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APW and Desol further clarification

Ed Douglas


Hi, I've managed to find at least one post on here about the necessity of mind-affecting powers for a Desol character requiring the "Affects Physical World" advantage. While there can be some dispute regarding this and, therefore, the decision is left up to the GM, I have a further question about it. It's been a bit of an annoyance for me.


If a Desol character has a "Mind Control" power and, because it can affect a Solid, is required to add the AWP advantage, doesn't this also imply that a Solid with a "Mind Control" power would need the "Affects Desolidified" advantage if they want to use the power on a Desol character?


I think this is where requiring APW for Desol mental powers becomes problematic. I can understand its necessity for abilities like Psychokinesis, as the Desol would be directly interacting with the physical world. However, for powers like "Mind Control," "Mental Blast," or "Mental Illusion" that don't have a physical component, it seems unnecessary and potentially game-breaking. I can't imagine many Solids taking the "Affects Desolidified" advantage, so this means the Desol becomes immune to many more effects as a result.


Thanks in advance!

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