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  1. lol my shelf looks a lot like yours, but add just as many of D&D Traveler, Star Trek, … Battle...… Ta...

  2. Does anyone know the exact published order from the end of the official 6e hero stuff through the highrockpress/Kickstarter stuff?
  3. Here are my latest acquisitions. See That Masked Man's post for full covers.
  4. Reminder to post a detailed update once I get a good nap.
  5. I am having a third brain surgery tomorrow. Evidently the last one had two more bleeds that caused massive headaches just as the scripts were running out. Lucky I had some others left from last year. The bleeds also caused another recurrence in my right arm control issues. The surgery should fix the headaches but might not fix the latter. Only time will tell.
  6. Oh it's one of the best buys in the game as not only is it better than the free Dodge but it also gives all the benefits of a DFC with no roll or being prone afterwards.
  7. I don't know the character but the easiest question is what MA does he have? That is, is it a real world art or a super one?
  8. Re: Flying Dodge The only examples of it in any of the various books and editions is in speedster martial arts writeups and other supers stuff. It doesn't show up in any real world examples. HM
  9. Bumping as I have many updates to make. i think I have finally completed my 5e physical collection and only have a few Star Hero 6e books to get to get that finished as well. This includes 3rd party and Kickstarter stuff. PDF only stuff has not been a priority. I'll post new pics as soon as I can. HM
  10. It sucks not being able to fully use your right hand when you're right handed.

  11. Hyper-Man


    I'm thinking of a tragic love story where he was at least partly responsible for his girlfriend being in her current state and he he would love to free her but can't and his heroic acts are his penance.
  12. Unless all other options are active and the character gets injuries in their dominant arm/hand. Admittedly I only purchased the following for my John Wick chapter 2 build. 3 Ambidexterity (no Off Hand penalty) 2 Off-Hand Defense
  13. The character might hear from copyright lawyers representing the first hero to identify an ability with that name. Now I am having visions of heroes with Nascar-esq patches on their uniforms. Silly ideas...
  14. If you allowed a power to be partially advantaged you've essentially just created two powers from a programming standpoint.
  15. The sanity of the person charged with programming the Hero Designer software (Dan Simon) would be my guess.
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