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  1. Hey all, When I try to run the HDv3Setup.jar which is packed using IZpack it stalls during Setup Shortcuts. This happening to anyone else? I'm running Windows 10 and IZpack 5.1.3 and Java 8 update 281 Kyle
  2. Steven, Do you have any advice on adapting the Fantasy Hero mass combat rules to Champions? I would like to emulate a large scale super-hero battle ala the attack on NYC in "The Avengers." Thanks, Kyle Stoddard
  3. kstoddard


    This is a truly awesome character concept! Well done Banakles!
  4. kstoddard


    Excellent character concept, Jon! I'll be stealing her for my campaign.... Thanks!
  5. This is the best combat record I've seen. Use it for every adventure! You make great stuff Tasha, keep it up.
  6. Outstanding! You are the best designer around Hyper-Man!
  7. Hmmm, why did you reduce his speed? I thought he was pretty good in the 1.1 version.
  8. Excellent job! I love the background. He is a true, blue silver/bronze age hero. He would fit right in to my campaign, "Improbable Comics." I also love that you used a Champion's Online character costume! Kyle
  9. Version 1.0


    A simple prefab to use for Gigantic sized characters so you can copy and paste the 11 characteristics to your powers tab. The other size templates will follow. Thanks to Steve Long for his help as I am somewhat obtuse at times!
  10. Hey Everyone, I'm wondering if the point values for the Size Templates on pg. 443 of 6e1 are actually correct. It seems to me that they left out the "persistent" advantage to "stretching" used to simulate longer reach to be zero END. Also, the point cost for "Gigantic Hands and Feet" which makes HTH attacks area effect appears wrong. My calculations indicate it should cost 60 points instead of 30. Is there an errata on this? Or am I missing something. If there is another thread that discusses this, please point me to it. Thanks in advance. Kyle
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