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6E HTML The Ultimate Character Sheet by desaturated v1.3

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About This File

HERO System Sixth Edition

Type: Single Character

File Extensions: HTML, HTM

This is a must have for every player and game master. This character export sheet looks radically different than the plain black and white sheets. It is styled to match the colours of the rule books and is done in a fun highly legible style. It has the functionality of the default character sheet, but has the following differences:


Collates all combat information including Attack Powers, Defense Powers, Sensory Powers, Equipment and Martial Maneuvers in a special page block. Along with useful combat stats, combat values, combat modifiers, and hit locations tables.


Powers, Equipment, Talents, Martial Arts, Skills, Perks, and Complications are in a wider single column format.


Any notes you've included in the Hero Designer will be now be visible!


Respects any formating you've done to your powers or abilities. Numbered list titles and numbering.


Skills, abilities rolls, and Endurance costs clearly visible along the left hand side. Point costs on the right.


Split into 4 pages for cleaner printing.


The character image is on the 1st page with characteristics, personality, quotes, background and descriptive information.


The recommended picture size: 288px wide. The image should be anywhere from 352px to 442px tall.

The file " herologo.png " needs to be included in same directory as the export file.

If the character has an image associated with it and you want to have that image included in the HTML output, you will need to save that image into the same directory as the HTML file when you export (the export wizard will prompt you to save the image).


--Modified from the Default character sheet by desaturated May 2010, again in August 2011 with support for 6th Ed, again in January 2013 for finishing touches and bug fixes, fixed Move Through [v/5 to v/10] July 2013


Other Files:herologo.png

Downloads: 140

Last Updated: Saturday, July 6, 2013

  • This file was manually transferred from the old Hero website to the new website on 12/22/2013 by Hyper-Man. The name/board name of the author was added to the file name to improve file differentiation.
  • The file was originally written by desaturated based on a file by Dan Simon.

Here is an example character output and alternative link to the hero logo.

*link no longer works due to the demise of HeroCentral.


Here is the link to the improved update by Lou Tennant:



And here is the link to an update by rjcurrie:




Here are links to the newest updates by Division.

These now include ALL background fields.



User Feedback

Recommended Comments

This is(was) my favorite export output for viewing characters online*.


Here is the link to the improved update by Lou Tennant:


*I save the output to herocentral.net and then copy the link from that site into forum posts.  This has the added benefit of centralizing updates which doesn't happen with direct file attachment methods.  When I update the file on herocentral.net every link to that file is updated.

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A good modification to this would be for blank elements to not appear, reducing the 'whitespace'.


That would be a good request for the creator of the export - desaturated.  However, he hasn't been active on the forums since August of last year. :(

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I have just worked on a version of this (and uploaded) for 5E focussing on a Supers Game (http://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/150-5ehtml-supersultimate-cshde/).


I would be happy to make the minor alterations to this file and get a newer version uploaded. There is a broken bit in the Maths for the point spend (I noticed when doing mine) and a number of the 'blocks' float a little, rather than clean alignments.

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