week I would join my mentors Lord and Lady Liberty to take on injustice and stand up for those who couldn’t stand for themselves. We had every intention of providing you with six seasons and a movie, but as you know real life intervened.


More precisely, the super villain Subjugation crashed the live broadcast of our season three finale. While I’m sure you’ve seen the footage of me using my powers to save the cast and crew from harm, it wasn’t my intention to steal the limelight that day. If all had gone as planned, we would have swept the Emmy’s for best special effects and best live performance.


Instead I learned that not everyone with powers uses them responsibly. When someone like Subjugation enters your life, you have to make some quick choices. Do I stand by and let him dominate my friend? Do I allow someone to be shot when I have the power to prevent it? Do I hide my amazing gifts for fear of what others may think?


No. Someone like me does not stand idly by. I believe those with special abilities have a responsibility to act, a moral obligation to use their talents for the greater good. For many years I was content to use my gifts just to entertain and amuse, but now I see I can and must do more.


Subjugation has been punished for his crimes, but there are others like him out there. People who terrorize rather than inspire; those who seek to harm rather than to construct a better world. If you’re like me and blessed with amazing powers, I encourage you to do something wonderful with them.


You don’t have to make the news to make a difference. All you have to do is be willing to share some of your time and effort. Find the hero within yourself, and you’ll find a better world welcoming you.


Hello, I’m Valiant. I don’t just play a hero, I am one.

What's New in Version 2.1


  • * Reduced Characteristics from 113 total to 107 total. Notable: SPD from 5 to 4.
  • * Reduced Skills from 56 total to 41 total. Notable: Removed Combat Skill Levels.
  • * Increased Perks from 19 to 42. Notable: Added Supergroup package and some thematically appropriate Fringe Benefits.
  • * Significantly refactored powers to better match theme of a force-field controller.
  • ** Reduced Endurance Reserve because Absorption can help refill it.
  • ** Removed attacks: Blast vs ED, Blast with x2 KB, and HTH Attack.
  • ** Added attacks: Entangle and Drain Resistant Protection.
  • ** Updated Force Shield powers from fixed slots to variable slots. Valiant now has more options to add OCV, DCV, and Deflection.
  • ** Added Absorption power.
  • ** Updated Force Armor powers to be more in line with campaign maximums and use variable slots for more options.
  • ** Added Damage Negation powers for flavor.
  • ** Removed immunities from Life Support to reduce cost.
  • ** Increased Flight from 30 active points to 45 active points to prevent looking like a Sunday driver puttering around at 20mph.
  • ** Applied Gestures limitation to all Bubble powers.
  • * Applied bonuses from Leadership to secondary totals.
  • * Updated Complications to better match campaign setting.

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