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Applying Movement Skill Levels

Steven Wayde


6E2 32: 


"...at the GM’s option, the character can use each Skill Level to increase his acceleration or deceleration with his modes of movement...by 1m per meter per Skill Level applied."


How does this work?


If I have a 3 SPD, 15m of Running with x4 NCV for a total NCV of 60, and 2 CP Skill Level in Running, how does my Skill Level affect my acceleration? 


Say I want to move full NCV in 3 Phases: 4, 8, and 12:


  1. Without Skill Level: 15m in Phase 4, 30m in Phase 8, 45m in Phase 12, then 60m on the next Phase 4, correct?


  2. With Skill Level: 30m in Phase 4, 60m in Phase 8? Is that right?

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Without using any Movement Skill Levels, the standard acceleration for Movement Powers is +5 meters per Phase for every meter the character has available to move through (6e2 p. 25). 


Applying Movement Skill Levels increases the amount of acceleration per meter.  One skill level would increase acceleration to +6 meters per meter moved through, two skill levels would increase it to +7 meters per meter, and so on.

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