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  1. Navigate to your Campaign Rules > Settings tab. The Equipment section has a Monetary Units field whose default value you can remove. Set the decimal places to 0. Save the campaign rules. You'll probably want to update your default campaign rules for certain types of play.
  2. I'll see you fine folks later this evening for some supernatural shenanigans in Shreveport.
  3. Out of Character, I'm wondering if the Ordo Sanguine and Kilroy's new group fit the cult description. "Don't look behind the curtain!"
  4. An Unconventional Solutions Interlude Or Murgatroyd get Mega Trolled Murgatroyd: "I have been reading those four em sites you suggested, and I think I've found us some new hunters to recruit." Joey: "Forums, Mr. Murgatroyd. They're called forums." Murgatroyd: "Four ems. That's what I said." Joey: "Never mind, Mr. Murgatroyd. Who did you find?" Murgatroyd: "Sam and Dean Winchester. They're prolific hunters who've faced angels, demons, vampires, and werewolves..." Joey: "How did you find them, Mr. Murgatroyd?" Murgatroyd: "I did just what you told me to, Joey. I went to the four ems, typed in "Supernatural hunters", and found pages and pages about them. It was surprisingly easy." Joey: <Fist pumps the air> "Yes! Yes! Awesome! Thank you, Mr. Murgatroyd." <Does a victory dance> Murgatroyd: <Confused by Joey's display> "Thank you for what?" Joey: "Oh, ah, for finding such awesome recruits." <heads out into the hall> "I'm gonna tell Mr. Altman about them." Murgatroyd: <Calling into the hall> "But I haven't finished telling you about them..." <Rolls his eyes> "Kids today. They're so impatient." <Goes back to reading about the Winchester brothers> Joey: <From further down the hall> "I win! I win! I win! You owe me." Drew: <From his office down the hall> "Enjoy the twenty bucks, kid." Joey: "Yes!" Drew: "Now enjoy telling him why we can't recruit them." Joey: "What? Why me?" Drew: "Because that's what I just paid you to do. Have fun, kid. Best twenty bucks I ever spent." <The sound of a door closing> Murgatroyd: <Calling down the hall> "I think Jack will really like these guys. They have a cool black car." Joey: "Shit."
  5. @Scything Just remember to act like the Aggie Bonfire's heat affects Joey even though it doesn't.
  6. I'm curious if any of the other PCs have in-character connections to any of these cities. Anyone have or want a backstory in the heart land of America? Where was Beretta's first final girl experience? Where did Jack get recruited into the Ordo? Have Drew and Joey always been southern California boys? Where did Kilroy make his real estate empire? Given that we've only had two months of in-game down-time to setup our business and acquire real estate, I suspect we currently only have one or two properties, unless people are willing to help buy them with XP.
  7. Your not-so-humble servant Murgatroyd shall attend this game as well, despite his player insisting on stopping for Indian food for dinner prior.
  8. Murgatroyd would prefer to live in Boston for role-playing reasons since it's where he's most familiar (although his player has never been there). Unless someone strongly objects, assume we have corporate headquarters with a teleportation circle in Boston and a satellite office in San Diego with another teleportation circle. I suspect Murgatroyd will live in the Boston office if it's an option, which may technically be living above it or next door as appropriate. If we cannot afford the teleportation circles at the moment, they can be what Murgatroyd purchases with his next batch of XP. I would encourage someone to live in or near the San Diego satellite office. To any nosey neighbors that ask it's a corporate rental or an "Air BnB". Given the potential traffic in and out of these offices, we may want garages nearby so we're not forced to rely on ride sharing apps, but I leave that up to you fine folks. To use the teleportation circles, Murgatroyd can cast this Teleportation spell and grant you a teleportation token focus. You'll still have to concentrate, gesture, and speak incantations, but that's a small price to pay for teleporting up to 5000 Kilometers. The roleplaying SFX are you hold the teleportation token in hand, visualize the teleportation circle you want to travel to, and speak the magic words, "Cognito Ergo Eo" (I think therefore I go). Teleportation Tokens: Teleportation 5m, Area Of Effect (4m Radius; +1/4), Usable By Other (+1/2), Recipient must be within Limited Range of the Grantor for power to be granted, MegaScale (1m = 1,000 km; +1 3/4) (17 Active Points); 2 Charges (-1 1/2), Can Only Teleport To Fixed Locations (Teleportation Circles; -1), Concentration (0 DCV; -1/2), Extra Time (Full Phase, -1/2), IIF (Hermetic Token Per Recipient; -1/4), Gestures (-1/4), Incantations (-1/4) This costs me 3 real points from my VPP, leaving me 47 Points left to fix all your problems with magic.
