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  1. I'll see you fine folk this afternoon. I'll be curious to see @WilyQ's new character.
  2. Of this I'm certain. Gilgamesh has once again lost his Enki to the forces of darkness. Rest well warrior. I'm sure the Elder Things would never animate your corpse and have it shamble over to say farewell to Murgatroyd.
  3. Is it possible that Drew's death would remind Murgatroyd of something he's forgotten? FYI: I'm determining my December schedule. I'll likely be able to make a game on December 14, but there's a chance I'll be taking a road trip. I'll firm up my plans and let you know as soon as I can.
  4. Was the brutal death at least cinematic? Did we just have our Agent Coulson dies in the Avengers moment? Did Kilroy "permanently retire" so @King Red could bring in his next character? I'm looking forward to reading the game summary. Well, I suppose technically you didn't have a TPK without me, but you did have a K. If it *was* Kilroy you had a TKK - a Total Kilroy Kill.
  5. Oh! Oh! Will Unconventional Solutions save Thanksgiving? Or rescue Santa (aka Big Red One)?
  6. I suspect hijinks shall ensue. I look forward to reading about them and the NPC guest stars who come to complicate your lives.
  7. Since some folks are not available on the 30th, can people make the 23rd instead?
  8. I'm unavailable for our November 16th game as I'll be attending another social event with my wife. I'm sure the ensuing shoot-em-up-special will be dramatic and cause for much regret. I'll see you fine folk again for the game on November 30th. Try and avoid a TPK.
  9. I liked our big reveal this last session. If Chthonic elder things can't be number one in your life, then L'Deux on you. I think we set a record on party splits this session, but fortunately no one in the party was actually split. I look forward to the written recap. Here are my favorite highlights of the night: Drew's magic bullet against the Innati/demon Joey subduing the demon as only he can Jack being a big damn hero, rescuing Baretta, and giving her a healing potion Jack going down fighting in the El Dorado stairway The Drew and Jack buddy cop action movie. Drew: "Come out to the coast, we'll get together, have a few laughs..." [I know you used another quote, but I forgot the exact one] Murgatroyd's discovery of Keyser "L'Deux" Soze. "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist." Kilroy's "Ask me about Belfagor" phone call to Section M. "Is this about Belfagor, Mr. Kilroy?" Murgatroyd having to drag Baretta to the teleportation gate so Joey can keep "subduing" the demon. Murgatroyd: "Baretta is surprisingly muscular." The gunfight at the Quantico corral. "Was that Albert Armos?" Joey taking a bullet for Murgatroyd and then asking for a raise Idris the wizard throwing sass at the hunters. "How were you restraining the demon?" After hearing the explanation: "Of course hunters would use such crudely practical means. I've got this."
  10. I'm planning on being at tomorrow's game. It's been an interesting two weeks with my dog going to surgery to fix a compressed disc in her neck and the playing nurse as she recovers.
  11. I'll see you tomorrow at 5 PM/ Remember, possession is 9/10ths of what Jack saw.
  12. Navigate to your Campaign Rules > Settings tab. The Equipment section has a Monetary Units field whose default value you can remove. Set the decimal places to 0. Save the campaign rules. You'll probably want to update your default campaign rules for certain types of play.
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