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  1. I think I saw this on RPG.net, but there seems to be a principle that the less literary merit a work has, the more gameable it is. Like Dean said, a Team Knight Rider game should practically write itself.
  2. I thought it was the one from 3rd to 4th, where Range Modifiers went from -1/3" linear to -2 per doubling. That one was SUPREMELY EVIL!
  3. I don't know, but... the dice giveth, and the dice taketh away. Let them pick a few fights with the wrong people... writing up new characters multiple times should curb them of the habit.
  4. No idea. It is on the back and the spine.
  5. I loved that place. They got a lot of money from me when I was in the Air Force.
  6. Just got it! Oregon Convention Center in Portland.
  7. Got my first dose of Pfizer tomorrow; my wife's is next Monday, while my son's is the following Thursday!
  8. I'm absolutely glad I bought FHC, for the additional downloads it came with. For overall fantasy completeness though, any of the full ruleset books (6e1 + 6e2 or CC/FHC) plus Fantasy Hero would be better. FHC leaves out a few non-fantasy related powers and skills (Computer Programming, FTL Travel), so it's not quite as complete a HERO System book as Champions Complete. If completeness of ruleset is a criterion, you'll want either CC or 6e1+6e2.
  9. It should be noted that the new Western Hero is a "complete" book, in that it includes all of the rules you'll need to play a Heroic level Western Hero game. (To my complete approval, it does not include Powers, referring you to Champions Complete if you want to include them.)
  10. Just ordered it in PDF and POD from DrivethruRPG!
  11. To answer the question you've asked, the second weapon does not ordinarily need to be used in a Multiple Attack. However, 6e1 pp. 92-93 states... Two-Weapon Fighting allows the character to ignore the first -2 OCV modifier when using two weapons. So you would specifically need to be using one weapon in each hand, and using them both in the Multiple Attack, in order to ignore the first -2 OCV penalty, regardless of the conditions you noted in boldface listed in 6e2 p. 73. 6e2 p. 78 states the following: If you're using Multiple
  12. That's interesting, because that was one of the sample scenarios in the Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters International RPGs!
  13. I'm going to say I don't think it was me, but the group I was in during the 4th edition days noticed the exact issue.
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