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  1. Combat Driving and Driving are the same Skill, as are Combat Piloting and Piloting. They were scattered through different 3rd edition books, but there wasn't any book that had both combat and "noncombat" versions. At least a couple of them had "Combat Vehicle Operation". 4th edition had Combat Driving and Combat Piloting, along with Transport Familiarity Transport Familiarity specifies that if you don't have the appropriate Combat Driving or Combat Piloting skill, you can't perform "combat" operations. So, I guess, maybe that's... kind of what you're thinking of? (I just realized in my Master Skills spreadsheet I messed this up in a few places. Mah bad, as the yout's are saying these days. 4th through 6th editions have only Combat Driving and Combat Piloting along with Transport Familiarity.)
  2. I think you weren't the only one. I think everyone forgot him, including the people who were writing the adventures.
  3. Hero already has some of its own "conditions": Stunned, Unconscious (various levels: 0 to -9, -10 to -19, -20 to -29, -30 and below), Dying (below 0 BODY), Transformed, Bleeding, Impaired/Disabled (hit location), Suffocating, Flashed (targeting sense), Prone, Covered, Braced, Set, Restrained (Entangled/Grabbed), probably some others I'm not bringing to mind at the moment. Hero has a number of game elements that are effectively its equivalent to Affliction: Change Environment, Flash, Transform, powers with the Usable On Others Advantage. Change Environment in particular has gone from being largely based around environmental effects to an all around "force roll and/or apply penalties" power, and can also be used to directly apply some conditions (Stunned, Suffocating, Prone). Flash is the "apply the Flashed condition" Power. A lot of Transforms are built as "target to target that is (X)". It might not be a bad idea for us to have a "cheat sheet" with conditions broken out: the effect, how it is applied, how to recover from it. They're strewn throughout the rules -- in the sections where they're most likely to be needed, true, but a reference sheet might be good to have.
  4. The third edition era standalone game Robot Warriors (which I highly recommend if you have any interest at all in giant robots) had something called Combine, which was essentially Duplication in reverse. You could use Duplication without any issues.
  5. Because people seem to keep missing or forgetting it... Steve said: One of the major provisions of the deal for us was that Cryptic licensed back to us, for free, the perpetual right to produce roleplaying game supplements for Champions, including the use of Cryptic's art. That was an important point for us, since we couldn't afford to lose the ongoing revenue from the Champions RPG. And access to free high-quality art would give us the opportunity to do something Hero Games had never been able to do in its nearly thirty-year history: publish full-colour books. (edited to dial it back a bit)
  6. I will re-copy my post from here: ------------------------------------ The original thread wherein Steve Long announced that Cryptic was buying the rights to the Champions Universe is here. Some highlights from posts by Steve to the thread: From Cryptic's press release: From Steve directly: And in a later post on the thread from Steve: In short: Hero Games can produce all of the Champions they want, as long as they get approval from Cryptic. --------------------------- Following up my own posting. Steve says here: Boldface mine.
  7. Except that part of the terms of the license deal was that they would license back to Hero Games, in perpetuity, the right to publish materials based on the Champions Universe IP. That part keeps getting left out.
  8. Advanced Players Guide, page 135. But it's done with 6e core mechanics, and can as easily be done with prior editions' mechanics. AoE: Line or Hexes, with enough Extended Area to make the number of hexes equal to the character's movement. Viola!
  9. What No, this is not an invitation for an explanation. Just... What
  10. If they charge for the table space, snacks, and so on, Hero money spends the same as D&D money. If it's the FLGS that's pressuring you to play somewhere else... I assert that the "F" in FLGS for them stands for something other than "friendly".
  11. Mostly, it depends. If a PC wants to craft mundane items, then it's usually pretty abstracted. Buy materials with money, make your roll, spend the time. Time can be pretty variable; probably a day or two to make a sword, a few weeks to make armor. A lot of that will be done during down time. Difficulties that might apply would be if the crafter didn't have the right equipment, materials, workspace, conditions, or time. Most of those would be handled by abstraction and roleplaying. You wouldn't necessarily spend points for mithril; you'd spend points on something significantly better than mundane equipment (effects based). So if it were let's say armor, mithril might make it lighter for the same DEF value than steel. It would be up to the GM whether to pay points for it. If it had other properties, then it would be more likely that you'd pay points. I know this wasn't a very helpful answer; in Fantasy Hero the answer is pretty much "that's up to the GM."
  12. To some extent the Champions Character Creation Deck is this. Six pregenerated stat blocks, a dozen or so pregenerated Complications sets, and a buttload of pregenerated power and skill sets. They're non-collectible and thus non-rarity-leveled, but you can very easily deal out a few cards to create a superhero, then snap a pic of it with your phone to have an electronic copy. Getting called to burn stuff. More later.
  13. We just discovered that that person is the player in the OP's game, and I at least have been trying to give both the GM and player conflicting advice, there, here, and on Reddit. So, l suggest waiting a bit and getting everyone in the discussion together.
  14. TTS scripting is Lua, I think. http://berserk-games.com/knowledgebase/scripting/ talks about it. I have a 4-pack of TTS licenses myself, though I don't think I've ever done much more than scatter pieces about then flip a table. If you could get HCM to talk to TTS via Lua scripting I can guarantee you at least one HCM sale. Edit to add: Even if it's something like: HCM outputs a line of data, the GM can copy and paste it into a script in TTS, and that makes something happen with the map and figures and so on.
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