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  1. In the early 4th edition time period, I would imagine most of the updated characters were from 1st-3rd edition Enemies books, which were themselves pretty simple owing to fewer rules, fewer skills, etc. Some characters like Mechanon were already pretty complex from the beginning. 4th edition also started with 100 points base + 150 Disadvantages, which 5th edition changed to 200 points base + 150 Disadvantages. More points meant more stuff and more complex builds.
  2. Some of us have made things and sold them.
  3. U.S. now says no evidence of 'kill capture teams' at U.S. Capitol Both of these things can be true. Per their own words, many of the rioters did want to kill officials, and if they had found any they would have likely captured them first. That said, there doesn't have to be any evidence that they split into 'teams' to do this.
  4. What censorship are you talking about, specifically?
  5. My joke about the Bourne films is that there is a very secretive, federal level Department of Jason Bourne. Because there are all these bureaucrats and technical staff and so on, whose sole purpose seems entirely to be keeping track of Jason Bourne.
  6. There is no equivalency between the Black Lives Matter movement and a bunch of "patriots" rushing into the Capitol building threatening to kill members of Congress and the executive branch. Anyone who feels that there is, I want them to publicly say so and stand behind their words.
  7. BLM "riots" were people literally asking for cops to stop randomly killing Black people. The "riot" in Washington was a literal attempt to overthrow the lawful government of the United States of America. People died. There is no both sides there. Which side are you on?
  8. I'm sorry, but no. You don't get to minimize and "both-sides" a literal attempt to overthrow the US Government. Which side are you on, exactly? There is no middle ground with treason.
  9. That certainly is a strongly worded press release. From where I sit, it was a number of "nice" Republicans who managed to siphon off Democratic energy, activism, and dollars, to help "nice" Republicans win a number of down-ballot races Including switching several state legislatures from Democratic to Republican. In a census year. When congressional redistricting is done. By state legislatures. How many Lincoln Project supported candidates won in Congress? How many Lincoln Project supported candidates were part of the 100+ Congressional Republicans who attempte
  10. Anti-Trump conservatives need to be more bold in their criticism, and have needed to for the past four years. For that matter, so do Democrats. Passive aggressive, Twitter-sniping, media-litigating "resistance" hasn't done anything but given Trump more attention and allowed him to cast himself as the persecuted victim.
  11. I was specifically calling out federal elected officials, including POTUS, but also people like the Air Force veteran who died when she was shot, storming the Capitol as well as other veteran and active duty personnel. I am also an Air Force veteran, and that made me sick.
  12. I think I've posted before about a questionnaire given to wizards entering cities. Wizards are asked the following: Do you know the following spells or equivalents: suppress fire, cure disease, purify water, light, night vision. Do you know any kind of warning spells? Do you know any fire spells? Have you ever been banned from any city as a result of uncontrollable fires, or any other incidents related to fire? Do you know any death spells? This thread has inspired me to add summoning and banishment spells to the lis
  13. Not until there have been meaningful consequences for the conspirators and the rioters. They don't get to try to overthrow the government and then fall back on weak cries of "but unity!" They wanted unity, they should have supported and defended the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic, like they put up their right hands and swore to, not join those enemies. No unity with traitors.
  14. In a heroic campaign where no points are paid for weapons (and where they have the STR Minimum and Real Weapon Limitations by default), the "base damage" for the weapon is its listed damage value (6e2 p. 99 under Toolkitting); its maximum damage is limited to double its base damage no matter how many methods are used to add damage (6e2 p. 199 under STR Minimum and 6e2 p. 201 under Real Weapon). Since you mention that it's a Heroic campaign, I'm starting with the assumption that the weapons in question are taken from a list (either in one of the books or provided by the GM), that
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