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Aerelios and Languages

Mr. R

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I was thinking about the game world I am developing and the idea of Languages.


Now I was thinking about a common trade tongue, but since the main part of the setting is a large Basin Lake/Sea and the similarity to the Mediterranean, I was thinking of doing something similar.  One city state took control of the Basin for 300 years, and so I am thinking about doing the following:


Old Tenryk lead to the following dialects

Aerelios/ Danris- due to the fact that both are on that LARGE river leading out of the Gefting Sea

Kerqod- Kerqod is isolated in that it has mountains or hills on three side and the Sea on the bottom.  I could see it developing its own.

Rasul- On the bottom shore of the sea, but has access to the Trammel Highlands and so I can see a blending

Thomar- Also on the bottom shore of the sea, but at the other end and close to Fey.  Fey has its own language and so again I see a blending!


(All have a 1 point similarity with each other)


The Far Speech Used by the people that border the east coast of the Gefting Sea as well as the Far Ocean and the Far Isles

Feyan- The most magically powerful/learned country

Reuchia- Currently broken, but a common language unites the people 

Far Isles- The islands of the Far Ocean


(All have a 1 point similarity with each other)



The Language- Spoken by the people of the Forbek Steppes and the Trammel Highlands


(All have a 1 point similarity with each other)



Named after the new anti slave city state, it is also spoken by the people of the Divided Plains as well as those in the three bays that lead to the oceans


(All have a 1 point similarity with each other)


Now ----


How much of a similarity should each family have with the others?


I was thinking Old Tenryk has a 2 point similarity to Far Speech


The Language is not similar to to Old Tenryk or Far Speech

But it has a 2 point similarity with Kulaki



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