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Prefab files not showing up


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I probably have an older version of Hero Designer. The .jar file says HDv3 and the program says it is Hero Designer 6 [build 20130424].


It won't let me update, so I've been using it, and it has been fine.


I created some Prefabs. I was making different body types for heroic campaigns. I saved them all...but the folder I saved them to shows only one file (I named them all "BODY: xyz" with different descriptions. The "Body.hdp" file shows as 0kb in size.


Attempting to load prefabs doesn't work...but opening recent files DID...until I started opening them in sequence and they began to replace the others.


Anyway, I clearly did something wrong. Any idea what?

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Option 1: you’re saving them as characters rather than “save as prefab” - that will create an HDC file, which will show up on the open character file listing but not the load prefab file listing


Option 2: you’re saving the files as prefabs but having HD look for them when opening a character vs. the load prefab route.


The only filtering HD will do for files in a given directory is based solely on the file extension- when opening a prefab, it will show anything with a .HDP extension; when opening a character, anything with a .HDC extension; etc.

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Package Deals and Prefabs are two different things (and different files).  When looking to apply a Package Deal to a character, you won't see prefab files listed.  Likewise, when looking to load a Prefab, you're not going to see Package Deals in the file listing.

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