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  1. Durzan Malakim


    This is what happens when John Constantine loves Harry Dresden very, very much. The primary thing stands out to me as a Stop Sign is: This makes the GM responsible for all your powers, which some GMs may not want to do. While this is technically a rules-legal 400 point character, I'd remove this limitation and pay for the 25 point difference with lower characteristic values. The source material for these two characters doesn't make me envision a 25 superhuman constitution. While I realize you want to avoid being Con stunned, a more merely human constitution would save you some p
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This export template is intended to present everything you need to play in four pages as long as you keep the number of items to display within certain limits. Exceeding the limits adds a page, and usually doesn't look good doing it. The first page can support around 5 to 7 Perks, 5 to 7 Talents, and 10 to 12 Complications. The second page can support around 40 Skills and 20 to 25 Martial Maneuvers. The third page can support around 30 to 35 powers and equipment descriptions. The fourth page can support a page worth of Background and Personality description.
  3. I've updated the complications section again. Adder text for some complications was not displaying but now displays properly. I saw the error in Rivalries where the rival description was not displaying, but now does.
  4. I updated the complications section to have properly display all the adders in parentheses. I also updated all the preview screenshots to show version 2.05.
  5. I updated the Perks section to display adders in parentheses, properly display positive reputation bonuses, and properly display contact rolls. Using the magic of REPLACE and REG_REPLACE, the export format distinguishes between Perks where the Levels are bonuses, such as with Positive Reputation, and Perks where the Levels increase the Perk Roll, such as with Contacts.
  6. I've updated the export format to display both primary and secondary values in the damage tracking blocks. I think Elastigirl looks usable in the new format.
  7. I failed both my perception and deduction rolls here. Yes, the big blocks are indeed intended for live tracking of values in combat. I didn't occur to me to list multiple values for STUN, BODY, and END in those tracking boxes. I blame years of D&D-based conditioning of tracking one-and-only-one pool of hit points for this oversight. "Who would create separate hit point pools? That's just crazy!" I don't think I'll fix that display since it will throw off the layout of the page. Besides players can write in the correct number in the current max box if they're actually tracking totals.
  8. Is the 30 / 60 display not sufficient? The export is just displaying the primary and secondary values from HD. You can change the calculation to add the +30 STUN and +30 END to the primary value instead of the secondary value.
  9. Version 2.09


    This export template is a derived work based on The Ultimate Character Sheet version 1.5.4. The template is style-sheet-driven so you can change colors, fonts, and text-sizes easily. I have tried to make the style class names as human-readable as possible so you understand what content the style class controls. All layout is done with HTML tables. In general, each page is organized as follows: Each page has a separate <div> element. Each page also has a page-border <table>. Each page-border table has a header row and one or more body rows. E
  10. Version 1.0


    There was a request to create a simplified character sheet suitable for new players. For this first effort I chose to stick with a basic portrait layout and use some colors to This three-page HTML character sheet introduces new players to the HERO system by presenting only the elements they need to start playing quickly. This template assumes someone with more experience will create or enter character information for the player in Hero Designer. What you need to do to use this template: Fill in the following sections in Hero Designer: * Character name * Alternate ID * Powers/Tact
  11. Version 2.1


    Valiant is a former TV actor turned force-field-wielding superhero. He has a strong conviction that super-powered individuals should use their powers for good. Background: Hello, I’m Mason Cortez. If I sound familiar it’s because I used to play the superhero Valiant on the hit TV show Royal Powers. Each week I would join my mentors Lord and Lady Liberty to take on injustice and stand up for those who couldn’t stand for themselves. We had every intention of providing you with six seasons and a movie, but as you know real life intervened. More precisely, the super villain Subjugation
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