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  1. I'm looking into online gaming alternatives for my D&D game. I've used Fantasy Grounds for D&D, but I don't know how well it will support Hero or Cortex Plus. It may be easier to do the game mechanics portion through talking like we do in a face-to-face game. We certainly all have dice and can roll them and declare our results. We can save video for maps and our lovely faces. This assumes of course everyone has access to the necessary hardware: computer with camera and software. We can always go on hiatus if need be.
  2. Thanks for the information @King Red. Hopefully we can still meet at someone's house if people are healthy and willing.
  3. I hope your daughter gets better soon. Let us know if our next game can be at one of our houses. I live in Mira Mesa so could host a game on the march 21st if needed. Let me now what location preferences you have.
  4. My house is available if need be, but I hear that @Killer Shrike has a killer game table to use.
  5. I printed out a copy of Beretta in preparation of Jaeger piloting her. I can always bring a copy if it's needed.
  6. I like this campaign story line and want to see it where it goes. While I'm fully engaged and committed to its progression, I do admit that my long-term memory failed me for some of the story details. Perhaps I've grown spoiled by your story recaps, but this is a case where a summary might help reorient us. Also you can utter the words RTFM, which are always fun to say.
  7. I have a partial conflict for our 25th game. The wife and I have been invited to a Chinese New Years celebration from 3 pm to whenever. I could come late, but since @L0rd_Magg0t already cannot attend do we want to bump our next game to February?
  8. I'll see you fine folk this afternoon. I'll be curious to see @WilyQ's new character.
  9. Of this I'm certain. Gilgamesh has once again lost his Enki to the forces of darkness. Rest well warrior. I'm sure the Elder Things would never animate your corpse and have it shamble over to say farewell to Murgatroyd.
  10. Is it possible that Drew's death would remind Murgatroyd of something he's forgotten? FYI: I'm determining my December schedule. I'll likely be able to make a game on December 14, but there's a chance I'll be taking a road trip. I'll firm up my plans and let you know as soon as I can.
  11. Was the brutal death at least cinematic? Did we just have our Agent Coulson dies in the Avengers moment? Did Kilroy "permanently retire" so @King Red could bring in his next character? I'm looking forward to reading the game summary. Well, I suppose technically you didn't have a TPK without me, but you did have a K. If it *was* Kilroy you had a TKK - a Total Kilroy Kill.
  12. Oh! Oh! Will Unconventional Solutions save Thanksgiving? Or rescue Santa (aka Big Red One)?
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