  9. From my reading of the Here There be Monster's Mystic Wards & Circles skill, creating a basic Ward in a two meter area requires 5-15 minutes and imposes a -1 to the skill roll. The ward lasts for 3-6 months or longer with additional degree of success. To receive extra time bonuses, we'd start at the 20 minute time interval, and get bonuses for 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, and so on of extra time. Since the degree of success boosts both the duration and effectiveness of wards, there's every reason to take extra time with their creation. Warding our home base could therefore take weeks to months of time even if I do a rush job rather than careful work. Murgatroyd could easily spend all day every day just making wards, but I suspect he'll limit himself to one 6-hour roll so he has some time to do other things in a day. Murgatroyd has these priorities for our home defenses. Mystic wards to provide protection against scrying. Hermetic wards to provide supernatural resistance. Jack can add necromantic wards to provide protection against undead as he is able. Again this is potentially weeks to months of work so perhaps something done in "down time."
  10. Based on the additional information provided, I'll amend our business model to cover these services: Warding Work for Hire: Murgatroyd with one or more bodyguards to watch over him while he's concentrating. Hunter logistics and research consulting: Potentially all of us, but I suspect Joey runs the computers, network, and IT infrastructure and the rest of us provide information related to our various specialties. Hunter backup personnel and bounty-sharing: Potentially all of us, but I suggest Beretta uses her social skills and Striking Appearance to find new clients/customers, and Drew uses his operations skills to coordinate/organize/lead strike teams. Hunter financial services: Kilroy has the most prior experience in financial matters, albeit in real estate, but he could perhaps expand his knowledge or just invest in real estate. Teleportation services: This is a potential long-term investment where Kilroy finds real estate in strategically useful areas of the US, and Murgatroyd creates a warded teleportation circle for rapid and discrete transportation. Game mechanic-wise I'd need to spend future XP on known teleportation locations. I'm not sure how we'd buy new teleportation target locations. Would we pay with money/resource points, or invest XP in bases? We might get potential customer leads from: Berreta's relationship with Harker if/when he has a case not worth his time and attention Jack's contacts in the Ordo Sanguine if/when a non-vampire supernatural comes to their attention Our collective reputation for being effective Hunters
  11. Much like real investigation and security, I suspect the vast majority of the work is boring baby-sitting and surveillance. Here's some thoughts on what each monster-hunter member might be doing for Unconventional Solutions, LLC. Drew probably specializes in physical protection services (Drew certainly has Murgatroyd's recommendation. "I'm not just the CEO of Unconventional Solutions, I'm also a customer.") Whether he'd bring Beretta and Jack into this side of the business would be up to them. Drew would also lead our violent solutions team whenever force needs to be applied to a problem. Killroy could be our CFO and real estate broker. If he wants a hands-on job his sniper skills would make him good at surveillance. He'd also make a deadly assassin for those jobs where a well-placed sniper rifle round fixes your supernatural problem. I somehow suspect he's doing that job on his own anyway. Joey probably does all things computer-related such as dealing with cyber-crimes, being office IT, and building us a good web site. He might also make a decent field investigator since his nigh invulnerability allows us to send him into unknown situations and reasonably assume he'll survive them. Jack may be most useful as a point of contact with potential customers. I'm sure there are lots of problems the Order hears about but don't act upon because they aren't vampire-related. And of course when there is a vampire problem, Jack is our specialist. His alchemical protections would make him a good body guard, but I don't know if Jack would waste his alchemical supplies on "mundane" (to him) jobs. In any case, he's part of the violent solutions team. Beretta could potentially funnel us jobs Harker doesn't want to deal with because they're beneath him. She might also make a good bodyguard if she's willing. I suspect she may have more issues with handsy clients than supernatural threats, but Murgatroyd can always whip up a non-lethal "Grope-Zapper" charm if need be to dissuade them. She's obviously part of the violent solutions team.
  12. I believe we have several revenue streams and customers: Mundane (likely corporate) customers with problems that we can solve better, faster, or cheaper with magic Mundane (likely corporate) customers who've had past supernatural problems and want protection from future issues Supernatural entities who have problems in either the mundane or supernatural world (This might require either a Contact or favor from SAIC Harker or Matthews) Referrals from section M for supernatural issues that don't clear the "open a bounty" threshold (This might require either a Contact or favor from SAIC Harker or Matthews) (Hopefully in the future) Referrals from other happy customers As CEO, Murgatroyd would master sales pitches for each customer, although the first one would be tricky since he can't exactly say how they achieve their "magical" results.
  13. I also like how Murgatroyd is looking at Drew with a his "I told you so" face. So much subtle detail to appreciate.
  14. Looking good there @Scything. Am I the only one who captions Drew's face with the thought bubble .oO(What have I gotten myself into?)
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