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What is DCV and HitLoc Penalties When Recovering?



After being stunned, a character must recover.  On 6e2 pg 37, the DCV Modifiers Table says:


    Stunned (DCV=)½ (HL=)½

    Recovering from being Stunned (DCV=)½ (HL=)½

     Taking a Recovery (DCV=)½ (HL=)½


However, on 6e2 pg 105, under Recovering From Being Stunned, it says:


    In the character’s next full Phase after
    becoming Stunned, he recovers from being
    Stunned when his DEX occurs in the Segment. He
    regains his full DCV (and Placed Shot modifiers
    return to normal), but he still cannot act until his
    next Phase — recovering from being Stunned is
    all he can do that Phase.


The example next to the latter matches the description.  Is the Modifier Table incorrect or is there something I'm missing?


-- Brian


I can't respond to answers so...


The penalties end at the character's DEX on the Segment in which they recover from being Stunned.  It still takes the character's full Phase worth of actions on that Segment to recover.


So...  "Stunned" is the time from taking the stun until the start of the next segment in which the character can act and "Recovering from being Stunned" is the time from the start of that segment until their action?  That conflicts with the definition in the description:  "[H]e still cannot act until his next Phase — recovering from being Stunned is all he can do that Phase."  That sentence indicates that "recovering from being stunned" is the entire phase, not just the first segment of it.


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